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Disney Sweeps Animation Oscars with “Paperman” and “Brave”; VFX Oscar Goes to “Life of Pi”

Disney swept the Oscars this year with wins for both animated short and feature. Congrats to John Kahrs and Walt Disney Feature Animation for taking home the Animated Short Oscar for Paperman. Congrats to Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman and the Pixar crew for winning the Animated Feature Oscar for Brave.

As expected, the Oscar for Visual Effects was awarded to Life of Pi. Congrats to Bill Westenhofer, Guillaume Rocheron, Erik-Jan De Boer, Donald R. Elliott, and the crews of Rhythm & Hues and Moving Picture Company. Unbelievably, as the Life of Pi winners tried to comment on the recent situation in the VFX community, the Academy cut off their speech mid-sentence. Not classy, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Oscar-winner John Kahrs and wife Gennie Rim arriving for the ceremony tonight.

For the record, Paperman is quite an accomplishment for Disney. The last time the studio won the Oscar for Best Animated Short was 1969 and the winner was this guy:

  • Mike

    I’m happy to see Paperman win…I liked it the best of the shorts this year, though the category seemed weaker than usual.

    As far as feature, however, I think any one of Pirates, Wreck-it Ralph or especially ParaNorman deserved it over Brave. Kinda disappointed by that one.

    • mikeg

      I expected ParaNorman to lose. The academy wasn’t going to award an animated film with an openly gay character (I said “openly” because a case could be made about Merida).

      • What do you mean? Hollywood always celebrate progressive movies.

  • Joe

    Uh Oh someone call the cops, Wreck-It Ralph was robbed

  • Riu Tinubu

    I was really hoping for anything else in either of the categories to win! Paperman is beautiful but their isn’t much else there… and Brave, well, it falls flat in comparison to the other nominees. A win for Laika would’ve been great to see!

    Regardless, congratulations to the directors and Disney, here’s hoping to seeing an animated feature film with Paperman’s visuals in the near future!

  • Rob F

    Although spot on to the problem with hiring face actors for voice talent.

  • Toonio

    What a joke. Brave again? really? and Brenda showed up for what?

    Way to kill the magic Disney! No one like you to pull it off.

    Well I’m happy to own Paranorman and Pirates to keep me amazed and enthralled on a rainy day. Congratulations to the crews at Laika and Aardman.

    You guy don’t need a fake statue to measure your accomplishments. 20 years down the road your movies will be the classics that will entertain and inspire the future generations while others will be just specks of dust. Nobody like you to

    • elliot Lobell

      20 years?! they’re already classics!

  • Nik

    Nice to see Brenda Chapman up there getting an Oscar for Brave.

    Congrats to Paperman and to the Rhythm & Hues crew for Life of Pi.

  • wgan

    Paperman and Brave are both very weak on story, but anyway, its Oscar

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I only knew that Brave won because a guy in a kilt popped up to take the award. I had actually been watching the Amazing Race beforehand and when the channel was briefly changed, that’s what I saw.

  • A_VFX_Worker

    Really sad, disappointed and angry that they cut Bill Westenhofer off by the Jaws music (no less) before he could properly thank the VFX artists at R&H that made Life of Pi possible and address it’s bankruptcy. As a VFX artist, I’m so tired of seeing this industry be terribly disrespected, pushed aside and literally going bankrupt while making box office hits….. ugh

    • Another_VFX_worker

      Maybe if he had thanked them earlier. I wish he had time to bring the problem to light a well, but come on, they know they’ve only got less that a minute before the music comes up. He was blabbing and took too long, that was the problem.

      • A_VFX_Worker

        Well yea, of course I wish he had brought it up earlier. But the producers could’ve let him finish that sentence, too — adding like 5 seconds? Sad that Lee couldn’t at least briefly thank his vfx crew, either… especially since the vfx workers were protesting and since Life of Pi is basically all heavy vfx shots. Lame all around.

