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Bad Ideas

Horrifying Yogi Bear Trailer

This looks like ____ ! (fill in the blank in the comments below)!

(Thanks, Paul Dini)

  • This looks like a Yogi Bear trailer!

  • stavner

    Unlike the new Looney Tunes cartoon, this is enough footage to prove that this movie will be awful.

    • Stephan

      I dunno. I think there’s like at least 87 minutes of the movie the trailer isn’t showing.

      Btw, I won’t be seeing this, because I’m not eight, but I won’t be complaining about it for the same reason.

      • Ashley May

        A film’s aim at children shouldn’t excuse it from insulting their intelligence or ability handle something more than what is given.

      • JLT

        Yes, a movie starring a character that ceased to be relevant 30 years ago was made for eight year olds. Let’s ignore the fact that this Hanna Barbera creation hasn’t seen the side of a lunchbox since 1985 or been in a new television program (short of a clip show) since 1981 and assume that children will lap this straight up. You should be a Hollywood producer, Stephan.

    • William

      If you grew up in the 60’s watching the original Yogi cartoons, the first thing that hits you when you see the clips is that Dan Aykroyd doesn’t come close to pulling off the Yogi voice, I like Dan Aykroyd, but what a let down….

  • Josh

    Kill me now =_=

    • Tim Douglas

      I think you spelled ‘them’ incorrectly. But I’m with you, they need to go down!

      Let’s call the A Team!

      • Mesterius

        Wow.. it never struck me before, but you might have hit upon the only reasonable way to get rid of the people screwing up classic cartoons.

        The war must begin!

  • Hal

    Were Yogi Bear cartoons funnier than this? I honestly don’t remember. Justin T makes a solid Boo Boo though.

    • Trust me, the cartoons were WAY better than what this film could every amount too!

    • NC

      “Justin T makes a solid Boo Boo though.”

      Yeah, I couldn’t believe it myself. Then again I’ve never listened to Justin Timberlake before so I’ve never really had a chance to hear his vocal range but it seems like he could have a career in voice acting.

      What’s even weirder was I thought Dan Ackroyd would have done a better job, I mean Yogi’s voice isn’t that hard. But I didn’t expect him to be completely upstaged by JT.

    • A solid booboo? Hahaha, that’s the kind you want, right?

      (…you know – poop.)

      I watched this with the sound off because I thought it might help me stomach it, but now I.. I guess I have to put myself through it again with the sound on so I can hear for myself.

      WHY Justin Timberlake, though? I’m confused by their casting.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I’m surprised he could ‘act’.

      • Justin Timberlake’s practically a semi-regular on “Saturday Night Live”. He’s a pretty decent comedic actor.

      • Jake

        If Timberlake wants to do comedic acting, how’d he get hired for this movie?

    • Truth is, Hanna-Barabara cartoons weren’t that great in content. HB techniques were the early flash of the 60s. Tons of animation cutting-corner methods. But, that being said, their action stuff tended to be better than their cartoony stuff, which mostly was a lot of bop on the head gags.

  • Two things:

    1) Dan Aykroyd’s Yogi voice isn’t that great.

    2) That’s Justin Timberlake?

  • …just the right gift for christmas! can’t wait.

    • Happy birthday, Jesus! Hope you like crap.

  • Damon

    Positive-Timberlake kind of sort of maybe gets BooBoo’s voice.

    Negative-Everything else. I have no animation background what so ever. I’m just a Joe Moviegoer from the midwest and that looks awful beyond belief. And did I see Ryan Reynolds in that trailer? I guess the Green Lantern money hasn’t kicked in yet.

    And my last comment/question, Dan Akroyd is still living?

  • This looks like something I probably won’t pay to see in a theater…particularly not in 3D…

  • Readytodraw

    …a fun children’s movie that 40-something year old men with a website dedicated to cartoons will whine and pout over.

    • Michael

      Yeah, I was all set to come here and read some of Amid’s trademarked crotchety snark about this trailer, but it looks like Jerry has ruined my fun with his usual classiness.

    • randy V

      Well, here’s the thing Readytodraw. You’re right, children will probably find this movie fun. The fact is, if it were a better movie that drew more heavily from the original material then kids would probably find it MORE FUN. Yay!

      Yogi Bear is an icon for a reason and he was actually pretty funny. Nothing about this trailer leads me to believe it is particularly funny. Unless the marketing team have come up with a cunning new strategy not to show any of the good bits, then this movie will be poor.

      Just to recap: Kids like movies. But even kids prefer good movies to bad ones.

    • Aww, it’s not nice to insult children.

    • Su

      Cartoon Brew looks like… a website where 12 year old kids can make fun of educated 40-year old something men to make themselves feel better.

    • flipnap

      build a house and a thousand architects will sit on the corner and laugh. The residents just want to move in and take a shower.

  • Jorge Garrido

    Look on the bright side! Maybe this will renew enough interest in the character (with kids AND adults) so that Yogi Bear Show Volume 2 will finally be released on DVD!

    I wish they had made it look like the Viewmaster models, though.


  • Not AS bad as I hoped. Bad. But not Alvin bad. It seems like they are trying to vaguely grasp as strings from the original shorts. Very vaguely. Like the Scooby live-action films.

    That said, I am confused as to why Akroyd and Timberlake were chosen. Usually when celebrities do animated films its simply so they can have that persons normal voice coming out of a character. But here, they have them imitating Daws/Greg and Messick. It just seems so pointless.

    Also they really need to stop putting realistic textures on exaggerated cartoon cgi animals. :C It makes the eyes sad.

    • craig

      “Also they really need to stop putting realistic textures on exaggerated cartoon cgi animals. :C It makes the eyes sad.”

      Yeah! How come nobody’s talking about how gross Yogi looks. It’s giving me the heebie-jeebies. Thank god it’s also in 3D.

