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Award Season Focus

Oscar-Nominated Short “Feral” Is Available Online

Filmmaker Daniel Sousa has made his short film Feral, one of this year’s Academy Award nominees, available on Vimeo on Demand. It is the only one of the five nominees in the animated short category which is currently available for online viewing. Sousa’s 12-minute short can be rented for $1 or purchased for $2. The film’s synopsis:

A wild boy who is found in the woods by a solitary hunter and brought back to civilization. Alienated by a strange new environment, the boy tries to adapt by using the same strategies that kept him safe in the forest.

  • Uli Meyer

    No comments? This trailer looks beautiful.

    • Steve Henderson

      The film speaks for itself

  • Ahmad

    Looks like a dark version of the “Jungle book”! very interesting and stylish technique. I like that wood texture on the boy for a moment at 00:45, maybe a hint of “Pinocchio” there

  • cam

    this looks cool

  • Mochipants

    I really don’t understand how Mr. Sousa expects anyone to pay money for this, when we already have mind-blowing films like Sintel that remains free to watch, for the sole purpose of sharing its beauty with everyone. I understand an artists’ need to feed themselves, but this is an animated short, not a full episode, not a game, not any form of goods whatsoever that would justify a monetary transaction. Short films are digestible by nature, and exist to showcase the creators’ work, not to make a quick buck off of.

    So based on principle alone, looks like I won’t ever watch this. It just smacks of tactlessness and unprofessionalism.

    • Ewan Horne Green

      Some people make films to showcase their talent, and others make films in the hope of fans buying copies. There’s room for everyone, and there’s no need to insult the creator.

  • Mochipants

    I’d rather just go watch Minotaur and Fable.