  • I enjoyed Paperman, it deserved the win. Life of Pi definitely deserved the award it got, but it’s definitely a shame that no one was able to comment on the closing of R&H and the implications it holds. Though I disagree with Brave’s win. I did enjoy Brave and thought it was a good movie, but it was pretty flawed and there were other animated films much more deserving of the award.

  • Everlasting Concubine

    I’m still furious that didn’t make it to the final nominations.

    • Mortimer

      It did make it to the final nominations. But where were The Eagleman Stag, Combustible, Junkyard, Oh Willy?

  • We, the lawyers for Walt Disney Inc, ask that you please take down the photograph of Ward Kimball until such time as you remove any and all negative references to our hallowed founder in your admittedly awesome biography, Full Steam Ahead.

  • www

    Oscar who?

  • Pixar must win

    So, basically, Pixar has to crap out a turd as bad as Cars two before the Academy will deny them the gong.

    I hate that they just automatically win every year.

    Not that Rotten Tomatoes is the final word in film, but just look at the ratings (critics):

    Frankenweenie: 88%
    Paranorman: 87%
    Wreck-It Ralph: 86%

    Tight race so far! And then, ~10 points down…

    Brave: 78%

    And Ralph got the Annie, so there’s an insight to what the industry pros think.

  • FigmentJedi

    Ralph/Paranorman were freaking robbed.

  • Dan

    What was with the banter between robert downey jr and Sam Jackson during the vfx award? Was Downey trying to speak up and Jackson was saying shut up? Or we’re they just making fun of the situation?

  • D. Harry

    Paranorman and Adam and Dog. But happy to see Ms. Chapman continue to be a thorn in the side of Pixar honchos!!! They messed up and deserve to be reminded of it.

  • Brave was dull. I don’t think a bear hiding for an hour and a half is interesting.

  • Max C.

    Maybe Brave won because of how disastrous the last Pixar movie was, and that they wanted to make up for it.

  • Mark Williams

    A HUGE congrats to the team on PAPERMAN – such a brilliant piece of work. I could watch it over and over again. Bravo!

  • Mark Williams

    Congrats to the talented artists behind BRAVE, though I was much more of a fan of “Wreck It Ralph.”

  • Alberto

    Brave got the Oscar? Very disappointing, IMO Wreck-it Ralph is the best feature of the year. I could have even understand the award going to Paranorman.

  • Mel

    It’s time for Mark Andrews to stop wearing the kilt to collect “Brave” awards. The joke was over the second time he did it.

  • At least you found something that interests you over this!

  • Nice to see Paperman get it’s well deserved recondition. I have to disagree with Brave’s win though. Yes brave was a beautiful movie but it was lacking in the story department. Wreck it Ralf I thought had the most solid story of the Animated features from 2012. And a Shout out to Hotel T for making me fell like watching the Looney Tunes in a CGI Animated feature.

  • “Forgetting the story”

    This is my problem with the two films that won, they must have won on the basis of ignoring the story quality which does a disservice to both the categories.
    What happened to the story being king?

  • The problem with Brave was that the story had issues that needed to be ironed out and I personally think that one of the other nominations in the category should’ve beaten it on that basis. (I was rooting for Paranorman myself)

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Congragulations to all Oscar winners! I really enjoyed ‘Brave’ and feel it deserved to win Best Animated Feature. Paperman also deserved to win Best Animated Short.

  • Skent

    An undeserved win. Brave was literally the worst film on the list. And it was a damn good year for animated features too.

    I suspect the better films split the vote, and those who hadn’t seen any of them voted Pixar.

  • Shemword Adam

    I notice that there is no classic animation among the nominated for the feature films and even Paperman is not a pure 2D animation.

  • Can you really call it a “sweep” when it’s only two categories?

  • Paper man was lovely…but it did have that typical Disney cheesiness to it. Animation was flawless, and it was absolutely wonderful in 3D! Wreck-it-Ralph should have won an award. I mean it’s a movie that all generations can love, but the older generation CERTAINLY loved that movie! Come on. I know I’m not the only one who thought that the soldiers on Wizard of Oz were chanting “O-RE-O, Oreeeeo”. Not to mention that Ralph had a pretty decent plot. Loved all the video game cameos.