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UPDATED: Nickelodeon Suspends ‘Loud House’ Creator Chris Savino After Numerous Harassment Claims (EXCLUSIVE)

Chris Savino, creator of Nickelodeon’s hit series The Loud House, was put on an immediate leave of absence last week, Cartoon Brew has learned exclusively.

The suspension follows extensive allegations of sexual harassment from employees at Nickelodeon against the 46-year-old animation industry veteran.

According to people within the studio, as many as a dozen women have come forward to accuse Savino of inappropriate behavior, ranging from unwanted sexual advances to threats of industry blacklisting after the end of consensual relationships with co-workers.

Rumors of Savino’s behavior date back at least a decade, and have followed him through multiple productions that he has worked on over the years.

Nickelodeon did not confirm that Savino was not currently at the studio. A Nickelodeon spokesperson told Cartoon Brew:

“Viacom is committed to the safety and well-being of our employees, and to fostering a workplace free from harassment. As a matter of policy, we do not comment on specific employee matters, but we take all allegations of this nature very seriously, investigate them thoroughly and take any necessary actions as a result.”

It is not known how Savino’s leave of absence from the show will affect the rest of the crew or production of the series, which follows the adventures of Lincoln Loud, a boy growing up in a family with 10 sisters.

The series has been a major ratings hit for the network. The Loud House has rivalled Nick’s rating juggernaut Spongebob Squarepants. Nick reported last December that Loud House was their number two series in the 2-11 demo, averaging 950K viewers per episode, slightly behind Spongebob’s 984K average.

If you wish to share additional details about the situation, you can send a messages to amid [at] cartoonbrew [dot] com. Requests for anonymity will be honored.

UPDATE #4 (FRI, 11:45AM PST): One of Chris Savino’s accusers has detailed his sexual harassment to Cartoon Brew. The disturbing details include offers of work in exchange for sexual favors, and explicit text messages. The artist told Cartoon Brew that she was unable to accept a work offer at Nickelodeon due to his presence at the studio.

UPDATE #3 (THURS, 4:50PM PST): Nickelodeon has confirmed that it has fired Chris Savino from the company and that he is no longer involved with The Loud House, which will continue production.

UPDATE #2 (WED, 5PM PST): Anne Walker Farrell, who is currently a director on Netflix’s Bojack Horseman, had called out a predatory figure in animation last August. After Cartoon Brew’s story was published yesterday, she confirmed in a series of tweets that it was Chris Savino who had harassed her 15 years ago when she was starting out at Cartoon Network. With her permission, Cartoon Brew is reprinting some of her tweets below:

Walker Farrell represents a new person making charges against Savino, in addition to the dozen women that we reported in the original story. She is the first woman to go public with her charges. The other women in the original report have been asked not to speak with the press as they are part of an active HR investigation at Nickelodeon.

Walker Farrell additionally gave this comment to Cartoon Brew:

I think you can enjoy a show while still recognizing (and calling out!) bad behavior from its makers. It doesn’t bother me that people like Loud House, what infuriates me is Savino’s long-term predatory behavior. I hope Nickelodeon’s HR department and the animation community at large can come together to put an end to it.

UPDATE: An artist who requested anonymity has shared a story with Cartoon Brew about an earlier incident that involved Savino at Nickelodeon:

This took place about 4 years ago. Chris [Savino] was working with the development program at Nickelodeon. A woman close to me had a project that was being developed under his supervision. He got her personal contact information under the guise of “helping her develop the project off hours.” He presented himself as a mentor. He then proceeded to send her unwanted text messages that were lewd and sexual in nature on more than one occasion. When she turned down his advances, her development project was let go. He is a classic case of a predatory male using his status and power over a female subordinate. As with most victims, she was worried of how speaking out against him would affect her career and no action was ever taken.

  • Alexandria Lynn

    As the first to comment, I know everybody’s going to compare this to the Weinstein case, but I think the Weinstein case broke the silence for sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry in general.

    • Ernesto Jose Narvaez Osorio

      Dont forget the Skyler Page case!

    • Strong Enough

      nah that was Roger Ailes. Gretchen blew the door wide open

      • Alexandria Lynn

        Yeah, but Weinstein’s case turned the campfire into a wildfire. I knew that after hearing about him—and in such a rapid-fire manner—that there were more to follow. And this is proof.

        • Strong Enough

          Not really. Without roger ailes going down Weinstein would probably still be there. He was the first powerful man to get the boot. After that came o Reilly then Eric boiling then on and on

          • Alexandria Lynn

            Okay. But I kinda knew what was on those old film negatives-and it wasn’t pretty when it came to be developed. But my mind was on the Weinstein case. Blame me for my interperetation.

          • Strong Enough

            YES I CAN. Nah I’m playing

  • Joey Jojo

    This is the only outlet reporting this. So I’ll assume its fake until Savino or Nick themselves say something about this.

    • dem

      why would chris savino admit to sexually harassing his coworkers? what person would?

      • Kirk De Pew

        Hey if the President can do it…

      • Harry Bastard

        He didn’t. A bunch o’ people came forward with claims o’ sexual harassment. It’s right there in the first paragraph.

      • Joey Jojo

        The company would make him do it. Or the peer pressure. Like The Weinstein case. When enough people talked, he came out himself.

