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Yogi Bear movie poster

Yogi Bear poster

Smarter-than-the-average comments welcome below.

  • So awkward…

  • NO NO NO NO NO, Hollywood Please stop Beeping with my childhood

  • no no no no, hollywood please stop Beeping up stuff from my childhood

  • Mike Russo

    Why do all of these CGI cartoon characters always have these ultra-detailed, super creepy human eyes? Ugly, ugly, ugly!!

  • Justin M. Durden

    …it hurts.

    It hurts so bad.

  • John Dorian

    Ugh, I think I have to see this movie on the account of the new Coyote/Road Runner short attached to it.

    • It sucks that the new Coyote and Road Runner cartoons are being attached to such lousy looking movies. I’d like to see them, but I definitely don’t want to see Yogi Bear or Cats and Dogs 2.

      • Ron

        That’s nothing new unfortunately. I remember the great Mickey Mouse short ‘Runaway Brain’ played before ‘ A kid in King Arthur’s Court’. I just left after the short and went to see ‘The Usual Suspects’ instead. If you time it right, you can do something similar.

      • Scarabim

        Well, now, Ron, I wish I’d thought of that. I wanted to see that Mickey short so bad (friends RAVED about it), but attached to that lousy movie..no thank you. Good thing we’ve got Youtube now; I’ve seen that lovely short over and over and over…

      • Steve Gattuso

        It’s intentional. The studio knows that the movie sucks and is doing this in an attempt to bring in the proles.

    • Craig Simpson

      Why can’t they do these CGI movies like the roadrunner short instead of making them so psuedo realistic? The style of that short looks pretty awesome. If they’re going to mess with an old classic, at least keep a level of respect for the cartoon aspect of it.

  • Brian Marshall

    GROAN! It just doesn’t end! It just doesn’t end.

  • And so begin the nightmares…

    • Tekena

      no, no it just continues.

  • first talking about animation collective and now this? sometimes i think you guys secretly delight in making animators cry.

  • I thought those earlier pictures of Yogi were a joke, but now I see that it ain’t no joke. Yeeesh. There are so MANY things wrong with this image. Like 3D is going to help this. The Viewmaster reels had a better Yogi.

  • WOW. I can’t believe that those horrible test shots from awhile back were the real deal. I’m all for giving the benefit of the doubt, but come on!

  • Man it all just looks like one big joke, if only…

  • That may well be the worst poster ever. What’s with Yogi’s mouth inside the O in the title?

  • *long drawn out sigh* ………what.

  • Why do they keep doing this kind of unnecessary semi realistic stuff based on old cartoons?I wonder if people actually likes these things or they watch it because there’s nothing else to watch…

  • Wrong on every level.

  • Trevor

    5 bucks to the person that can find asymmetry in either face

    • If there was assymmetry, they’d give them the one-eyebrow-raised stcok attitude expression.

  • Trevor

    Wow…check back at the original WIP ones http://www.cartoonbrew.com/cgi/the-cgi-yogi.html

    The biggest difference is Boo-Boo’s tuft of hair on his head. They went from staying “kinda” in his original design to just all out ambiguous puff of hair on top. But boy, don’t those strands of hair look nice everyone?

  • Let’s see if these advanced CG effects can pull off a perfectly square shape of Boo-Boo’s profiled head.

  • Yogi looks scary.

  • Wait … this isn’t a joke? I’m frightened.

  • uncle wayne

    Jeeeeeez, guys….can you all be MORE Negative!? I was dreading (belieeeeve me) the film, “Alvin & the Chipmunks” (—and for all of the above reasons!) I wound up LOVING the film. The Scooby Doo films were (and are) fanTAStick! Give it a try! I can’t wait to see more clips ahead!!

    • I saw the Chipmunk film (the first one) in the barbershop. It wasn’t terrible; decent kids’ film.

      The Scooby-Doo films, however, I didn’t like as much. I certainly thought 2 was more true to the series than one, however. I just didn’t like the Scooby model or Freddie Prinze and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s performances. I thought Linda Cardellini and Matthew Lilliard were excellent, however.

      • Tedzey

        Me TOO! I love how Lillard nailed Shaggy right to the “Zoinks!”

        As for this poster, its more terrifying than nostalgic. The dead eyes scare the shit out of me!

  • Matt Petersen

    At least they kind of look like Yogi and BooBoo……unlike Underdog.

