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Golden Globes 2014 Animation Nominees Announced [UPDATED]

This morning the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the nominations for its Golden Globes award. The 71st edition of the Golden Globes will be presented on Sunday, January 12.

The following three films were selected for the Best Animated Feature Film category:

  • The Croods
  • Despicable Me 2
  • Frozen

Studio Ghibli’s The Wind Rises also earned a nomination, however, its nod came in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

The most notable thing about the Golden Globes animation category this year: Pixar can’t win the award. In the seven years that the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. has handed out an animation award, Pixar has won the award 6 times. The only year that Pixar didn’t win was in 2011 when they released Cars 2; The Adventures of Tintin won that year. Also, this is the first time they’ve only nominated 3 films since 2008.

[UPDATE]: DreamWorks released the following statements from the directors and producers of The Croods:

From Writer/Director Kirk DeMicco: “Thanks, HFPA, for the best wake-up call ever! The Croods has been an eight-year labor of love and to be recognized with a Golden Globe nomination is pretty amazing. We set out to make a film that everyone in the family—especially fathers—can relate to: a story about the power of change. Creating an original film takes a village, and from the support of the studio leadership at DreamWorks Animation to everyone on our crew, we cannot say ‘thank you’ enough—and if cavemen knew what a Golden Globe was, they would thank you as well!”

From Writer/Director Chris Sanders: “Animated films are the most detailed, complex sorts of films you can possibly make—so we don’t take that task lightly. The Croods had a message we felt was worthy of that scale of effort, and anyone who has seen it has come away changed. We are immensely proud of it, and of the artists who devoted themselves to it. We, and they, thank the HFPA from the bottom of their very strong hearts.”

From Producers Kristine Belson and Jane Hartwell: We are so incredibly honored that The Croods has been recognized by the HFPA. Our writer/directors Chris Sanders and Kirk Demicco created a truly universal story about change and the power of family that audiences around the world embraced as their own—making this nomination particularly meaningful to us.

  • Dana B

    We’ve had a “glut” of animated films this past year and yet only three get nods? Since they’re the good ones out of the year, I’m fine with that. I wonder that the fact they opted out Pixar for the first time is a sign that they realize how biased the voting is for the category….or MU just wasn’t good enough for a nod.

    • canimal


    • Barrett

      I liked MU better than any of the candidates, in fact it’s probably my favorite animated feature of the year, and when the year started I was sure that would be DM2. Overall I’d say it was a middling year for animation, the Croods and Monsters U were the highlights.

  • Dirty Laundry Day it just me or someone is missing!!

  • RaritySparkle

    Welp, Frozen won.

  • Matt

    Monsters should of gotten picked, DM 2, I rreally didnt care for. If I had to pick a winner I hope the Croods win it.

  • Cheese

    From the looks of this article paying too much attention to “The Croods,” why do I get the feeling that “The Croods” would most likely win the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Picture?

    I went to Rotten Tomatoes, and “The Croods” received more positive appraisals than “The Adventures of Tintin,” since that movie too won it as well.

    But I could be wrong. Who knows? Mabe Disney’s “Frozen” would win. And speaking of “Frozen,” it received more positive reviews than two movies put together.

    • AmidAmidi

      How are we paying too much attention to Croods? We even went out of our way to represent all of the animation nominees in a single image. The update reflects the fact that DreamWorks was the only studio that bothered to send us statements from the filmmakers. If the other studios send us statements, we’ll post those too.

  • Cheese

    But if “Despicable Me 2” wins, well I’ll be bummed! I mean come on! That movie was not I’ve expected when you get to 1/4 of the movie. It’s not that interesting. The humors perhaps, but the story ALMOST lived up to its momentum, until they lost it at 1/4 of the movie. They made it too obvious all of the sudden.

  • LrsDude

    What’s that?

  • LrsDude

    Okay I just looked that term up. I would agree with you 100% on Despicable Me 2, and a little bit on Croods. And then I would tell you to check out Frozen.

    • IJK

      I almost feel like that Frozen and The Croods should have been reversed. We’ve seen “Frozen” before, in Beauty & the Beast, Little Mermaid, Tangled… It’s the Disney formula, typically the type of storytelling people imagine when you say “animated film”, kind of why people tried to capitalize on them with things like Swan Lake and Anastasia.

  • Max C.

    The biggest deal about MU not being nominated would be that Pixar lost the awards if the Globes people hadn’t picked Cars 2 instead.

  • Cheese

    Not to mention the music by Alan Silvestri. It sounded very epic.

  • Aveeva

    Hope Frozen gets it :)

  • Cheese

    My nephew and niece loved “The Croods,” especially when Belt gives out his cry whenever the Croods and Guy get themselves in trouble.

  • Strong Enough

    when in doubt vote pixar? whelp. now you can’t

    • canimal

      disney… close enough

  • Cheese

    Well despite some scenes that are a bit showy, but it does provide a definite lesson. When in danger or alone, it’s necessary to find something new to survive and live, than stay the same and get left behind.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Probably Frozen or Despicable Me 2. The Croods had no plot/story. It was all just emotion. If I want that I’ll watch the nightly news.

  • Sluke

    Completely agree. I enjoyed both, But the visual style and animation of The Croods was much more captivating by far.

  • Toonio

    Croods is a far superior movie against Frozen. The problem is that Disney found a formula to brainwash every possible fool out there.

    • USA films only

      Again, wow. I can’t believe people liked Croods. The only thing it was superior to this year was Turbo.