  • Zach Bilbo

    No sources, no citations, no nothing. Sexual harassment claims shouldn’t be taken lightly, but I’m still skeptical about this.
    The best thing to do is to remain calm and not assume anything.

    Another thing of note is that no other people have reported on this yet, which is sketchy.

    • AmidAmidi

      The source is Cartoon Brew. We’re reporting this exclusively as we reported Skyler Page’s firing from Cartoon Network, Brenda Chapman being removed from her film “Brave,” and other exclusive stories.

    • Jenny Lee Taylor

      There are not many publications focused on animation. This is where the news breaks. This is where insiders spill the beans. Hello?

    • provost

      Because this is under HR investigation it’s likely no one is allowed to give sources and citations until Viacom completes the internal investigation.

    • Ti Melon

      I for one am remaining calm and not assuming anything.

      I’m not going to assume the women coming forward are lying. I’m not going to assume that in spite of the general ability of predators to evade any comeuppance, that Savino is somehow miraculously innocent and just mysteriously ended up with more than a dozen women who, for no reason and at significant personal risk, set up some kind of revenge plot against a sweet hearted family man of good repute.

      I’m not assuming that Cartoon Brew would falsify a story from nickelodeon for clicks either, that would be outrageous.

      Yep. No assumptions,
      And yep, it’s easy to remain calm – this isn’t surprising in the slightest. If you’d been paying attention, you might have even known this was coming.

  • PNutButty

    If it’s true glad these perverts are being outed.

  • Ben Reynolds

    It’s always interesting to me how everyone immediately jumps to cautious optimism on behalf of the person accused of doing the harassing.

    • Kirk De Pew

      People like to assume the best out of creators. I’m genuinely upset at the idea that the creative mind behind one of my favorite shows is an idiot douche that can’t keep it in his pants. It breaks my heart.

      So I err on my bias because, I desperately want it to be untrue. Unless I’m directly faced with a convincing testimony or official declaration, that’s the way it is. I think the same goes for a lot of folks.

      • Hankenshift

        Most of these shows are pretty much the same….” creators ” can come and go with zero notice to the cartoons. This is one of those shows.

        • Winner

          Clarence is a big one, guy got kicked out of CN so fast it was amazing. The show is still going well today.

          • 😠I-don’t-Care🖕🏻

            Clarence ended/was canceled months ago! where have you been?

          • No it wasnt! It is still airing.

          • 😠I-don’t-Care🖕🏻


          • Burpy

            No- it was cancelled and wrapped up already, but the network hasn’t finished airing the remains…there is a Halloween special airing soon

          • 😠I-don’t-Care🖕🏻

            the 4 story part special? yeah that aired in June

    • DoctorKhan

      So we should just assume the worst?

    • Coonfoot

      Whatever happened to “benefit of the doubt” or “innocent until proven guilty”?

      • Turbotastic

        Innocent until proven guilty only applies in a court of law.

        And if this were a single incident, then benefit of the doubt would make sense. But when we’re talking about multiple incidents going back ten years or more, then we’re in Harvey Weinstein territory and” benefit of the doubt” turns into “letting him get away with it.”

        • Judge Pickles

          ‘Innocent until proven guilty only applies in a court of law.’ … we haven’t reached the bottom but i think i can see it from here

        • Level Minded

          Actually “innocent until proven guilty” IS supposed to be toward the citizen and in the world, not just in the court of law. It is against the law to treat someone guilty of a felony that has not been convicted of one.

          • May be, but I don’t think that applies to, say, internet comment threads. Speculating about what someone may or may not have done based on an article I just read about that subject isn’t illegal or even wrong. My opinions have no power to hurt the accused. When people say “innocent until proven guilty” on a comments thread, they very often (not always) mean “Shut up and let me derail this conversation that makes me uncomfortable.”

          • Netko

            If a bunch of people say they’ve been victims of someone, I sure as hell am not going to feel comfortable around that person. We’re not talking about gossip here, but a real crime against another person. You can talk all you want about the rule of law until you get screwed over by someone and the law does nothing because of lacking evidence. You could see someone murdered in front of your very eyes and have them walk away free because they left no evidence. Would you keep your mouth shut then and not tell anyone as more and more bodies keep piling up? It’s a convenient philosophy when you’re not the victim of a crime that usually leaves no evidence and goes unpunished. Then it’s easy to say no-one should trust the victims because hey, their abusers were not proven guilty, so who cares if more and more women become their victims and no-one does a damn thing.

        • YES. How often do women falsely accuse men of sexual harrassment or rape? My research shows women lie about crimes (of all sorts) about as often as men do, which is not very often. We also still live in a society where men hold most of the power and women who publicly announce what men have done to him often receive death threats. Given these facts, if one woman, let alone many women, take/s the risk of calling out a man for harrassment, I’m inclined to believe them, the same way I’d be inclined to believe a bunch of men/women who all said the same person had mugged them. If there’s any evidence of his innoncence, I’ll consider it, but if there isn’t, it seems more likely than not to me that he’s guilty.

      • Paul Jones

        The French are more rational…..that’s because it’s “guilty until proven innocent” which, as we all know, is how the human mind works. Where there is smoke, there is fire, after all.

        • was this a joke post? I can’t tell anymore.

        • t

          It doesn’t prevent us to have the same problem and that nothing is (or can be) done about it, despite everybody knowing.