  • Karen

    The only thing that could be worse is having the same people who did the animation for Garfield, G-Force, and Scooby Doo do the animation for this thing. Sadly, it looks about at that level.

    • Walt

      Well, considering that G-force and Garfield were products of two different studios, and much of the G-force crew also worked on the academy award nominated Surf’s Up…and some of the Surf’s Up crew also worked on Garfield and Scooby Doo and How To Train Your Dragon and Open Season and Spiderman and Alvin and the Chipmunks and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, and…etc, etc, etc, I’d say that you need to get to know your industry “people” better. Animators work when and where they can, and do the best work they know how, with the time and resources made available to them. How about a little love for the hard working animators, huh?

  • jordan reichek

    i dunno…i think it’s rather nice they chose not to ‘update’ the classic pic-a-nic basket that almost no one uses anymore….gotta accentuate the positive.

    • Matt Petersen

      Funny you should say that.
      When my wife and I got married a few years ago, one of our wedding gifts was a Pic-a-nic basket that looked like the ones from the Yogi cartoons. They had them at Bed Bath and Beyond and my wife adored it.
      We love using it when we go to the beach!!

  • Samir

    Is not sexy like childhood cartoon…

  • killskerry

    I have a horrible horrible feeling that at some point Cindy bear will show up in a bikini on a cell phone …maybe make a jersey shore joke.

    You just wait. She’ll be in lurking there somewhere and I bet you anything shes had a nip-tuck upgrade in the chestular region. she’ll go from a negative A to a double D…make some kind of strange unsettling reference to high heels of some of other article of clothing she would never wear.

    Yogi is so much more horrifying than the average bear. Colbert needs to be informed.

  • Pedro Nakama

    This Christmas?

  • JDW

    All hope is lost, this is the perfect motivation to finally get around to making that Grape Ape movie poster I’ve been meaning to make all summer.

  • I dunno, I think they did a good job blending the realistic and the hyper -realistic. Luckily Boo boo is hiding his goods with that plate.

  • Andy

    Terrible. In every way imaginable. Could these idiots not look at an Ed Benedict or Mel Crawford drawing for a lesson in charm and appeal? It’s almost as if all the corporation wants is a write-off and a claim to copyright.

  • Tron is set to be released the same week as this. What smarter-than-the-average-executive decided to put THIS up against THAT?

    And it seems to me, that as bad as Yogi is, Booboo looks about ten times worse. Something is WRONG with Booboo. Yogi just looks lame, not -creepy-.

  • SMW

    There are some things that should not be changed, this being one of them. It makes me sad that children will have the memory of this cartoon looking like this instead of the lovely cartoon we grew up with. Do people just don’t care about character design anymore??

  • Baron Lego

    So… the plan was to make the CGI character designs look like unappealing live-action costumes?

  • Damon

    Wow they found Dan Ackroyd

  • Steve

    Incredibly horrendous! On another unappealing note: why does my Firefox browser run the comments over the date to the right?

    • That happens to me too…it’s quite annoying as I can’t read the last bit of every top line.

  • TheGunheart

    I’ve gotta say, if I were still a little kid, that poster would scare the hell out of me. Yogi should NOT look that scary.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks they don’t seem to mesh very well with the background? Like, at all? They look at best like a pair of figurines photoshopped onto a CGI picnic blanket.

    • Cyle

      Seriously, the bad Photoshop job seriously bugs me. It’s one thing to make unappealing characters, but you’d think they’d at least throw some effort into something as basic as the compositing on the poster. Yikes!

  • ZiggyStardust

    hmmmmm just because the technology is there for realism doesn’t mean you have to use it. its a cartoon, so make it a cartoon! not some scary cartoon realism hybrid.

  • huston

    How many fart jokes do you think there will be? I’m guessing 2 at least.

    • 2 ?!?! Something like this has gotta have more than 200 to even work!

  • How did Justin Timberlake fit in that suit?

  • As of posting this, there are 40 comments here of people raging about a poster for a movie adaptation of a cartoon for children that is going to come and go without radically affecting anyone’s life.

    The article about the passing Shirley Silvey and Mary S. Broggie as of this posting: 2 comments.

    As an industry and community that constantly wants to obsess over how things used to be, I hope we can try and rein in a little perspective when we do. I think the mindset of the animation world would be much healthier if we did.

    That being said, this movie looks like butt.

