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“Monsters University” Director Dan Scanlon Responds To Not Getting Oscar Nomination

Dan Scanlon, the director of Pixar’s Monsters University, tweeted the perfect response to not being nominated for an Oscar:

  • George_Cliff

    Ah brevity..

  • Defeat sucks, and I understand that. I still think congratulating others is the way to go. He will have his turn at the Oscars, I am sure.

  • Chris

    MU was by far the best of the american features this year I found.
    So to me, its absense is incomprehensable.

    • bob

      i disagree… as far as a movie goes it was very generic. How many coming of age/sappy comedy college movies have you seen?

      It was good, but not mind blowing. It wasn’t innovative (except for the lighting).

      I think just because it’s Pixar doesn’t necessarily mean it should be regarded as the best thing ever. It should be held to high standards…

      • Kaitlin526

        Can everyone please just stop comparing this film to every college movie ever made?!?! How many young kids have actually seen those? For many kids this is the first movie about college they’re gonna see and I think it brought an extremely powerful and original message to viewer: it’s okay to fail. How many animated films have that message. In a medium that keeps telling us that if we work, or wish, or dream hard enough we’ll get what we want, MU had the guys to say: things won’t always work out for you, but that’s ok. It’s not the end of the world, it’s just the start if something else. That is the most original and mature message I have seen in an animated film since Up and I think MU at least deter bed an Oscar nomination for it!

  • Mr. E. Mann

    Of course the fact that it was a mediocre film at best that milked ever token college cliche in the book has nothing to do with it, I’m sure.

    • Funkybat

      It COULD have been mediocre, and I was prepared for it to be just that, but Monsters U is actually a very heartfelt and entertaining film. I think it is the strongest Pixar film in the last few years (not that there isn’t room to improve from there!)

  • Caitlin Cadieux

    I’m actually really surprised about this because MU was a pretty fantastic movie. Brave was a bit picked over and I think, while a really solid movie, warranted being passed over a little more than MU did. It seems like a weird time to boot a Pixar film out of the running. I enjoyed DM2 but it doesn’t really belong in the Oscar noms, in my opinion.

  • Pedro Nakama

    And that’s the way a true humorist/cartoonist would handle the situation. Excellent Dan!

  • Mohegan

    Normally I would be happy to see Pixar not get a nomination, so that other studio’s get a chance to win the Oscar. But reading this makes me feel sad for the guy :/

  • Inkan1969

    Keep the tux for the next wedding. :-)

    Dan has my sympathy for missing out on a nom. “Monsters University” was a decent movie that stood out for bucking the trend of characters wishing for a lofty goal and actually getting it however unrealistically. I’m sure he’ll work on many other good projects in the future.

  • Kurtis Findlay

    I wonder if Disney didn’t push MU to be nominated because Frozen actually has a chance to win. Disney proper has never won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and they certainly don’t need to be competing with their own company for the award.

    • cao hoaimanh


  • trondmm

    No, he was making a joke.

  • TonyAnimator

    Serves them right. This is Karma for winning over Wreck it Ralph. Brave was a very sloppy movie.

  • JamesP

    Monsters University, in my humble opinion, was the first Pixar film in a couple years that I really loved. The story was funny, the animation was great, and the scene where Mike and Sulley confront their problems in the human world was probably one of my favorites of any movie this year. Dan Scanlon did a great job, and I am sad that the film wasn’t nominated, but that won’t stop me from enjoying this great animated film.

    • Brian

      Unfortunately I felt the complete opposite. It didn’t have the charm that Monsters Inc. had…the charm that made us fall in love with that movie a decade ago. I feel like they tried to copy the formula of every other college movie out there….but in a kid-friendly manner. I just feel it didn’t quite accomplish that.

  • George Comerci

    It was a good movie, for sure, but in my opinion, not as good as the ones nominated.

  • Derik

    What!? How did this not end up on the list?! I saw every animated film this year, and Monsters U, Frozen, and Wind Rises were the only ones where I asked myself, “How the hell did they animate that…how is that even possible?”

    The scene the stands out the most is when those orbs touch a monster’s skin and their bodies swell up. That’s like computer animation magic right there. Croods and Despicable Me 2 are still great films, but nothing I saw in those movies really made them stand out.

    Does the Monsters U DVDs show how some scenes are animated? I would really like to know how they animated the skin in that scene I mentioned. Thanks

  • AnimationFan

    Are you kidding? While despicable me of course isn’t as good as MU , croods and RIO 2096 are much better . Croods has quite an original idea , a great message and overall is something new comparing to MU’s storyline, that we saw quite a few times in many other movies. (except, not with monsters) .

    • Vincent

      Yes, because the whole “new is bad, listen to your parents” theme of kids vs parents is so original, especially when it’s slammed into your face as much as it is in Croods (seriously, the first trailer was cringe worthy).

      While in the end almost all animated movies (from Hollywood anyway) re-use the same themes over the years, Croods didn’t feel like much of a standout. I personally really liked how Pixar decided to close MU and felt that was a little against the flow, although that was probably the only thing I feel it had going for it.

      • JeanbearTheImmasculator

        Yeah Croods was terrible. But I can’t see how RIO or MU could be better.

      • JeanbearTheImmasculator

        Yeah Croods was terrible. But I can’t see how RIO or MU could be better.

  • LostBoyGoonie

    I seriously can’t wrap my brain around how The Croods got nominated but MU didn’t.

    • Bocheng Gu

      Maybe it’s because The Croods has a much more original story than MU, which is basically a rehash of all the college cliches and jokes you’ve seen in other movies before?

      • Funkybat

        Yeah, but most of what The Croods has going for it is the visuals. The performances were better than average (Nic Cage was surprisingly good) but the characters and story were not exactly “instant classic” territory. I liked both films, but I only watched one of them repeatedly, and it wasn’t The Croods.

  • Ivan

    well, it was about to happen … time to get out of the sequel business.

  • ct

    that’s the height of arrogance if he already bought a tux for oscars

    • mikeluz

      I think it is called a joke

      • Seán Lally

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  • wgan

    I dug the way you deal with it, you showed a true colour of an animator, best wishes for you

  • Ron Yavnieli

    I guess he also has no weddings to go to any time soon.

  • Fernando Garcia

    The MU fans seem to take their defeat quite well. The Madoka fans on the other hand…

  • TonyAnimator

    There is no escape from The Karma Goddess of animation.

  • Funkybat

    If it’s in the “bottom half” it is at the top end of the bottom half. MU was better than any Pixar feature done in the past few years. (The shorts are surprisingly getting better and better, I loved Toy Story of Terror!)

  • archJones

    My opinion is very similar to JamesP. Monsters University was very well done and there are some great “acting” moments. This one, in my opinion, is an oversight and deserved a nomination.

    However, it would not have been my choice for winner. Frozen was a pleasant surprise. I did not have high expectations for it, but it was a great movie in all aspects. It deserves to win and Monster University deserved a nod.

  • hyg

    not that MU would have won, anyways. everyone’s been jacking off to frozen since the day it came out and theres no way anything else will get the oscar.

  • Melody

    It was a great movie though, much much better than “the croods”, these awards are such a joke.