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Artist of the Day: Will Kim

Will Kim

Will Kim is a Los Angeles based artist who creates “drawings and paintings in motion,” made primarily with oil pastels, watercolors and pencil on paper. For presentation on his blog, Will digitally processes the work and makes short animated GIF files.

Will KimWill Kim

The frenzied lines in Will’s work communicate energy and speed. The artist appears to be searching for the image to reveal itself as he works.

Will KimWill Kim

Will’s watercolor animated figures demonstrate a knowledge of classic animation principles: strong line of action, clear silhouettes, anticipation, among those principles.

Will KimWill Kim

See more from Will on his Tumblr, Art in Motion, and his website.

Will KimWill Kim
  • Philip Vose

    Will is such a swell bloke and a fine artist in many aspects!

  • Will Kim

    I am very thankful and honored.

  • Andrei Sitari

    This looks beautiful ! Keep it up !

  • momo

    Refreshing work to see! keep it going!