      • Secret Nickelodeon Person

        As someone who works on the inside….its true man, its all true. He’s got a reputation for being creepy- the execs knew it and greenlit his series anyway. Everyone has heard about it for years. YAY to corporate greed for seeing dollar signs instead of warning signs. They take the same line of thinking as you, “Hey they can’t prove anything! Let’s give this gross bastard a show! Everyone’s gonna be filthy rich! etc, etc”

        • Coonfoot

          On one hand, it’s embarrassing that they knew and gave him a show anyway. On the other, I’m still very grateful that The Loud House exists. Regardless of Savino coming up with it or why it got made, it turned out to be a great show and I’ll continue watching it to support the rest of its talented crew.

        • Jenny Lee Taylor

          If true, and I believe it is, they could be criminally and civilly liable.

    • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

      Well,it’s not unfounded. False allegations of sexual harrasment DO exist, and on principle one shouldn’t judge without analyzing the case(no matter the crime)

      • Kyle_Maloney

        From 12 different people though? I don’t know. If it were one or two I could see it. But 12? I start to lean toward the accusers. He’s not exactly a household name either, so its harder to imagine these people just making things up.

    • Federico Montoya

      Well, the accused is innocent until proven otherwise, thats how its supposed to be to avoid innocent people getting punished for things they didnt do…

      • Jeanie

        If a person was running down the street with a knife, they haven’t hurt anyone. But you’re still going to access the situation and back away. For us on the outside, that’s the attitude we should have with allegations. It’s not our job to punish, but it’s ignorant to just pick whatever you think is probably true. We’re on the outside, so how can we really say the accuser is innocent?

    • Jenny Lee Taylor

      Believe me, Human Resources wouldn’t kick him out of the building without overwhelming evidence. Their number one job, not always understood by people, is to protect the company. No way would they put the company brand in jeopardy on a whim.

    • badphairy

      See below for why people don’t accuse.

    • Catie Jones

      My mind is completely blown with the amount of rape culture apologists in this thread.

    • Paul Jones

      As has been said, Viacom’s number one priority is to protect its intellectual property from all threats. This means that Legal has turned into Scout from Team Fortress 2 and told him “Hit the bricks, pally….you’re done!!!”

    • Everyone hopes a crime wasn’t committed. Do you disagree?

  • Kirk De Pew

    Without any official confirmation that he’s even been suspended I’m skeptical of this. That’s in my own bias though because, I love the Loud House and think it’s creator being removed would seriously hurt the show.

    If he’s guilty, though, there has to be consequence. I hope we’ll see some official word soon.

    • themileender

      So what you’re saying is you’re more worried about the show than the behavior that a dozen women have complained about being true?

      • rikkibarnes

        I’m a woman, and while I haven’t been accused of sexual harassment, I have been falsely accused of theft in my workplace and was fired for it without an investigation. Believe me, that really hurt me in the long run. Nobody save for my husband believed me. I think these allegations should be treated seriously and investigated but let’s not throw someone under the bus until an investigation is finished.

        • themileender

          This was not a one-time thing though. That’s the difference here.

        • El Rodrigo

          Sorry to hear that happened. I honestly wouldn’t like to work in America, anybody could get thrown under the bus and a lot of employers would be glad to let you go rather than hear your side of the story.

          But I agree with what you said.

      • oz pardo

        I do.

    • Ti Melon

      Nickolodeon confirmed it for this story.

      Why would an established news organization lie about something like this? It’s not like they’re fox, or infowars. Cartoon Brew doesn’t have a legal department seasoned in handling the fallout from fabricating stories out of thin air, or an audience paying them any incentives for it.

  • Slim Cognito

    I’ve intentionally been not posting here for the past few months but I’m shocked you’d post serious allegations against this man with no evidence shown. This can ruin his life.
    You should be ashamed.

    • Jenny Lee Taylor

      Tell it to Human Resources at Nickelodeon/Viacom. They’re the one’s who decided there was strong evidence.

    • themileender

      What makes you think they have no evidence? The creator wasn’t fired based on this report, he was fired because of the many harassment claims from numerous women. Would you rather they keep this a secret?

      • Judge Pickles

        What part of ‘suspended’ reads as ‘fired’ in the above headline?

        • ben yohanan

          He’s fired now.

          • Judge Pickles

            Yes he is. It’s still rather difficult to read ‘fired’ from ‘suspended’. i mean, the letters are all different, even if one was walking swiftly past a monitor it would be hard to mistake.

    • Yet so many white men who commit *actual rape* do not have their lives ruined as long as they are famous/well-off. In fact, a very small percentage of rapists of any background are ever convicted. I don’t lose sleep worrying about rich white dudes being falsely accused of harrassment anymore than I worry about Klansmen being falsely accused of a cross-burning. It’s possible, and we should keep in mind that it’s possible, but it’s not very likely.

      • Judge Pickles

        ‘I don’t lose sleep worrying about rich white dudes being falsely accused’. Well you should, injustice is injustice, pretty simple. At what level of whiteness/wealth DO you begin to find injustice worth your concern? This fella is most likely guilty, aside from that horrible fact the schadenfreude along with the galloping condemnation displayed in these comments is wholly dispiriting. If he is proved to be a predatory arse then by all means nail him to the mast, just hold your pitch forks a little lower until the verdict comes back

        • Netko

          Apparently it’s schadenfreude that people are happy when a criminal gets what he deserves. I don’t think you know what the term means, or at least I really, really hope you don’t. It’s fascinating how the kind of compassion and benefit of the doubt men give to sexual harassers and rapists, to the point of calling it “schadenfraude” and “witch hunts” when these men are punished, rarely extends to other crimes.

