Disney’s ‘Frozen’: The Acting and Performance Analysis

“Frozen” is beautiful to see, fun to sing along with and is a modern day marketing marvel, but the script has structural and performance issues that are worth examining because they impact directly on acting.

Who Is ‘Frozen”s Guardian Angel, Ryder Buck?

At the end of Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck’s acceptance speech for “Frozen,” a clearly emotional Chris Buck said, “And finally we’d like to dedicate this to our guardian angel, that’s my son Ryder Buck. Thank you, Ryder.”

‘Frozen’ Crosses $1 Billion Mark On The Day It Wins Oscar

It’s a special day for directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. Their film “Frozen” will win the Best Animated Feature Oscar on the day that it crosses $1 billion in global box office revenue. It becomes, along with “Toy Story 3,” only the second animated feature to achieve this distinction, and the 18th film overall.

How CalArts Came To Dominate Hollywood’s Animation Industry

“Vanity Fair” doesn’t write about animation often, but when they do, it’s memorable. Their new Hollywood issue has an excellent long read by Sam Kashner about the legendary CalArts animation program of the Seventies and Eighties.

“Frozen” Is Hotter Than Ever: 1st Place In 6th Weekend

Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee’s “Frozen” has accomplished the rarest of box office accomplishments: moving back into first place at the American box office after a month-and-a-half of wide release.

“Frozen” Smashes Disney Animation Opening Weekend Records

Disney’s “Frozen,” directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, smashed every possible box office record for a Disney film this weekend, and earned an estimated $66.7 million over the 3-day, and $93M over the five-day holiday period.

“Frozen” Talkback

“Frozen,” Disney’s 53rd animated feature, directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, opens this week. What did you think of it?

First Stills From Disney’s “Frozen”

USA Today published an article this afternoon with these five stills from Frozen, the Disney studio’s adaptatation of The Snow Queen that …