    • Scarabim

      **As of posting this, there are 40 comments here of people raging about a poster for a movie adaptation of a cartoon for children that is going to come and go without radically affecting anyone’s life.

      The article about the passing Shirley Silvey and Mary S. Broggie as of this posting: 2 comments.**

      Maybe that happened because people are more aware of Yogi Bear than they are of Shirley Silvey and Mary S. Broggie, hmmmmm?

      • Steve Gattuso

        I believe that’s MC’s point.

  • H. T.

    I don’t know why I came to read the comments. They’re pretty predictable, including the idiotic internet staple “They’re raping my childhood!” Brother.

    These characters were popular fifty years ago, and for the most part have been invisible since that time. Warner knows that no kids gives a damn about them the way they’ve been presented in the past, and they’re willing to try something new to refresh interest in them. Based on a SINGLE IMAGE that frankly is as good as most Dreamworks film imagery, almost every person here hates it. I’m done reading the comments here. I stopped for a while and was sucked back into it. In an industry supposedly filled with imagination and invention, this site seems to be the place where the hive speaks its hive-mind.

    As for Yogi here? The jury is still out until I see some scenes and promotional stuff. The poster passes the smell test.

    • I happen to be one of the biggest Yogi fans out there…and i could not agree more. all they need to do is handle it with some respect, but they HAVE to update it, or they will be forever forgotten…if i have choice of the next gen becoming familiar with these characters, and i have to suffer a little in order for them to enjoy it…fine. Now Underdog…THAT was a piece of crap. they didn’t even try to make him look like the character…At least Yogi and Boob look like them!

  • Dustin

    I’m putting the odds at 85% that there’s an awkward dance sequence within the film.

    • Mark McD

      A dance to a new version of “Who Let the Dogs Out,” substituting “bears” in the lyrics for “dogs.” Or yet another totally incongruous 80’s song (see “Horton Hears a Who”).


  • DonaldC

    Oh heavens no.
    Not another one of these heinously embarrassing things.

    Let me guess. It’ll feature some sub par live action acting couples with a super weak story that has little to do with the original source material and a few lame one liners strewn about some predictably cheesy dialogue.

    Garfield, Alvin, Marmaduke. None of these have been very good so I’ll hope you can excuse me if I’m not to thrilled about this or that heinous looking Smurf fiasco.

  • IT BURNS!!! MY EYES!!!!

    Uncle Wayne, are you serious? Chipmunks and Scooby Poo are some of the biggest pieces of CG Crap thats ever been made… From the looks of this poster, Yogi Bear might take the crown though….

    I didnt think they could fit so much ASS into one poster….but they found a way.

  • Can you imagine what it would be like to show a 1960s audience a yogi bear cartoon, and then right after that show them this movie…I think people would be so perplexed at what they were looking at that they might go into shock..

  • If they’ve “been invisible,” logic dictates the best way to “refresh interest” is to make them visible. Why reinvent something that’s “been invisible”?

    A poster IS “promotional stuff”. It’s supposed to instantly sell the product. This poster .. and other material I’ve seen .. doesn’t for me. However, it might for others. People have different tastes.

    Indeed comments can be predictable. I could have predicted, based on responses to previous topics here, someone would spout off assuming everyone else has a bias against any attempt to resurrect something from years ago.

    I would dearly like to see a revived Yogi succeed. But nothing I’ve seen appeals to me. Saying to “wait” for a bit is like eating eight spoiled pieces of meat thinking if you just keep eating, eventually one will taste good. Who, in their right mind, does that, except in the hope something will justify their own preconceptions?

  • Is this God’s way of telling me that cartoons are for kids and I’m too old to enjoy them anymore?

    I hate you, God.

  • Not being a big Yogi fan, the poster strikes me as….bleh.

    Just one more mediocre movie to fill up the Redbox come Easter 2011.

  • Chowder








  • Bill and Joe would say no. Anything but picking up a pencil and animating a cartoon…

  • Peter H

    Hey! A step forward in CGI realism – this looks just like a man in a Yogi costume! Why not go one step further and let the Jim Henson Company make the whole thing in live action? (Answer: because although it would be cheaper and better, that’s old technology – Execs “know” that only CGI will sell!)

  • victoria

    I have no problem with them trying to update old stuff like Yogi Bear and Loony Tunes, I simply want them to stop using them period! I’m sick of looking at them in any form.

  • Graham

    I wonder if it’ll have repeating CGI backgrounds.