  • Coonfoot

    As bad as this is (if true), I’m not gonna turn my back on this otherwise great show just because a pervert made it. I doubt Nickelodeon will either, since it’s the most successful Nicktoon they’ve had after such a long losing streak. I’m betting they’ll do what Cartoon Network did with Clarence and keep the show going without Chris. There’s still plenty of great artists and writers working on The Loud House that can easily keep things running smooth without Chris.

    • Animated Antic

      Agreed. Though the fact that he did these things just disgusts me, I think the show will be fine without him. The people working on the show are all talented and I hope they can keep up the good work.

    • El Rodrigo

      Neither am I, but I’ll never watch the show the same way again now. It is HARD to watch a show that takes steps in diversifying its cast when a matter such as this comes up.

      • Ti Melon

        The show didn’t take steps diversifying its cast, it was designed that way.

  • Animated Antic

    The sexual harassments claims make me sick, but what really disturbs me is him threatening to backlist these talented artists and writers. That is just cruel.

  • Googamp32

    Is there NO ONE LEFT on god’s green Earth who is able to keep it in their pants?

    • themileender

      This sort of behavior is not new. It’s just becoming easier for women to come out against it without being ostracized as was often the case in the past. Heck, you can see how many people are doubting a DOZEN women’s word already. I mean, come on, twelve+ women, over a ten year period, do not just make up stories just to get a well-known artist fired.

      • Winner

        I mean. It’s not unheard of. But however, I believe that it happened. TV shows with progressive audience or creators in that notion, tend to think they can do whatever they want. I’m surprised Rebecca Sugar hasn’t spoken about the animation industry and how they treat women honestly.

        • diamond

          Don’t think this that only “progressive people” do this, all the sexual abuse that happened to people who worked on Fox News disproves that theory.

    • Paul Jones


  • Omega3421

    Aw man this can’t be true. But if it is, what will happen to the Loud House?

    • Coonfoot

      Best case scenario? Nickelodeon will pull a Clarence and keep the show going without Chris. The show’s far too popular to drop right now, regardless of who the creator is.

    • Jenny Lee Taylor

      It is toast.

      • diamond

        not really no, Clarence went on without Skyler Page just fine.

  • Jenny Lee Taylor

    He always had the cutest girls on the show following him around and clinging to him. I don’t doubt this for a second.

    Sadly, this will be the end of the Loud House, the spinoff show (not announced yet), as well as the live-action movie. Nickelodeon is in big big trouble. They’ve got barely any animated shows being made and none really in development. Maybe this will light a fire under their butts?

    • Animated Antic

      I doubt that Nick will pull the plug on the show now. Remember, the creators of Clarence and Ren and Stimpy were both fired from their shows though the shows continued without them.

    • George McGinnis

      Even if this is true, it’s by no means the end of the Loud House. Many shows have continued on without their original creators.

      • Alexandria Lynn

        Like…. SpongeBob SquarePants!

      • I’m sure they’ll just remove his name from the show (they did it to John K. on Ren & Stimpy).

        • Actually, John K. himself requested that his name be remove (he just didn’t want anything to do with Games’ work), though, it still popped up in the end credits. Clarence, however, still credits Page going into it’s 3rd season right now..

          • SenatorRosenburg

            Page is probably still credited because his situation was very different and relatively speaking it blew over in the mainstream media, probably owing to the show’s obscurity at the time. When you read the full account of the incident and his illness it’s hard not to feel some empathy and pity for the guy. Obviously it was a painful, traumatic experience for the victim as well, but he had a schizophrenic episode in which he had literally no control over his actions and is most likely deeply ashamed about what happened. Others in the industry seem to have forgiven him too, I know Alex Hirsch is still his friend.
            Savino just sounds like a common Weinstein-type pervert abusing his power.

    • frh

      disrespectful to blame the girls for it tbh. your tone and language indicate that fault should lie with those young women and that’s frankly disgusting.

      • Jenny Lee Taylor

        If you’re talking to me, you misunderstood. The girls I saw following him around are VICTIMS. I did not intend to imply they were the the initiators. Thank you for pointing that out so that I can correct it!

  • Alex Hartsell

    Here is something to make us fell good from when Family Guy was good back then on sexual harassment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9qgEiciQJ0

  • Jessica Stone

    Shocked and disgusted. I love the loud house and will still watch it again despite the creator`s suspension. He was wrong doing those acts on that woman.

  • Isabella de Oliveira Campos

    Skyler Page, now Chris Savino….

    Please, let at least Ian Jones-Quartey be a decent male human being! I am sick of disgusting chauvinist men treating women like garbage and ruining everything!

  • I’ll be surprised if Ian Jones-Quartey doesn’t get accused sooner or later

    Thankfully for Nick, they don’t need a big animated hit to survive, they can also rely on kidcoms (but Dan Schneider isn’t exactly clean either)

    Many animators were not “ladies men” when growing up and I think some of them abuse their power to “make up for lost time” (same goes for many internet reviewers)

    • Jenny Lee Taylor

      Nick, and Viacom really, are surviving on SpongeBob merchandise.