  • McDoogle

    Oh sweet Jesus. Films like these remind us that there are very few studios who treat film-making as an art form.

    This film is purely designed for a quick buck, and it shows.

  • This looks like “idiocy”.

    WHYYY??? why can’t we allow a NEW cartoon on a theater screen?

    • Anna

      because new things are so loud and scary! Lets just “reimagine” whatever made us money before and hope everyone keeps paying for it

  • Keith Paynter

    There’s nothing like a good movie…and this promises to be nothing like a good movie!

    Mr. Ranger isn’t going to like this Yogi…

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Someone in a forum post thought it would be real funny if Ranger Smith’s character was re-casted in every scene to mimic the way his character often went through a sloshpile of designs in the original cartoons. :-)

  • MattSullivan

    Meh. Believe it or not I thought it would be worse. BUt..I wasn’t expecting LIVE ACTION. i thought it was gonna be all CG

  • Dustin

    Looks like my odds should have been higher. “I’m putting the odds at 85% that there’s an awkward dance sequence within the film.”

    0:38 mark

  • …super silly.

    The animation is kind of decent considering the awful design. Justin Timberlake is almost better than Dan Aykroyd, that’s surprising.

    As usual the life action includes extremely young actors. That guy is not convincing as Ranger Smith. And I like Anna Faris but she looks out of place in Yogi’s universe.

    But for some reason it stills look kinda entertaining if you watch it in a no-brain attitude. I think it’s because it kinda shows the potential of what it could be a good new Yogi Bear movie. One that would be entirely CGI with cartoony designs. Scenes like the one in the train look entertaining and Yogi and BooBoo would be pretty different protagonists to those of Pixar or any other animated movies.

    I never watched “Hey, there it’s Yogi Bear”, but I think the characters could actually work in a feature if done right. And it’s not like I’m a super fan of this cartoon like John K. but they have nice personalities.

  • Roberto Severino

    Good job, Warner Bros. You’re gonna give children everywhere nightmares with those excellent, “updated” designs of Yogi and Boo Boo. You sure are gonna have another hit movie on your belt with characters that look about as appealing as a hairy grandpa’s back. Nice way of making money too.

    Surprisingly, Justin Timberlake made a decent Boo Boo! Don Messick would sure be proud if he were still here with us today.

  • fishmorgjp

    A dreadful lump of cowflop that only a flesh robot would want to defend.

    • annoyed by stupid comments

      What the frig is cowflop???????

  • Baron Lego


  • Dan Aykroyd sounds closer to Rodney Dangerfield than Yogi to my ears…

    • I was thinking the exact same thing… which suddenly made me realize that if it WERE Rodney Dangerfield voicing Yogi I would probably at least watch this out of morbid curiosity. As it is now, I’m disturbed.

      On another note, why can’t a movie about an animated character BE about the animated character and not about the various “hot chicks” and “cool dudes” in the supporting cast. Even in the trailer they get way too much attention…

  • EricW

    This looks like…
    …we’re very lucky it didn’t require a red-band trailer.

  • Anna

    Can I un-watch this plz?

    Who keeps thinking its a good idea to use very cartoony CGI w/ real live action?! Either go ALL cartoony, or make the animals realistic to match their surroundings (not like it would help this movie any, but just sayin’…)

  • Dave

    NEVER been a fan of animated films that use “celebrities” as the voices to draw the audience in. This started with the mediocre “JETSONS: THE MOVIE”, when the studio had the audacity to replace Janet Waldo with Tiffany for Judy Jetson. It just keeps getting worse.

    Watch out for 2013, when Warners will bring us YAKKY DOODLE: THE MOVIE, with Lady Gaga as Yakky, and Matthew Fox as Chopper.

    • uncle wayne

      a RIOT! Thanx for the bwahaha!!

  • Robert Fiore

    The bouncing off the fence scene would have been much funnier if Yogi had testicles.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Thank god they spared us of that (and hopefully any toilet humor that’ll probably happen anyway in this dump).

    • This comment made me snort laugh!!!!

    • flipnap

      yogi was “sidesaddling” the posts. his hips were breaking the posts. or am i missing something?

  • moreno

    wheres brendan frasier when you need him

  • ZiggyStardust

    in motion it doesn’t look as bad I thought it would……….but it still hurts my feelings

  • The timing of the “Yogi’s butt does a playing card riffle on fence posts” gag is spoiled by the furry realism of the CG and the fact that the posts are all at slightly different angles, plus the slapping of the butt on the posts is just too slow. I miss the abstraction and quick timing that drawn animation can bring to a slapstick gag like this. They should do gags that work with Maya. Does Maya even work?

  • top cat james

    In 3D!


  • Rick

    Awful… but Justin Timberlake nailed Boo Boo’s voice. Who would’ve thought?!? Now the big question is will Cindy Bear make an appearance? If brown CGI bears can be nightmare-inducing, what will a big blue bear with a parasol be capable of? ;)

    • C. Stulz

      Maybe it should be like the Ranger Smith post earlier, she’s fat and blue in one scene and attractive and brown the next!

  • zowie

    when they convert a cartoon to cg why do they always have to put in photo-realistic irises?

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It’s the irises I find to be the most problematic. Yogi’s pupils in particular need to be smaller to be ‘readable’. Normal animal eyes already leave hardly any room for the whites to be seen properly but in animation we don’t have that kind of restriction anyway.

  • I’ve officially decided: When I work in animation, I’m NOT going mainstream. If this is the end result of an artist’s lifelong ambition, it’s just not worth it.

  • Anthony C.

    I’ll give it to Justin for doing a more accurate Booboo voice than I thought, and I’ll give it to the animators for actually sticking to their proportions.