  • The only good that can come from the release of this movie is if Warner Bros. also (finally) releases John K.’s Ranger Smith cartoons uncut on DVD, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Too bad I’ll never see them on [adult swim] again…

  • Christopher Smigliano

    The Ranger isn’t gonna like this…..

  • juan alfonso

    It’s the screenplay that goes with the cgi characters that I’m worried about.

  • The designs don’t bother me at all. In fact, they kind of remind me of the old Viewmaster reel I had with Yogi.
    I wasn’t excited to see Hoodwinked, and that turned out to be an extremely watchable movie.
    I’ll give it a chance.

  • So the protype Yogi artwork that was removed on some site that was removed is REAL!

  • I wasn’t born when the original Yogi cartoons came out, but I loved them as a kid while at the same time finding the more contemporary “Yogi’s Gang” cartoons dull, preachy and lifeless. Pretty much the same for all the other cartoons of that period featuring the character. Thank God I wasn’t watching Saturday morning cartoons any more by the time “Yo Yogi” came out.

    See, it’s not so much about nostalgia as watching a winning formula get watered down or ruined by hamfisted tinkering. In this case I’m not responding to the writing but the character designs. I’ve seen CGI films with appealing looking cartoony characters, but so far this isn’t one of them. Someone apparently decided that because Yogi and Boo Boo were interacting with the real world they needed to look more realistic, so they went with some sort of half step drains away the fun of the original designs and leaves them looking like a half assed version of the Disney Country Bears.

    Kids like cartoons because they’re fun and funny to look at, not because they have individual strands of hair or detailed irises.

  • Dan, I know you are getting antsy, waiting for Bill Murray to give in and do Ghostbusters III. I am probably the biggest Ghostbusters fan in town. But please don’t do this to yourself. You’re better than that. Just because Bill Murray stooped down to the level of TWO Garfield movies doesn’t mean you have to turn this into a “race to the bottom.”

    Love, Aaron

    ps. Please keep Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson away from any executives bearing money and terrible scripts featuring updates of classic cartoon characters.

  • Every third blogpost about Yogi Bear in the last ten years has been some fan discussing about how perfect the grotesquely off-model 1960s Yogi and other Hanna-Barbera merchandise items are. Because we don’t like Yogi looking like Yogi; it’s more fun when he doesn’t.

    Warner takes a tip from us and we go berserk. Fickle, aren’t we?

  • I mean…at least they _look_ like Yogi and Boo-Boo (see “Scooby-Doo” the movie for how bad things can get in these sorts of TV-animation feature adaptations). I actually sort of like the designs (they’re maybe at 115% shagginess furwise, but otherwise I like them)

    I’ll reserve my judgment for when I see (a) a trailer and (b) Cindy Bear.

  • Gummo

    It’s just ugly.

    And why go to all the trouble to CGI if – at least on the poster — it looks like 2 guys in costumes?

    Hollywood is a very strange place.

  • BJ Wanlund

    Well, not this Christmas per se, not unless Dec 17th counts as Christmas. Yes, my most anticipated as well as my least anticipated films are coming out the same day (Tron Legacy and Yogi Bear respectively). However, unlike, say, Alvin & The Chipmunks (which I’ll never touch), I will have to see this in motion (i.e. a trailer) before I say I won’t ever see it.


  • Rooniman


  • Alissa

    Ugh, ugly with a capital U. Definitely not seeing this one.

  • Tory

    Yogi hasn’t been invisible for 50 years, I’d say somewhere between 15-22 years, and even then there were glimpses till the early nots of this millenium. He was still known well when I was a kid in the 80s from syndicated reruns and the spinoff series always airing, popular with clothes, toys, lunch boxes and things always available, everyone knew him then. I saw someone dressed as him in a mall five years ago, Hong Kong Phooey too oddly enough. This is something people forget now, things older than the year before still retained popularity and recognition with the kids and general public until this last decade sped up the turnover rate. More people knew about the Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy, W.C. Fields, Buddy Holly, Louis Armstrong and others then too. Older films, television and music had longer shelf life and it seems sometimes to me that there is a purposeful blocking out of that material though I reckon it is just a side effect of the cable specific channels securing rights to all of these things, removing them from syndication then abandoning their original purpose and the old venues have moved on to other systems of programming.