    • fas

      Quartey’s married to Rebecca Sugar, and unlike Savino, he hasn’t made anything particularly NSFW.

      • megadrivesonic

        Isn’t Savino married too, also what does making nsfw content have to do with anything?

    • Marc Hendry

      what makes you say that about Ian Jones Quartey?

      • Barrett

        Yeah, bringing him up is weirdly specific. Most likely reason to do that regarding someone that there has been no prior accusations or evidence of such actions would be:

        A: the commenter knows something that the vast majority of people do not and has been sitting on it, or

        B: they have an axe to grind with that particular person and either are making up suspicions based on nothing, or are hoping for such things to prove true even though there’s no evidence of it.

        Given that I’ve never heard anything bad about Ian Jones-Quartery, I’m going to go with option B here.

    • Accusations don’t work that way, my guy. There’s not a cabal of people working to accuse prominent people in an industry of harassment or abuse. Rather, someone with personal knowledge of gross, inappropriate behavior by an individual can hopefully come forward to gain some form of satisfactory resolution. We can trust a public figure of being a decent human being until shown the contrary. If you’ve been harassed or abused in any way, I’m deeply sorry and encourage you to speak out in any capacity that you feel comfortable with. Otherwise, suggesting someone’s impropriety, absent any personal knowledge or authority, is irresponsible.

      And I have to say, I find it troubling, given no public display or acknowledgement of such actions, that you use a black creator as an example of being potentially accused of harassment. With those parameters, you could use almost any public figure and the statement would hold just as much validity (which is to say, not much). Out of anyone to use, why him?

    • Ti Melon

      People are going on about how accusations that are baseless can ruin someone’s reputation, and you come forward to say Ian Jones-Quartey should be accused? Do you know something we don’t, or are you simply saying he “must” have done something?

      Because I doubt Rebecca Sugar would put up with him if he was crossing lines. She’s kinda big onto the consent thing, if you hadn’t noticed.

  • Jenny Lee Taylor

    Nickelodeon is in big big trouble. They will avoid lawsuits at all costs, so there will be MASSIVE OUT OF COURT SETTLEMENTS. Does not bode well for the company that is already struggling internally. I feel bad for all the good people who work hard and pour their lives into the place, and even worse for the poor women who suffered this abuse. God bless you ladies.

    • Kateshi

      Nickelodeon is not involved in the case. In this type of situations, only the accused (Savino in this case) is in trouble. The same happend with Skyler Page (creator and original voice of Clarence).

      • Jenny Lee Taylor

        Nickelodeon has great motivation to keep these women quiet and squash the story. Also, you/we have no idea if Nickelodeon might be in trouble, perhaps they didn’t act soon enough, perhaps they dismissed accusations, perhaps they allowed it to continue on, allowing more victimization.

      • KW

        Nickelodeon may not be legally in trouble for what the guy did, but they’re the ones that gave him a bed to sleep in. They’re going to be guilty by association for letting it happen. Its a “you let this happen on your watch and did nothing” situation. Not that they knew about it, I dont know the answer to that one, but it happened at Nick with Nick employees.

        • Kateshi

          Well, you have a point. I was not considering that before.

      • Jenny Lee Taylor

        There’s a strong possibility that Nick knew about previous allegations against Savino, dating back at least a decade, and signed him up anyway. Do they not vet anyone? Do they not check with other studios? Isn’t the industry very small and close-knit? I think so.

  • Anne Walker Farrell, currently a director on BoJack Horseman, was apparently involved in the situation (and it seems to have happened as far back as his Cartoon Network days)..


  • Adam Robert Sherman

    Well… so much ever getting into this show, then.
    Still, glad this scumbag’s being brought to justice.

  • Sherif Ali

    There IS no victim unless due process has been exercised. There is an “accuser” and an “accused” and there is a legal process for them both. This is people’s lives. Can’t you suppress your thirst for immediate gratification?

    • provost

      Yes this is people’s lives. Which is why we shouldn’t assume an accuser is guilty of lying unless it has been proven so during due process.

      • Sherif Ali

        LOL, its not a binary equation you know. I don’t have to side with ANYONE. Put your pitchfork down. And don’t try to malign people just because they don’t have the same convictions that you have. You have no right to do that. Accusers don’t get immediate credibility but guess what: neither do the accused. So comment on the issue and stop virtue signaling when people actually respect the course of our legal system.

        • provost

          yes the issue is, we have no inside information which is why both parties are innocent until proven guilty. There is no rush to malign. No virtue signaling. Just the fact you’re so bothered by me saying that hey, we don’t know if the accuser is lying or not shows me your very clear bias. The fact you’re willing to give the accused all the leeway in saying hey they might be innocent, but not the accuser speaks volumes.

      • Sherif Ali

        You are rushing to defend the honor of an anonymous person. LOL

        • John Doe

          As mentioned by said anonymous person, Savino used his position to halt development of her friend’s project based on not wanting to respond to his advances. It’s not uncommon for testimonies in these types of case to want discretion as to avoid possible altercation with other Savino types, especially if they happen to be lower in the chain where actions like Savino’s wouldn’t be immediately questioned.

          If this were the sole testimony in the case, I’d agree with keeping discretion in mind. But as mentioned before, there’s been 12 testimonies alone within his time in Nickelodeon, and considering this was a point of contention for him that spans as far back as 10 years AND that Human Relations of all people deemed it credible enough to take action, then I wouldn’t be so dismissive, especially by claiming people weary of Savino here as “virtue signalling.”