    But oh goodness NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooOOOOOoOOOoo!! The fallout after this coming out is going to piss me off, especially if my cra-GREAT school uses it as an example in their 3-d animation classes. -_-

  • FP

    Looks to be about as entertaining as the Dudley Do-Right movie. I saw fifteen hours of that, but I couldn’t make it to the end.

  • DonaldC

    Called it.

  • Tory

    Well, I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt but wow, that trailer was pretty telling, wasn’t it? A lot of you are too harsh on these things but gosh, this is a bit, I just can’t type it. Dan Aykroid has done a better Yogi voice before, I have heard it, what went wrong there? And yeah, this does look like guys in suits, I thin they should have gone handdrawn like Rocky & Bullwinkle.

    • Excuse my taking shameless advantage of a typo (which on another day, I’d make). But…

      “I thin they should have gone handdrawn like Rocky & Bullwinkle.”

      You THIN?

      I’LL do the THINNIN’ around here… an’ don’t you FORGET IT! (-:<

    • Pez

      Rocky and Bullwinkle was a toon shaded CGI Tory.

      But I will give you the fact that in a modern world of Sh** animated movies that Bullwinkle movie looks like a masterpiece compared to the Yogi movie.

      I think that CGI animation has caused the modern film going audience’s standers to lower. Many people seem to not be able to tell the difference between good and bad animation. As long as it’s in 3D!!!!!

  • John Lotshaw

    If we’re lucky, the asteroid will wipe out civilization before this hits the theaters. Either way, we’re doomed.

    • flipnap

      or you can save 7 bucks and not see it.. im just sayin

  • Indefensible… that trailer was just pure crap

    I don’t blame the sooks for resorting to backhanded remarks about the readers of this blog and comparing Amid and Jerry’s different styles rather than discuss the obvious and utter banality of that whole thing.

    Children deserve more than being treated as keys to parental coffers

  • At least it looks better than the chipmunk movies. Hope there are not too many fart jokes or lame pop culture references. If it’s as simple and silly as the cartoons, it’s gonna be fun.

  • Two words: squiddly-diddly.

    • Brendan

      This is soooo gonna bomb, lol

      • Casting “Magilla Gorilla: 3-D” ought to be fun.

  • James E. Parten

    I find myself reminded of “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle”–a barely adequate piece of entertainment that will be forgotten the day after one sees it.

    That being said, Justin Timberlake comes close to getting Boo Boo. Too bad that Dan Aykroyd doesn’t come as close to getting Yogi as he did to nailing Joe Friday nearly a quarter of a century ago! And the new Ranger Smith lacks the paternalistic feel of the originals.

    They may try hard, but this may turn out to be a musty new movie about a musty old bear!

  • BJ Wanlund

    This looks like… WB actually might have a winner with this.

    No. Really. This actually looks okay in motion. JT actually NAILED Boo-Boo’s voice (my apologies for ever doubting Justin Timberlake), and Ackroyd is close enough to perfect on Yogi to my ears. Yeah, it sounds like a bad Yogi Bear impersonation, but it sounds better than MY bad Yogi Bear impersonation, so I’ll defer to the experts on this one.


  • Pure, undiluted nightmare fuel.

  • The thing that bothered me more than the expected lame CG was the fact that for some reason, the actors look almost like they’ve been added digitally too. Like in the shot with the two rangers standing in the office – it looks like the ‘on location’ shot gag that the Daily Show does all the time.

    Probably just me.

    Well, I don’t feel any more like seeing this, but.. if I have to pick over another alvin sequel or the smurfs, Yogi is the big winner.

    • Tom

      No, you’re totally right, they were definitely green-screened into that shot.

      • Jonny

        They will do that with a lot of shots to separate the image into 3D planes easier. As they obviously can’t afford to film with real 3D cameras.

  • Geneva

    Is Justin Timberlake actually pulling off a decent Boo-Boo, or did they digitally manipulate his voice to make it work? Honest question. It’s not my area of expertise, but I at first assumed that Timberlake’s voice was altered.

  • Trevor

    I can guarantee kids will go crazy for this, but just the design alone could’ve been soooo much better

  • Iain

    No thanks. The CG looks like something that would come out of the early 2000’s rather than recently, and Dan Aykroyd… you used to be a Blues Brother, now you’re stalking the Kranks and voicing a poorly rendered bear.

  • uncle wayne

    Whoooooooop! I humbly (& most BRISKLY) eat my words! I guess poor Dan must’ve Googled under “Rodney Dangerfield” rather than Daws for “research,” eh?

    “Nuts & Berries! Yghkkk!!!”

  • I think it looks entertaining. I certainly don’t think it’ll be a classic, ever. Nor do I think I want to pay $12 to see it in the theatre. But I’d totally spend a Friday night with the DVD rental and some pizza.

  • So surprised at how well Justin Timberlake did Boo Boo. Actually kind of impressed.

  • Joe

    Not completely putrid, but this is pretty lame.

    While full 3-D cartoon films have reached great heights of quality, these films tend to really struggle to reach above their child demographic as barely passable diversions. The only commendable thing about it is that it will likely be better than Marmaduke.

    That Dan Akroyd Yogi is pretty poor and does not have any natural quality to it at all. The only exception being when he said “I’m smarter than the average bear. Every other time just sounds really forced

  • It could’ve been worse. It could’ve been the Smurfs trailer…

  • Bill Field

    Looks like some exec took too many hits off the El Kabong…

  • TheGunheart

    @Edward: I thought the exact same thing. He sounds way more like a Dangerfield parody than a convincing Yogi.

    And I gotta say that it’s not quite as painful in motion as I thought, but it’s still pretty damn painful.

  • It’s bad enough that the trailer looks like it could be a parody of a real movie (since many of those actors/actresses – besides the voice actors – have been in the Scary Movie franchise), but now we get to see Warner Brothers take a GIANT sh*t on one of America’s most cherished cartoon characters IN 3D. Honestly, I don’t think I could stand 5 minutes of this movie (even if it is in ‘EYE BULGING 3D’)… this makes me too sad.

