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‘Archer,’ ‘Robot Chicken’ and Seth MacFarlane Win Creative Arts Emmy Awards

Adult-skewing animation dominated the animation portion of the 2016 Creative Arts Emmy Awards, which were presented in Los Angeles over two consecutive nights, September 10 and 11.

The two key animation awards—Animated Program and Short-Form Animated Program—were presented to Archer and Robot Chicken respectively. Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane won his second career Emmy for voice-over performance; he won his first voice-over Emmy in 2000.

Animation popped up in other categories too, including Original Interactive Program where the Oculus Rift short Henry was honored, and the User Experience and Visual Design category where Cartoon Network’s app earned recognition.

A complete list of the animation-related Creative Arts Emmy winners can be found below:

Animated Program
  • Archer “The Figgis Agency” (FX Networks)
Short-Format Animated Program
  • Robot Chicken “Robot Chicken Christmas Special: The X-Mas United” (Adult Swim)
Character Voice-Over Performance
  • Family Guy “Pilling Them Softly” (Fox) Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Glenn Quagmire, Dr. Hartman, Tom Tucker, Mr. Spacely
Special Visual Effects
  • Game Of Thrones “Battle Of The Bastards” (HBO)
Special Visual Effects In A Supporting Role
  • Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (Masterpiece) (PBS)
Main Title Design
  • The Man in the High Castle (AMC)
Original Interactive Program
  • Henry
User Experience and Visual Design
  • Cartoon Network App Experience
Outstanding Children’s Program
  • It’s Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown!
Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation (juried)
  • Jason Kolowski, production designer
    Adventure Time “Bad Jubies” Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network Studios in association with Bix Pix Entertainment)
  • Tom Herpich, storyboard artist
    Adventure Time “Stakes Pt. 8: The Dark Cloud” (Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network Studios)
  • Jason Carpenter, animation production designer
    He Named Me Malala (National Geographic Channel, Fox Searchlight Pictures in association with Image Nation Abu Dhabi and Participant Media
  • Chris Tsirgiotis, background designer
    Long Live The Royals “Punk Show” (Cartoon Network, Cartoon Network Studios)
  • Scott DaRos, character animator
    Robot Chicken DC Comics Special III: Magical Friendship (Adult Swim, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios)
  • Marc Hendry

    I feel nothing

  • ea

    I hope one day adult-skewing animation gets its due at the Oscars (last year it almost happened with Anomalisa)

  • Atlanta Animator

    Glad to see Archer get a nomination. And not just because I worked on it!

    One of the things that makes Archer stand out from the other TV shows nominated (besides South Park and Robot Chicken) is that all of it the artwork and animation was done here in the United States. It wasn’t shipped overseas or to Canada, it was all done here in beautiful Atlanta, GA. From storyboard to final export.

    For some reason, the rest of the animation industry seems to forget that the Atlanta animation industry exists and that there are many talented artists living and working down here and it’s sad to me. The Atlanta talent pool isn’t being used to its full potential and I really hope that changes soon.

    Why more studios aren’t setting up in Atlanta instead of shipping work overseas is a mystery. There’s so much talent here, why not take advantage of it?

    • AtlantaTruth

      The fault of the Atlanta talent pool not being utilized to its full potential falls on the feet of the studios already there. The unfortunate truth is that the business model there has become ‘do it cheap and fast’ in order to compete for projects among other production houses. The fact that many industry veterans avoid Atlanta like the plague speak volumes as to how the companies treat their artists.

      Jobs there are catered to people out of college, little pay with virtually no benefits for a non-existent work-life balance. Take into account that most studios only guarantee work for people 6-7 months out of the year and you have incomes that average around 30-40k a year at best. If Atlanta ever hopes to compete with the industry on the West Coast, then there needs to be a serious overhaul of how those businesses compensate their employees.

      Don’t believe me? Look at any employee review of studios in the area. They all call out the exact same issues. I know for a fact that many people who worked hard on season 7 of Archer just got laid off because of the poor management of the studio. It’s hard to argue the success of the industry there when companies are bleeding themselves dry of talent.

      In fact I could easily argue that Vancouver is doing a better job considering that’s where most of those laid off Atlanta artists are going.

      I’m glad that your crew won an Emmy for the hard work you and the rest of the artists put into this project. But I wouldn’t try and speculate the Atlanta community has been ‘neglected’ by the rest of the industry when the cold hard truth is that ‘neglect’ might be at the fault of your own studios.

      Maybe take the opportunity to use the success of this award to improve those conditions and help a lot of the Atlanta artists who’ve been struggling.

    • Louis

      I know how you feel. I really enjoy Archer and I really like hearing about works that are made by studios in my own country. Not to hate on foreign studios, they do great work as well. But as animation gets more and more popular, with more people wanting to be animators, it makes more sense to build up and support local studios to make well crafted animations, like your studio and others like Moonbot Studios, to make works that we in our nation can be proud of in knowing that we made it ourselves and others can admire. Our own animators need the support, and I will gladly support.

  • A Cultist Lemming

    Is this three wins now for Chris Tsirgiotis?

  • Chicken McPhee

    To be fair, Seth only won for voiceover. Which I find acceptable.