        • Judge Pickles

          The irony….

      • George McGinnis

        One can practice “innocent until proven guilty” without assuming the accusation is a lie. That’s why there are two portions to this: defense and prosecution.

      • derpletonsmith

        We don’t, the cases are dismissed. If in the course of a trial it is proven they lied then they are charged with making a false accusation.

    • Robert Holmén

      “There IS no victim unless due process has been exercised.”

      Try arguing that at a murder trial.

      • Judge Pickles

        Are we just comparing disparate situations now?

  • Ilikecat

    Well as I very disappointed in the fact men cant keep their ” dirty bomb ” under control but to be honest some just Can’t help them selves because it feels “okay” to do so. I don’t know very much but I do know females usually wear skin pants because its feels comfortable I presume. Just as a male we enjoy to wear nothing but our boxers or some lose clothing because it feels good. So what I am saying is to avoid sexual thoughts at work and keep your mind Sharp on the task on hand and save it for after you left the work area .

    • Men absolutely CAN help themselves. If they can’t, they should all be rounded up and put in cages, shouldn’t they? Stop blaming sexual harassment/assault victims for the crimes committed against them. A woman could walk around naked and a man would still have no right to rape her.

      In fact, if you’ve ever used public showers (in school, at a gym, wherever), you’ve been naked in front of at least one gay man. Aren’t you glad HE could control himself like any other grown human being should?

  • waterworld

    Sad on so many levels.

  • megadrivesonic

    I’m going to give Chris Savino the benefit of the doubt here until proven otherwise with substantial evidence.

    • Ti Melon

      What kind of evidence do you need?

      You have 12 women’s testimonials that he has sexually harassed them, singled them out for unwanted attention, mistreated them to punish them for ending or rejecting relationships, and so on.

      Do you need his fingerprints on someone’s taint before you’ll admit he went there?

  • Bobby koulouris

    seriously, This is getting out of hand. even before this stuff goes to court, people’s lives are destroyed over claims, not to mention destroying a show that is actually good. The workplace has become such a weak place to be, it’s almost as if you can’t even pass a compliment these days without being bashed for it.

    • Matthew

      You can give someone a compliment without being a creep or a perv about it. It’s very easy. Don’t say any inappropriate or touch someone without their permission. Okay? Got it?

      • Also, being suspended from a job is not having your life ruined. Just ask any cop who ever shot an unarmned black person and got away with it.

    • Ti Melon

      Firstly, the show hasn’t been destroyed.

      Secondly, nobody’s life is destroyed.
      Thirdly, this has been going on for fifteen years, and it’s enough with this guy. You may not appreciate having a job, but I find work a *great* place to be, regardless of the fact that I can’t open palm my coworkers on the ass. Savino is a scumbag and that’s all there is to it. If that bothers you, tough. Don’t be a scumbag and you won’t need to worry about “passing compliments”
      I’m sure you have a hard time keeping to yourself when Mark looks so nice in his fresh pressed suits, but as long as you’re not singling your male coworkers out for compliments on their appearance Im sure you’ll be fine.

  • MoniN

    The Loud House is a favorite of mine and my 4year-old daughter. She loves SpongeBob SquarePants too. The Loud House is Awesome. I watch it whether she’s there or not. I hope this doesn’t affect the show. I’m still waiting on the spin-off for Ronnie Ann and Robbie’s (Boo Boo Bear) family.

  • Cale

    Well I now don’t want to work in the movie/TV industry. Thanks, Hollywood perverts.

    • waterworld

      Just so you know, sexual harassment can happen in any profession.

      • Cale

        Hmm… that is a valid point. OK, I’ll keep at it.

  • Thomas

    That’s sad the loud house is my favorite show on Nick :-

  • Cloverena

    This kind of reminds of the Clarence incident

  • Harriet

    If anyone has any information or stories, I’d also recommend contacting Nickelodeon HR, as the investigation is still (I assume) ongoing and anything helps.

  • Kyle Solmonson

    I’ll require more evidence, than just a number of people we aren’t going to list who they are, before deciding.

    You can say as many as 100 people have come forward against Savino, but if you’re not listing who they are, background history, and they’re side of the story, even though it could be fabricated anyway, they might as well be ghosts.

    I’m not saying Savino isn’t capable of this, but until I see more proof, like where are those texts, I’m staying cautious.

    • David

      This sentiment is EXACTLY why women are scared to come forward with sexual harrassment claims. Background history? Text exchanges? Just because names and evidence aren’t publicly released doesn’t mean these women are lying, jackass. There are dozens of reasons why accusers remain anonymous — from legal and contractual requirements to fear of victim-blaming.

      You don’t have to leap to condemning Savino (though it would be fair based on what I know from friends and co-workers), but you could also listen and process without dismissing the victims.

    • Jenny Lee Taylor

      Again I’ll say, if HR booted him out of the building there must be overwhelming evidence. They are notoriously slow to do such things, HR’s #1 job is to protect the company and the brand. No way they’d risk this story spreading if they weren’t forced to by the actions of Savino.

  • Paul Jones

    The man is an unmitigated sleazeball and always has been. Time for someone with a brain to run his show for him.