    • Kristjan

      Scary Movie 6:Yogi Bear.

  • JP

    I’m a fan of Tom Cavanaugh, but he’s an unusual choice for Ranger Smith.

  • CM


    As an animation fan that enjoys those H-B cartoons, this was appalling. It seems as if someone came up with the idea and they just churned out a movie. Dan Ackroyd is horrific with his Rodney Dangerfield impression. I would have liked it better if he didn’t do the voice. Kudos to Timberlake hopefully the rest of the movie will have the same accuracy. I’m still not seeing the picture when it hits the screens. Though it will definitely be interesting to see what merchandising they’ll try to tie in!

  • Daws Jones

    It could have been a lot worse, but two glaring things sort of stick out as being worthy of picking over:

    1.) Dan Aykroyd really phoned this in, didn’t he? He doesn’t even sound like he tried to act here.

    2.) Those CG models are really, really lame. Compare and contrast to the cartoon bear in Open Season or the villain bear character in Over the Hedge. Those were more stylized and alive looking than this Yogi Bear build.

    The writing isn’t as awful as I thought, and Justin Timberlake is a really pleasant surprise. It’s amazing what a good comedic actor he’s becoming.

  • droosan

    No Cindy Bear..?

    Well, maybe that’s a good thing. I actually -like- Cindy Bear.

    *puts HEY THERE, IT’S YOGI BEAR into DVD player*

  • Tim Douglas

    A-ha! So the plot to destroy Yogi Bear, Dan Akroyd, and Tom Cavanaugh in one fell swoop is finally revealed!

    Where do they find the artists people to work on these things. How can anyone who works in film / animation care so little? Please enlighten this young naive fool.

    Also Justin Timberlake FTW. Compositing = epic fail.

    • Ashley May


      *points unemployment lines and rubs her middle finger and thumb together*

  • Kyle Maloney

    Justin sounds good as Boo boo. That’s the only good thing I can say about any of this.

  • Martyn

    I often wonder, when producers are looking to bring back franchises like this, what is the jumping off point?

    a) I really loved that series as a child, it would be wonderful to see it retold for a new generation.

    b) That’s already worked once, that means we can make loads of money exploiting children and playing off their parents nostalgia.

    c) I heard the [insert old children’s cartoon here] franchise has come up for sale, lets make a movie film out of that.

    d) Listen, here’s lots of money, go make it into more money for me please.

    e) I love children, and I just want to see them entertained, what would be the the most wonderful way to make this a reality?

    f) ughgggblllbaaaa uggghhh bla

  • ..completely pointless. It’s not nessacary to “re-design” Yogi Bear, because it’s good the way it was/is. This looks like a man in a bear-suit… i hate it…
    Correct me if i’m wrong but is Booboo not always/mostly saying Yogi’s name at the end of his sentences? Like “Grab my hand, Yogi” instead of “Yogi, grab my hand”?
    With computers you can transform ANY voice into Booboo/Yogi’s voice, so there was no special celebrity needed, right?! There are a lot of real voice actors who could have done the job too, but probably filmmakers think celebrities are “hot” or something :/

    In short: Completely pointless.. think of something awesome new and original cartoon instead of messing up something that was good the way it was!

    • David Cuny

      > With computers you can transform ANY voice
      > into Booboo/Yogi’s voice …

      No you can’t. That’s like thinking you can get rid of animators because we’ve got computers that can do it.

      I was initially put off by Dan Ackroyd’s Yogi impression, but I think that’s the fault of the clip. If you take the scene in context, it looks like Yogi’s _trying_ to do a Rodney Dangerfield impression. So I don’t think it’s representative of the rest of the film.

  • DBishop

    It ain’t great but at least it’s not making my brain melt like Marmaduke. If this can lead to more animated Yogi, and other H-B characters, similar to what happened with the Scooby movies, I wouldn’t mind that.

    Dan Ackroyd sounds like he’s stuck between a hyper Rodney Dangerfield impression and Yogi. No offense to Mr. Ackroyd ( I love the guy) but he ain’t Yogi.

  • That’s an atrocity.

  • juan alfonso

    As I expected,it’s going to be heavy on the live action and light on the cgi.Not that the cgi is that good,either.Yogi and Booboo seem to have taken Valium.I wonder if anyone at the studio ever watch the old cartoons.

  • Bob Porrazzo

    Memo to the jabronis who came up with the idea for this film…


    To parents who want a choice of what Yogi to see…

    1) Get the Yogi Bear Show or Huckleberry Hound (some early Yogi) on DVD from WHV (If available)

    2) Hope your cable system has Boomerang

    3) Get DIRECTV (Channel 298) or Dish Network (Channel 175) for Boomerang.

  • samster

    yeah the design of yogi should have been better, but this movie will be fun to watch with kids!

  • Ya know?

    It looks okay. Although if I remember correctly the ranger was a bit more antagonistic towards Yogi in the cartoon.

    On another topic, Dan Aykroyd has a winery up near Niagara Falls that produces some remarkably good wines. As an actor, he isn’t my favorite – but he’s certainly found his niche as a winery owner.

  • Tim Schuit

    Someone in the comments regarding the poster that was shown a few days ago predicted the film would have an awkward dance scene.

    Low and behold, even the trailer had an awkward dance scene.

    Fuck this noise.

  • Martin Juneau

    This is not awful but rarely fun at all. Dan Aykroyd makes a terrible Yogi and those realistic furry textures to both bear characters is scary. Justin is at least convincing to Boo-Boo. (A rare treat i never find in the live-action Garfield movies.) I wish to see a Yogi episode like Spumco did ages ago.

  • Boomape

    Look like they made it more for the family publicy.
    And it seems the movie will have more center to the real actors than the Bears. What a shame!

