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Who Is ‘Frozen”s Guardian Angel, Ryder Buck?

At the end of Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck’s acceptance speech for Frozen, a clearly emotional Chris Buck said, “And finally we’d like to dedicate this to our guardian angel, that’s my son Ryder Buck. Thank you, Ryder.”

Ryder was Chris Buck’s 23-year-old son, an up-and-coming musician, who died tragically last October in a car accident, just 24 days before the release of Frozen. The circumstances of his death were particularly heartbreaking because Ryder had been battling Stage 4 testicular cancer for the year prior, and was on the verge of making a recovery when he was hit by two cars after his own car broke down on the 2 freeway in Glendale, California.

Last month, LA Weekly published a feature story about Ryder Buck’s life.

  • OtherDan

    Congrats to the Frozen team! I really feel for Chris Buck. It must have been terribly hard to promote the film and be upbeat.

  • Christopher Topolovich

    My heart grieves with the family. Its my understanding Ryder was not on the verge of recovering from the cancer, but that he was already completely recovered from cancer for several months before his death.

    • Elly

      Its true. I am Ryder friend. He was recovered.

    • Funkybat

      Life seems so capriciously cruel sometimes. Some would say there is a greater meaning to these vicissitudes, others that these twists are living proof of the inherent meaninglessness of it all. I think it’s something each person has to decide for themselves. I just know that it’s very unfair for someone so young to be pulled so close to death, only to escape that threat, only to soon befall an even more sudden and final one. I hope Ryder is in a better place, and that his family can forever treasure their memories of him. It’s all so unpredictable, who knows who will be here tomorrow…

  • Sherry Shen

    It’s really a sad story. Now I feel like crying when I see the father’s waving to the heaven again. May Ryder Buck be in peace now!

  • Anna

    Thank you so much for wriitng about Ryder Buck, he was an amazing person and musician. We just did an episode in honor of his birthday should know his music and his message