  • Jenny Lee Taylor

    Just a day or two ago, all of my girlfriends at Nickelodeon were posting all about Weinstein and hash tagging MeToo, and calling for all men to step up and admit their role in harassment, even if they hadn’t personally harassed anyone. Their memes and loud calls to stand up to perpetrators have suddenly stopped and not a single one of them has said anything about THIS! Let this be a lesson about how this works. These women (and some men) now realize that if they say anything they are putting their jobs at risk, somehow, by criticizing this serial sexual abuser, who illegally manipulated subordinates, they’re damaging the company brand. They are afraid that they will be blacklisted. Who at Nick has the guts to post about this on Facebook? I haven’t seen one person post yet.

    • Harriet

      Many are staying silent as 4chan has already begun hunting for accusers and allies and sending them aggressive messages. We are here. I think when the investagion is done, it will be more safe to talk.

      • Jenny Lee Taylor

        That is unfortunate. Did not take that into account. Sorry to hear and thank you for being brave. I still think that it’s wrong that employees who aren’t involved are keeping quiet, I’m sure that is out of fear for their standing with the company.

    • Ti Melon

      I’m not saying anything about this because this isn’t my “me too”
      But other people are saying things about this
      And other people aren’t because they have already said it. It just wasn’t enough for you.

      • Jenny Lee Taylor

        I’m sorry, my post was worded very badly. I edited it to make it a little more clear.

  • Capital_7

    Look for John K’s legendary creepiness to be next.

    • Scott Smith

      Sick Little Monkeys could have a drinking game of “take a shot when John K commits sexual harassment.”

    • Barrett

      I was about to say, it was quite a wait relatively speaking until finally seeing somebody bring up John K. His is the first name on the list I think of whenever discussions about creepy sexually charged interactions with fellow artists in animation or comics come up.

      Of course, given that he’s semi-retired (mainly due to the fact that he’s alienated almost everyone in the industry for one reason or another) he might not have been mentioned until now just because he’s considered passe or a relevant to today’s industry.

      • Tyrone

        That’s saying somethin’ because Savino worked with John K at Ren & Stimpy.

    • Polecat

      What untoward things do you know about John K, other than his reputation for being unlikeable? Keep in mind, I’m not an industry insider, so I am sort of in the dark on this one.

      I haven’t been able to find a whole lot by Googling, but I did find this interesting profile: http://splitsider.com/2015/10/ren-stimpy-and-the-horrors-of-manliness/

      I’m somewhat shocked, but not 100% surprised, if that makes sense. Some of the material on “Ren & Stimpy” went beyond “gross” or “crap past the radar” into really disturbing territory, and of course I’ve read that the Spike version took it much further. What creeped me out wasn’t entirely sexual content per se, but the unhealthiness/quasi-abusiveness of Ren and Stimpy’s relationship more than anything else.

      If stuff can be substantiated, it could be interesting for CB to look into, IMO.

    • I was wary of posting this because he’s not the subject of the article, but yeah – it wouldn’t surprise me if we heard more. 3:13 and 6:12 are particularly illuminating


      • Polecat

        Well, thanks for that. Reading about some of his behavior in the Splitsider link I posted was one thing, seeing it on film was another. The way he mimicked his dad in that one clip…oy. It’s one thing to be obnoxious, it’s another to be unpredictable.

  • Anonymous

    This pisses me off! There are a lot of great artists and supervisors who can control themselves that are out of work and this idiot can easily get a job! I think it’s time for a management smack-down in the animation industry!

  • This is absolutely preposterous, and as an avid fan of the Loud House… People deserve to know the truth… Chris Savino is no sexual predator. He has a wife and kids of his own, so why in his right mind would he harass other women? It makes no sense. Also, I have never heard of Chris Savino sexually harassing any of the voice actresses in the Loud House, so why would he do it to some other random women years ago? It doesn’t add up….

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/629996280ad5210319f654ae247eb6cc08265a4f75bea8a12e8084bbd4a74f8a.jpg Lisa is pondering the accuracy of this story.

    • Nipplenuts McGurk

      Are you that naive? You don’t think married men with kids don’t cheat? A sexual predator in animation isn’t going to go after an established voice actor, especially when their interaction with actors is going to be in the recording booth with other people…they’re going to go after the 20 year old right out of school…get them in a private environment like his office. That’s how men abuse their power and stature….the new and inexperienced are their prey.

    • Matthew

      Anyone is capable of harassment, even a man who is married with children.

      • diamond

        Yes Weinstein was also married, didn’t stop him.

    • cartoongirlz

      its sad when your heroes are revealed to be humans with a nasty side. its true: i looked up to him once too- but he’s bad news. feel bad for his family.

    • JodyMorgan

      This might be the most wrong comment I’ve seen all week.

    • Jenny Lee Taylor

      Please go easy people. I think this is a young person. Thanks!

    • Robert Holmén

      “He has a wife and kids of his own, so why in his right mind would he harass other women?”

      And everyone in the entertainment business is in their right mind so… case closed, right?

    • HaBla

      Speaking of absolutely preposterous, your logic is that. PLENTY of men with wives and children are sexual predators. Get your head out of the sand. Being a fan of the show doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you or that you support a sexual predator. Defending a sexual predator and denying the claims of over a dozen women because “husbands and fathers can’t be sexual predators” is literally supporting a sexual predator.