  • Tegan


  • JD

    …the usual Hollywood make-over of a cartoon classic.

    First thing I noticed was around 1:37 the look reminded me a lot of CG Scooby Doo. I agree with the Rodney Dangerfield voice assessment of Dan Aykroyd’s Yogi. Even the straightening of the tie has that Dangerfieldness. It’s definitely light-hearted, but the whole CG look is hard to get over. It was nice seeing Dan’s smiling mug at the beginning. Let’s see how this turns out.

    • Now that you mentioned it, the filmmakers all probably went the Dangerfield route in developing Yogi. I bet the film’s “theme” is about respecting bears (and by proxy, nature).

  • The jokes in the trailer aren’t really that funny, and the CGI/live-action integration seems off, but this movie wasn’t made for anyone on this website anyway.

    Let’s wait and see what the kids think of it.

  • I just checked it and Tom Cavanagh is actually 46 years old, so he’s not extremely young, as I said. In fact I imagine Ranger Smith as a man in his 30s/40s. This guy still looks and sounds younger than the cartoon character, though. And he’s probably more good-looking too. Actually, he may be a little too fat now, but I believe Aykroyd himself could have been a much more convincing Ranger Smith , instead of Yogi, back in his ‘Dragnet’ days.

    • C. Stulz

      Wow, now that you mention it, what about Tom Hanks from his “Dragnet” days as Ranger Smith! Now THAT might come together as a good movie!

  • This is soooo gonna boom, lol

  • booboo

    I hope something good….

    I want Yogi cartoons DVD Vol.2
    plus John K’s 2 Boo-Boo cartoons!

  • I’m not too surprised that Justin Timberlake pulled it off. These days he’s been on Saturday Night Live almost as much as Dan Ackroyd had. On the other hand, it is surprising that Ackroyd couldn’t nail Yogi’s voice. It has enough distinct mannerisms that it shouldn’t be so hard to pick up.

    My first impression was that the trailer seemed to reliant on slapstick, but then I remembered the cartoons are largely slapstick. I think the difference is that the originals had timing and poses that elevated the humor to more than “Yogi gets hurt”. Also the originals had Yogi making pithy little comments that were more original than the umpteenth “Does this make my butt look too big” gag.

    Maybe kids will like it. Kids like empty boxes to play with.

  • …’actual game footage!’

  • It was embarrassing watching this…

  • Michel Van

    it look like Warner Bros dit it again

    take a classic TV-cartoon, “gentrify” in CGI until it almost unrecognizable.
    then take “Big” Stars to voice them and drop the moive on christmas audience
    better say is gona drop a Box office bomb…

    greedy Warner Bros, wenn you gona understand this ?
    Scooby-Doo + 2: Monsters Unleashed
    Looney Tunes: Back in Action
    The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
    Baby Geniuses 1 & 2
    Son of the Mask
    Howard the Duck
    No one want see This lame excuses of a movies !

    by the way
    i exclude “Cool World” from this list
    because it was victim of producer Frank Mancuso, Jr.
    poor Ralph Bakshi,

    • Stephan

      It took guts to adapt Howard the Duck. Its not a classic concept or even recognizable to no one but the few Marvel fans who also dig R. Crumb. Took guts adapting it. Too bad it was so awful.

      • Bob K

        Howard the Duck was one of the first video taped movies we had when we got our first vcr. My kids laughed their butts off at Howard, and for adults the movie was so bad it was hilarious.

  • Yogi’s one of my favourite characters ever. It’s not even that the original shorts are that great, he’s just such a fun character, thanks mainly to Ed Benedict and Daws Butler. This movie looks more faithful to the original than most CGI/live-action remakes are (it’s sad that there are enough of them to be considered a genre).

    I’m somewhat embarassed to admit that I laughed at “Kick it Booboo!” although the dancing that followed quickly silenced me. I may have just been laughing at how awkward the line sounds coming from Yogi.

    Justin Timberlake’s Booboo is surprisingly good. Dan Ackroyd’s Yogi is awful though. Half the lines in the trailer sound like he forgot what voice he was supposed to be doing. Especially at 0:55 on “Booboo and I would never think of disturbing a family’s pic-a-nic”, where he sounds like he’s trying to be a generic superhero character. They couldn’t have just said “remember Dan, you’re Yogi, not Superman?”

    As Zekey pointed out, getting celebrity voices is even more pointless if the celebrities aren’t using their real voices. That’s the whole point of celebrity voices, isn’t it? If their actual voice isn’t recognizable, why not use one of the many voice actors out there who can do a GOOD Yogi voice?

    Still, I do want to see this. It looks like it’ll be somewhat funny, in an unintentional way. And I also still want to see the Marmaduke movie for the same reason.

  • Ben

    Ugh. I was hoping for better gags, but no. I don’t mind Ranger Smith so much, and I was completely surprised at Justin Timberlake. I mean after Shrek the Third, I thought that was pretty much all he was capable of…being himself. He surprisingly got Boo-Boo’s voice down as close as he could.

    I think the thing that bugs me the most about the movie is not the pacing of the gags, and the rehashed feel, but it’s the CG faces. Honestly, I don’t mind when they make realistic looking fur, but when they try to combine realistic animal facial features with the cartoon version it always comes out horribly wrong. I have never seen it work in any of the CG movies. Why couldn’t they do realistic fur and the cartoon face? The animation on Yogi’s face most of the time is unbearable (pun intended). It’s just awkward looking and doesn’t come across as realistic or cartoony, but some horribly inbred cousin…

  • Lexxicon

    it’s deplorable when they attempt to remake old 2D cartoons as 3D animation/live action feature films. they just never work. i don’t understand why these movies keep cropping up like the adult-onset acne on my face. who’s in charge of putting out this crap? Are the parties responsible for pumping out this garbage able to fall asleep at night feeling like they’ve done good work? i cringe for the animators who work on these projects.

    i miss the days of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Bedknobs and Broomsticks…..will we ever see work like that again?

    that being said, my favorite little stoner, Anna Farris, is in this, giving yet another childhood raping abomination one tiny redeeming quality. Still, i won’t likely see it.