  • Tres Swygert

    It’s no contest. Frozen is gonna win this…by an avalanche. *rimshot*

  • Hollywood Jack

    It’s the Golden Globes. The winner will be the studio that sent over the most expensive gift baskets.

  • canimal

    I’m not a huge fan of any of these… though its pretty obvious Frozen is going to win, despite its long, long…… long list of problems.

    • Barrett

      I would say you’re premonition is correct only if the voters are mostly/all big fans of big, boisterous Broadway-tyle musical numbers, even if they come at the expense of story pacing and smooth shifts of mood.

  • George Comerci

    My guess is Frozen…it was easily the best movie of 2013, and I really hope it will win.

  • pennyjpie

    While Frozen did take more of a risk with certain things, most all of their choices story wise and stylistic wise were pretty safe. Disney will not stray too far from what “works” for them or at least not yet…I believe its getting better and Disney is finally realizing that the world is turning differently…but so far the only new ground Frozen has broken was having more than one women in main plot. And even that was done already in the Tinkerbell movies.(except those are done by Disneytoon studios and mainly marketed towards girl…which is too bad. They’re really good movies for any gender of any age to watch. Oh but I digress…)

    Anywho, I believe Frozen is a step in the right direction. “Almost there” as Tiana would say…but they’ve got a long way to go. Maybe someday they’ll be able to let their artist let lose and have more freedom. Thats something I always felt companies like Dreamworks had over Disney…heck, even Pixar, a very close partner of Disney has more freedom to take risks with their movies. And while sometimes the movies miss, other times they hit hard. I’ll await the day Disney makes a movie with more artistic freedom, it’ll truly be a sight. I saw a glimspe of it in Wreck-it-Ralph so I know its there…

    That said…I hope this doesn’t sound mean but…Just because you didn’t see it coming doesn’t mean its a good plot twist.

    • LrsDude

      I would argue that, in addition to Frozen having two women in the main plot, having familial love championed over romantic love is also a huge breakthrough for Disney, especially in the princess genre. As for your criticism of the plot twist… are you saying that you would rather Hans have really loved her? They kiss, fix everything, end of movie? Or are you saying he should have been evil from the beginning? I think that either way, it would have undermined the idea that marrying someone you just met is a bad move.

      • Pennyjpie


        Lilo and Stitch also demonstrated familial love (sisters even) and had two women in the main plot so even there no, not really. (Even Nani’s love interest was left to the side because he wasn’t that important.) But Frozen, like I said, took many risks in multiple areas and you’re completely right about that. It is a break through, but at the same time, it’s just a combination of things they’ve already done. They’re getting better but are hesitant to push past that line (at least not yet, but hopefully very soon). Although I’m glad they pointed out the whole marriage in one day being stupid…even though they technically did that in the movie Enchanted.

        As for the other thing…
        I’m saying Hans should’ve been explored more or not at all. It has nothing to do with him “loving” anybody. Making him a villain? Cool, definitely surprising . Only making him a villain so that he can serve as the plot point to show Anna and Elsa’s love? No, I’m sorry. There was no reason for him to be there. I went through the movie thinking “fear” was the “villain”. People fearing something they don’t understand and finding the courage through love and acceptance to embrace it is a very powerful topic. It would’ve not only been about love between family but also learning to accept things that are different. But no, Hans was the villain, (along with fear-except for the town suddenly accepting her “evil sorcery” without a hitch) but then when he conveniently disappeared during Anna being frozen and Elsa unfreezing her with “the power of true love”, only strengthens how much of a plot point he was. His only goal in the movie was for that second and then, like a used piece of toilet tissue the writers just throw him away until that rushed scene at the end where Anna slugs him. (Which was awesome, but still, what?) And all I could think was “Wow, what a great character. Too bad he didn’t do much. I wish we could’ve explored him some more.” He sounded like he had the potential for a great back story, a legitimate reason to do what he did, but they didn’t try to elaborate on it. It was a sad waste of potential beautiful character development, so much so that if they had cut him out or not even made him a villain at all, the movie would’ve flowed just fine without him.

        So those are my reasons as to why that plot twist could’ve been done better or not at all. I’m sorry to kinda go off a bit, it’s just things like that happened quite a bit in Frozen and is what’s keeping it from being a movie I “love” instead of I “like”. That said, it’s still a pretty good movie, just not as great as it could’ve been.

  • gavroche

    everyone knows Miyazaki is the world’s best animator. this award is meaningless if his latest and last film “the wind rises” is considered “ineligible” for best animated feature. golden globe u simply suck

  • Barrett

    I agree, The Croods. I was not hugely wowed by the movie, but it looked different and had some strong performances. They pushed things in a new direction using what many would rightly describe as “ugly” character designs, but overall it worked. Despicable Me 2 was fun but a disappointment, at least compared to the original. Frozen was kind of awkward and the songs felt very forced and contrived, something I am not used to from Disney features. Give it to the Croods, out of the three it was the strongest.

  • USA films only

    Wow, really? I couldn’t even sit through it. Just plain stupid. It hurt my brain to watch this thing. And the Character designs were so ugly. The FX were great though – something DW does really well. But I was stunned that this got nominated.

  • PedsRN

    I can’t believe Epic wasn’t even nominated. I thought it had a much better story than any of these movies. Frozen was good, but not great. And WAAAYYY too much singing.

    • Sparkle

      It’s a musical. Like it’s the first time Disney has ever done one.