    As to this film, well, I think Scooby, Garfield and the Chipmunk films were fine, Smurfs dreads me a bit as does this but they both look far superior and more respectful than Underdog. I think this will be an ok family film and hopefully will attract some more attention to the original, I think it more likely that Yogi’s old programs will be hyped in regards to this than Underdog ever was with that travesty.

  • purin

    That’s a very cluttered-feeling poster, all haphazardly copied and pasted together. Something’s wrong with Boo Boo’s (wait… Justin Timberlake?) shoulder.

  • Scarabim

    Nice to know somebody re-purposed those hideous bear suits from Disney’s Country Bears movie.

    Oh, wait…

    Seriously, I’m one of those folks who dislike Hanna-Barbera’s creations in the extreme, so I don’t see this as sacrilege. I see this as gilding the turd; this is even more awful-looking than the original cartoon.

  • You guys are all silly. This is clearly just a 2 hour adaptation of a romp into a delicious, delicious Orangina commercial…

  • Sam

    Wow, what a bunch of sour grapes here. I’m glad at least there are jobs for animators, Yogi Bear isn’t the best character to be made looking realistic, I wish they would at least hire the companies to do a full animated feature than live action + animation. Maybe it’s just cheaper to do live action, but to get the children and family audience they just include the 3D animated stuff.

  • Roberto Severino

    Good God! They can’t be serious. I feel sorry for the children suckered into watching these deformed creatures. Someone get them a barf bag, quick!

  • It seems as if no one with any design sense at all made this poster. Or the characters. And I don’t think it would be too much of a jump to say the movie is going to be lacking in all artistic sensibilities. A bunch of suits threw this together to make a quick buck. I hope it loses them money so they’ll stop churning out crap like this on families every other Christmas. So much disappoint.

  • randy V

    they just watered it down, averaged it out, took away the super-designy elements and added fur and human eyes. it looks bland – because it is. i won’t take my kids to this but i will seek out original yogi bear for them.

  • top cat james

    “Hey There, it’s Yogi Bear” is the REAL Yogi movie. Accept no substitutes.

  • Justin Timberlake? You gotta be kidding me.

  • Michael F.

    I would have taken a much younger person for Boo Boo. Haley Joel Osment perhaps?

  • Warhead

    Wow, the uncanny valley runs deep in these… THINGS.

  • 3-D? Really? Is that really necessary?

  • Oh for God’s sake… Dan Akroyd as Yogi? JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE as Boo-Boo? Who’s Ranger Smith, Orlando Bloom? The character designs are at least recognizable, but the casting is the pits and really, we don’t need another one of these crap CGI movies. No more! The Uncanny Valley is closed for business!

  • Salomon Fenix

    I am question: Why all adaptations of cartoons to Movie sucks?

  • celia

    No matter how bad this film will be, it can’t top the bizarre and creepy Country Bears Movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpLvypKPRrE&feature=related

    Warner Brothers should use this film as a model for what “not” to do.

  • Eric Drobile

    I used to like bears.

  • Dumber than the average Hollywood exec. Yay-hey-hey!

  • Dan

    Looks like shit!

  • This is going to put a damper on the holiday spirit. :(

  • Maria

    Justin Timberlake as Boo Boo?

    And my world has come to a screeching halt.

  • Bruce

    Love all the cut’n’paste objects! The poster looks like a first year photoshop project! And not to mention the AstroTurf grass lol love it! Poor BooBoo and his dead eyes… I can’t believe this passed for a movie poster ugh! Was the marketing director outsourced to India as well?!!

  • Tony C

    I wanna know how much it costs to get grade A photoshopping skills like that for ‘my’ film poster.

  • RobEB

    Well, I’d heard about this some time ago (like everybody else), but didn’t give much thought to it. Now that it’s right there in front of us, I realize that it’s all too real. It’s giving me a headache…

  • Epic Fail…Sigh…

  • For a realistic version I think it’s not one of the worst. Problem is, who wants a realistic version? Apparently there’s an audience for these things and that’s what I don’t understand. I would like to think that if there was an offer of both this thing and a 2D Yogi Bear movie people would prefer the last one. But I’m not sure. This kind of crap seems to work well for families. Alvin and the Chipmunks was a success.

    The look is weird and the scripts are usually bad and unfaithful to the original sources. I’m not the biggest fan of Yogi, but it was a nice cartoon. If these things were at least faithful and decent in their scripts it would be a little more tolerable. Though the visuals are also a big problem. If traditional animation is really so dead, the way to go is cartoony designs in 3D like that Roadrunner shorts or Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs. Not more life action+CGI stuff.