  • Scarabim

    Good god, I actually expected this to be better. And I had pretty low expectations to begin with.

    That animation is HORRIBLE. In no way do the bears look convincingly part of the real world. Even Garfield and the Chipmunks looked much more “real”. They had weight and mass and seemed a bit more anchored to actual gravity. Those bears looked fake as hell, as fake as Muppets. Only much more unpleasant. They flop and bounce like helium-filled bearskins. One’s gut reaction is a feeling of queasiness. Theater owners all over the country will have to replace their movie screens as patrons chuck overpriced foodstuffs at them in knee-jerk response to that trailer. Gak. Children will have nightmares. Adults will relive the worst moments of a childhood filled with low-rent cheap-ass Hanna-Barbera cartoons. Who could imagine the movie could be worse? And Hanna-Barbera fans will be – or should be – outraged. GAK.

    • juan alfonso

      You are absolutely right on the “helium-filled bearskins”.Even “Roadside Romeo” from India had better cgi animation.They must have spent more on the voice talent than on the modelling/rigging of the characters.

  • It looks like it could be fairly entertaining in its own right. I’m actually shocked that the plot doesn’t consist of some rousing adventure with the characters going to a far and distant land/city to save their home or stop someone.

    One other complaint. . .the eyes freak me out.

  • ace mcCloud

    I hope they try an edgy, gritty ultraviolent updated ‘quick draw mcgraw’next.

    oh man, thatd be wicked sweet.

  • Gummo

    I keep coming back to the same question:

    What’s the point?

    Everything in that trailer would have been funnier done in old-fashioned 2d animation. The train gag was almost a classic cartoon gag but in a 3d/CGI/reality mix, it just can’t be funny — if it’s too cartoony it’s pointless to set it in the real world; it it’s too real, it’s too painful to watch Yogi get abused that way.

    I don’t get it.

  • Clutch

    If Hollywood had any balls they’d do Snagglepuss with Nathan Lane as the voice. Now that’s inspired!

  • Stephan

    That’s okay. In forty years for some reason you will all think its brilliant. (Come on. I like repetitive gags and mediocre animation as much as the next guy, but the Yogi cartoons weren’t very good to begin with.)

  • Stephan

    Also, a bunch of grown men don’t like a movie aimed only at kids? Say it aint so! As if you were going to like this to begin with. The trailer for the Departed could have played out and all of you would have hated it. And Dan Akroyd hasn’t been a big name since the 80’s.

  • Daws Butler

    Makes me glad I’m dead!

    • uncle wayne

      now THAT made me do a Danny Thomas spit-take!!

    • Makes me wish I was.

  • Nooooooo!!! Please tell me it’s just a nightmare! Why do they keep trying to make these CGI versions of cartoony characters? It was their cartoonish simple design which made them lovable and entertaining in the first place. But I guess if they ruined Rocky & Bullwinkle, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Scooby-Doo, Underdog, The Flintstones and Mr. Magoo before, why shouldn’t they try to ruin Yogi and Boo-Boo now? I guess they figure (maybe correctly) that the younger generations will never go for simple, funny, traditional cartoon characters anymore!

  • Phil

    Rodney Dangerfield might say that,
    “Yogi Bear gets no respect.”


    Another case of a visual effects supervisor making the leap to Directing. Pure Gold. Thank you Eric Brevig.

    Rhythm and Hues did the animation….have they unleashed the power of their Indian outsource studio on this one? Animation really looks Magical. Top Notch.

    • Rhythm and Hues ought to be ashamed of themselves for this one. Suck-a-delic.

      OK, will we just STOP IT with the freaking CGI/Live Action hybrid remakes of classic cartoons? PLEASE????

  • Connie Pinko

    How about something new?

  • Allow me to quote the latest Machete trailer:

    “I absolve you of all your sins, now get the fuck out.”

  • To quote Crow from MST3K:
    “Maybe there should be a law that films can only be made by FILM MAKERS!”

  • I can’t believe no one has said it yet: un-bear-able.

  • Brad Constantine

    …Hollywood is officially out of ideas…and gags.

    • I think it was “official” about ten years ago. The past decade has just been products of that decree.

    • What about Pixar Movies? I mean those have been some of the most inspiring and spectacular movies I’ve ever seen in all time. Unless what you are implying is Hollywood = The Big Studios and not shops like pixar.

  • “…a fun children’s movie that 40-something year-old men with a website dedicated to cartoons will whine and pout over.”

    GAWD! I love this comment!

  • Warhead


  • Greg Ehrbar

    Justin Timberlake’s bringing Boo-Boo back!

  • Alissa

    Never cared for Yogi, and this movie did nothing but reinforce that dislike. Still not as trauma-inducing as that Smurfs teaser though.

  • Brad

    Doesn’t bother me, will probably get some more real Yogi on DVD out of this.

  • Who exactly is this movie for? Kids? They don’t know the character since Warner Bros. buried the franchise on an outlet Comcast and other operators rarely puts on their lineups. Same thing with Looney Tunes.

    Adults? I think the general con consensus is that this is just awful with the exception of Justin “D*** in a Box” Timberlake’s almost spot-on voice-work as Boo-Boo.

    Couldn’t Warner Bros. just make a traditionally-drawn animated movie reintroducing the characters to the general population instead of . . . this? This hatred of actual cartoons is a bothersome trend in the media.

    It’ll do alright in theaters, I guess. People are often curious about car-wrecks and still high from the piped-in cinnamon and pine scents that convinces people to spend way too much money on people you can barely stand at Christmas (or Hanukkah or whatever holiday you dig).