  • Is this rumor true or something someone said to get the Loud House get cancelled?

    • JodyMorgan

      Read the article: it’s based on accusations of up to a dozen women, and Viacom’s HR department thought them credible enough to suspend him while they investigate. Given the circumstances, most of the accusers probably have jobs because of The Loud House, which doesn’t seem like a proper motive to want to get it canceled.

  • WHy are they always neckbeardy male feminists?

  • It’s so awful that some genius with great ideas lets his sick desire ruin everything, just that he used to do that before, even before presenting The Loud House. So, it’s so bad to take this kind of decisions in the animation industry… Now we’ll wait that for not ruin everything…

  • cartoongirlz

    Yeah- he’s a creep. its too bad – but its also disgusting. girls warned each other to stay away from him, don’t be alone with him: its really gross because he’s married with kids- i do feel bad for his family but his behavior is truly deplorable. he kept his victims scared for a long time- he’d often go after girls who were just out of school / young / just getting started and make them think he could end their careers. I’m glad he got the boot.

    • Jenny Lee Taylor

      So awful. I hope these young ladies sue him in civil court and take him for all he’s made off of that show.

  • Jenny Lee Taylor

    Strange evolution of The Loud House. Do yourself a favor and look up Chris Savino’s infamous adult strip about an incestuous cat “The Complex Adventures of Eddie Puss”. It is this strip that became “The Complex Adventures of Lincoln Loud” (the character Eddie Puss became Lincoln Loud) and was subsequently pitched to Nickelodeon — it had all of the same characters as The Loud House, except that they were cats. While in development at Nickelodeon the characters were made into human kids because Nickelodeon was tired of “critter shows” (see: demise of Harvey Beaks).

    • Judge Pickles

      Oedipus complex? Is that for real? That’s insane! No one spotted that? Nick simply rejected it based on it being another ‘critter show’? If this is true I’m shocked

    • Polecat

      Well. That was…interesting. And even more, um, interesting to search for. Learn something horrifying every day.

  • Frank Coufal

    This is so disheartening. I never thought Chris Savino was capable of creating such a great show, but he did it. The Loud House is pretty much the best Nicktoon since Danny Phantom.

    • Jenny Lee Taylor

      The credit for that really goes to the writers and those working in development.

  • diamond

    First the creator of Clarence now this guy, that’s pretty depressing.

  • Derik

    This guy and the creator of Clarence should start their own show where they can harass eachother.

  • waterworld

    We should all take a moment to applaud Nickelodeon’s HR department for springing into action so quickly on this situation. 12 strikes and you’re out- er, suspended!

  • Robert Holmén

    I think it’s pretty whacked that someone running a show aimed at “2-11 year olds” even has any blacklisting power in the industry.

    There’s the other scandal that needs to be brought out… networks are making shows for the purpose of delivering commercials to 2 year olds.

    • Barrett

      “Blacklisting” ought to be made a criminal offense, or at the very least subject to NLRB actions. It’s far too prevalent in far too many industries, often for capricious reasons. If any given employer wants to fire someone, that’s their right within the bounds of the law. But going around telling competitors not to hire someone shouldn’t be legal.

  • Jenny Lee Taylor

    So, Savino had multiple “consensual relationships” with co-workers (no doubt, subordinates)?

    A married man with 3 children….. and that was Ok?

    Something is very wrong here (I know, goes without saying, but c’mon!!).

    • Barrett

      Well, in this day and age, there are people who actually do have “open relationships” and are polyamorous. I tend to think of that whole scene as being a minefield for all parties involved, but apparently for some it’s actually OK and everyone is actually consenting to what’s going on without any secret regrets. Not my thing, but we can’t assume it’s automatically a lie. In this case, though, it sounds like the closest anything might have come to ‘consensual” is that occasionally one of the women he creeped on actually returned his affections. It happens – guys like that try a “shotgun” approach where they go after everyone they want to screw, 90% of women might have NO interest, but a few might actually be attracted to him. Still doesn’t make the behavior the least bit acceptable, though.

      • CT

        Mr. Savino might claim he’s in an open relationship, evidently he told some of his victims that, I wonder if Mrs. Savino actually approved.

        As the most powerful person on the show and in the production offices, his “shotgun approach” to hitting on all the young underlings and interns is just wrong on it’s face. How was this not noticed by other executives and producers?

        People turned blind eyes, IMO, and I don’t think that’s really that hard to believe.

  • Robert Holmén

    I recall at animation school they had a rule of thumb about feedback:

    If one person says something is wrong… maybe that person is crazy?
    But if three people say something is wrong, then you have something wrong.

    But here we are with 12 (and counting) saying something is wrong. Hard to overlook that.

  • Ti Melon

    It’s not just Hollywood,
    It’s every industry. The difference is, you *know the people in Hollywood exist*

  • “Gee, I sure do hope that this scandal doesn’t turn into a witch hunt,” said every witch ever.

    • Barrett

      Reminds me of when Trumpy claimed that the accusations against his son meeting with the Russians to get dirt on HRC was “the greatest witchhunt in history” after his son LITERALLY proved that they were right. Talk about being unclear on the analogy – a “witchhunt” is generally understood to mean accusations that are baseless, being pursued in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

  • Capital_7

    Then you don’t know John K.

    No, that’s not why he was fired. I’m searching my comment to see the word fired…no, not there.