    I don’t really want to see Tom and Jerry or the Looney Tunes following this trend. To me that will be the ultimate insult: the most cartoony cartoons ever created turned into realistic characters. And it’s going to happen pretty soon.

  • Paul Dini

    Here’s the trailer. Urg.


    • Ashley May

      My confirmation phrase for posting that teaser link to my Facebook account was “filmy hurt.” The cosmos has such a sense of humor.

  • Jake
  • Brendan Spillane

    The ranger’s not gonna like this, Yogi.

  • http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_sUpmIRyNr_Y/SOtOSYT0HSI/AAAAAAAAACQ/JhAO4nfZ6S8/s1600-h/Yogi-Bear-04.jpg
    ^THAT is what a 3-dimensional Yogi Bear should look like. Not this.
    Why alter the design to make him look… real but not? Isn’t that the definition of Uncanny Valley?
    Seriously, Madagascar-type CG designs (more abstracted) would’ve worked a lot better for this production.

    • Toast

      Wow! Maybe they should do a stop motion animation version of Yogi from that View Master frame :}

      Hm…. I still prefer the 2d pre-70’s era Yogi :D

  • OMG! I won’t even comment on the trailer. But did you see the poster? “Based on a character created by Hanna Barbera Productions!???” Couldn’t they just say Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera? Or designs by Ed Benedict? You know, I think it was Jack Warner who used to think he owned Mickey Mouse.

  • Anna

    Does anyone else think the title logo should have used a picnic basket instead of the weird face in the “o”

    and joining the chorus of: “holy cut-and-paste poster, Batman!” The bears look extremely out of place and somehow the floaty “shadow” around them makes them extra fake to their background

  • Keith Paynter

    Oh, cruel hand of fate – to foist this atrocity of artwork on society while Bug’s 70th birthday (re: “A Wild Hare’, released the same day in 1940) has passed virtually unacknowledged, even by the mighty Brewmasters!

    Now I’ll never be able to show my face in public…oh, the shame!!

  • Alusa


  • Andrew Kieswetter

    It looks okay.

  • Dan Ackroyd is MUCH too old to play Yogi. Should have gone with Seann William Scott. After all, WB had used him in their remake of another [this time non-WB show] “Starsky and Hutch” 6 and a half years a go [7 by the time that this Yogi movie gets to screen.:)] and the original property this year “Cop Out” and some other through their New Line Cinema. Yogi in the 1958-60 shorts when he gets peed off to see “proto-Yakky”, or in Don M.Yowp’s latest blog entry, “Snow White”, the Seven Dwarves, the three pigs,etc. gets ticked off like S.W.Scott.

  • BEFORE Magilla Gorilla??????

  • STEF

    God :C They even have creepy BLACK lower lips like real bears do…….. OAO

  • Fred Sparrman

    Look at how Yogi’s right knee is coyly turned in as if to hide his groin from the camera; likewise, Boo Boo is using a plate to conceal his privates.

    What is on these people’s minds, that they feel the need to have cartoon characters consciously hiding their privates from us?

  • 3 words, worst, poster, ever.

  • Dan portnoy

    The fact that there were a billion comments here suggests that :
    1) you all need lives
    2) there is no #2

    • Why

      Is this a kids version of Brokeback Mountain?

  • ray kroll

    just another cheap cheezy @#&$%@**!! 3D ripoff of great
    cartoon characters. the look is god awful. (boo boo is
    not as bad as yogi tho.) i never knew yogi had teeth like
    that. horrible. and why get “stars” to voices for these
    things? justin timberflake? give me a break! and hollywood,
    enough with the 3D already! this crap got old in the 50’s.
    there is a great scene in “the buddy holly story” where
    buddy & his wife are watching a 3D movie. buddy makes the
    comment that it looks like a seeing eye dog convention &
    that “3D is just a flash in the pan” but its like every
    20 years or so hollywood unleashes the unthinkable again.
    thanx in part to james lib-whacko cameron’s envirocrap
    film. thanx james @#**$%!! now 3D has infested the movie
    industry again. are you ever gonna get the message
    hollywood? i’m still mad about what you did to underdog.
    please in the name of god, try something original. ahh,
    i’m wasting my breath. yogi, they did ya wrong old buddy.