    But I can say one thing. Unlike the Smurfs movie, Yogi Bear is actually set in Jellystone Uncanny Valley, um, er, Jellystone Park rather than deviating the story’s location and world. To this day, I still don’t know why the Middle Ages-like world of the Smurfs was scrapped for New York City 2011.

  • maxeythecat

    Oh my God…..for once I’m speechless, simply because I can’t find a harsh enough word to describe just how awful this is gonna be. Ackroyd must’ve been as drunk as he was when he came into my bookshop one day to consent to this. Absolutely horrific.

  • This looks like The Flintstones. Another show that should have never been made into a live action/CG enhanced/animatronics film.
    Yogi sounds like Rodney Dangerfield.

  • Looks very good if you think it is a Children’s “Christmas in 3D” with a scene of CG animals dancing … i mean .. if you blinked you didn’t saw the dancing ! =O

    Also, justing timberlak impressed me.

  • J

    Seems like whenever there’s a post with a massive amount of comments, it’s one where people are all complaining about something.

    As for the line:
    This looks like… exactly what I was expecting.

  • From what I can tell, the only reasons this movie exists is to:

    1) unleash a slew of cross-promotional products, tie-ins, and endorsements in an attempt to resurrect a semi-dormant cartoon character, and
    2) give Cartoon Network something to broadcast in the future.

    Dan Aykroyd should have been Ranger Smith. Ranger Smith shouldn’t look so young.
    And I give Justin Timberlake full credit for doing his homework. I wouldn’t say he “nailed it” but he’s certainly the closest to getting it right.

    I can’t wait for Stephen Colbert to catch whiff of this.
    And I’ll bet ya a dollar Jack Hanna won’t be seeing this film in 3-D, or any-D.

    • OMG AWESOME JACK HANNA REFERENCE… If my friends try to talk me into seeing this I’ll bring out the bear mace.

  • Oh my goodness…they seriously just need to leave the classic cartoons to t.v.

  • Charles

    LOL. Thanks for the laugh, Jerry. Now, bring on the real trailer!

  • Dan Brady

    I’m a big Yogi Bear fan from watching the cartoons in the 1960’s, and I’ll see this movie out of curiosity. I know it’ll be pretty bad, but at least it keeps the character in the public’s eye.

    It looks like it would have been better if the movie’s animation director designed Yogi abd Boo Boo to look like the costumed characters that are found in any of the 70+ Jellystone Park-Resorts in the US and Canada–they are designed well and look exactly like the cartoons.

  • Chelsea

    Remake remake remake…. lets see- Alvin, Smurfs.. and now this? Whats next, The Jetsons (IMDb says yes).

  • Cyber Fox

    While i would scream bloody murder like i did for the Underdog movie, I would remain skeptic and possibly see this movie

    I mean it could be a decent adaptation

  • Sadly, I feel like one of the few people who still appreciates old Hanna-Barbera ‘toons MINUS the nostalgia. *sigh*

    Anyway, Justin Timberlake = initially seemed awful, but not bad!

  • Caresse

    I agree with all things already said, so I won’t repeat everything.

    But as far as why people tend to o.d. with 3D – I think it’s like the saying “with great power, comes great responsibility.”

    You ever have a friend who has too much money and so he/she spends it on way too many unnecessary things?

    With Traditional Hand Drawn and Stop Motion and even Cut-Out Animation – you’re limited by how much you can physically do, your skill level and the practicality of the project. So you invent clever ways to compensate for your deficiencies.

    With 3D – “the sky’s the limit” You can do everything, so you kind of get intoxicated by the possibilities and it becomes difficult to know when to stop and how to pull back.

  • I’m really surprised about the voice acting. I honestly expected Dan and Justin to use their regular voices, but they actually pulled off the characters really well.

    But yeah, everything else was bad. Just a textbook example of cartoons getting a live-action update.

    However, the one part I smiled at was Yogi’s face and delivery when he said “I’m so smart, it hurts!”.

  • Well, they haven’t changed Yogi’s basic character motivation. He still likes picnic baskets.

    But somehow, I don’t think Cartoon Brew fans are the intended audience for this film.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Watching John K.’s “Boo-Boo Runs Wild” in loop for 90 minutes wouldn’t do as much brain damage as THIS!

  • Cyle

    Yeah this looks awful as expected. The compositing is only slightly better looking than the ugly Photoshop job on that poster. That’s pretty sad.

    The only reason kids like this crap is because they don’t know any better and haven’t been around long enough to learn from mistakes. That’s no excuse to feed them crap, though.

  • Joe

    What’s with all the “40-year old loser complaining” comments?

    No kids/teenagers I know seem to be all that thrilled by this, with the bar of full 3-D movies being that much higher. Maybe kids too young to watch Shrek?

    I don’t see Yogi as some sort of cherished character, except by H-B diehards, but it doesn’t keep this movie from looking pretty lame, like so many of these 3-D animation hybrids seem to be.

    A character like Yogi would be much better off in a full cartoon world, like those new roadrunner shorts, rather than being little more than two guys in bear suits and animated lips trying to convincingly interact with actors around them

  • Hulk

    I dunno. Yogi was never that great of a character to begin with. Even in the 60’s it was already a major step down from what great cartoons once were only a few years before. To treat polishing and updating the show like sacrilege seems a little disingenuous to me.

    Don’t get me wrong, it does seem like a polished turd, and while there may have been some great elements overall, the Yogi cartoon was already a turd to begin with- at least compared to it’s predecessors: Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies, Tom and Jerry, Popeye etc.

    • Cyber Fox

      Look on the bright side, at least it looks way better than the total theatrical bastardization job that was “Underdog”

  • I laughed, so I guess they succeeded in that. The thing I don’t understand is why pick big name actors when they’re going to sound like the characters in the first place? Why not just save the money and hire actual voice actors? They could’ve had Billy West talking to Billy West for a good bit of the movie. Wouldn’t Ackroyd make a better Ranger Smith? (maybe the first version)

  • J. Gleason

    Oh My God! I cant believe they are ruining my childhood memories of Art Carney as Ed Norton! Who created this abomination of a cartoon! Eck! I am going to go find some Honeymooner re-runs and cleanse my palette of this mockery of my childhood!…Hmmm. Now where did I put my teeth?

  • Isaac

    It made me laugh. The character design might be bad, but the movie might end up decent.

  • MichaelDair

    -a piece of sh_t (fill in the blank)

    If the reason for casting “stars” in VO roles is because of their box office drawing power, then how is Dan Aykroyd relevant in the 21 Century?

    Why not get the best Yogi and Boo Boo voice around, the man that studied with the great Daws Butler and the great Don Messick, the wonderfully talented Joseph Bevilacqua.

    Timberlake is not bad, but could be better.

    Over all the acting sucks.

  • Gorgilla

    I grew up watching Yogi Bear and loving it. But even when I was a kid I could tell those shows were not the quality of the Warner or Disney cartoons.
    I don’t know where the hushed reverence for the source material comes from.
    Most of the HB’s were the cheap pre-fab cartoons of their day and we knew it. It’s not like someone’s remaking Casablanca. They’re just adapting one cheesy, half-baked nostalgic thing into another cheesy half-baked, new thing.

    • C. Stulz

      Yes, you are correct. The original cartoons were done on the cheap and when compared to others produced at the time, or even now show their budget. However, when your spending money to make a theatrical movie, not to mention re-release a character, why not not use every resource your multi-billion dollar corporation has have to make it something that will hold up beyond the 90min running time as well as allow parents to enjoy it as well, especially when young children love to watch these kind of movies over and over again!

    • I don’t think so. While I agree Yogi’s cartoons doesn’t have the quality of Warner or Disney I also think they are clearly better than other H-B stuff (like Scooby Doo). Flinstones was also pretty good, much better than later H-B.

      The character traits in Yogi were funny. The character design was nice. This is not nostalgia, it’s just a fact. Maybe the animation wasn’t superb or the stories and gags weren’t the most clever thing ever but it was a nice show.

      Just because the cartoon wasn’t up there with the golden era it doesn’t mean they have to apply the minimum effort in this ‘remake’. Wouldn’t it be great if they at least tried to improve it? I’m not very fond of John K’s version of Yogi Bear because of the stories/gags, but at least he tried to make the animation more fluid and expressive. What’s the improvement in this CGI/life action mixture?

      And you know Looney Tunes come next. I don’t know about the rest but I’m complaining about all this practice in general, not only this particular movie.

  • Tory

    I showed the clip to a bunch of kids, 11,9 AND 4. kids that liked the Garfield and Chipmunk films and the Yogi cartoon they have seen on Boomerang and they hated how this film looked.

  • C. Stulz

    Gotta say, as bad and the animation (not to mention the characters as well and movie itself) look the voices sound really spot on. I think that actually makes it seem worse in way! Sorta like the uncanny valley if you will, we hear the RIGHT voices coming out of the WRONG bodies!

  • this looks like…. a calculated attempt to make money.
    It may have its moments.
    But joining the live action/CG crowd means you’re deciding whether you want to be Alvin good, or Underdog good. Either way the bar is set pretty low.
    For my part, I think I’ll watch the John K Yogi cartoons again!

  • top cat james

    Might as well destroy Yogi’s “inspirations” as well.Okay, Disney, the ball’s in your court for a Humphrey & Ranger Woodlore movie (“Put your stick in the trash, put it in the bag, bomp bomp”)

    Ditto Universal with Windy & Breezy.

  • Mike Johnson

    This looks…well…lame.

    I love Yogi Bear. He’s one of my favorite characters, and I certainly didn’t like what I saw here very much. Like most everyone else, Justin Timberlake’s vocal work on Boo-Boo impressed me the most. It’s so good that it makes Akroyd’s sloppy and lackluster work on Yogi seem even more so. The character design just didn’t click for me, and what was the deal replacing the Ranger Smith character (who was a more mature, older gent in the cartoons) with a couple of younger, more bumbling characters? That’s probably nit-picking for a production like this, but still.

    I’m sure this will work for very young children, but certainly not for anyone with any fond memories of the original cartoons.

    Thanks to the studio big-wigs for ruining another cherished childhood memory.

  • …well, it’s not NEARLY as bad as I initially anticipated it was going to be. It got a few chuckles out of me, but that’s probably because I’m a sucker for cheesy humor.

    Not a fart joke in sight, the main song used in the trailer isn’t “Jungle Boogie”, the animation is passable…this might be alright. And Timberlake’s Boo-Boo took me by surprise; he pretty much nailed him down, which I’d never expect him to do. I don’t plan on seeing it, but the kids might like it, and hey, it might introduce Yogi to a younger generation, right? Isn’t that what we ultimately want to happen?

    Or am I supposed to act like a grumpy adult and bitch about how my “childhood is being raped” like the rest of you people?

    • Greg Chenoweth


      I agree with your assessment of the trailer. I am going to go see it; I believe it is the only way to truly judge a film. I do hope that it will introduce a whole new generation to Yogi Bear. People forget that “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakel” took in over $400 million in worldwide box office receipts and it only cost $75 million to make it. Warner Brothers is hoping to make money off of “Yogi Bear” in the fashion of the Chipmunks, that’s the bottom line. They are in business to make money and to figure out how to make more of it.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Why don’t they just make it completely animated? Why do they have to put animated characters in a real world? People can accept completely animated films. And they seem to make a lot more money than live action films.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    They should have done either Help! It’s the Hair Bear Bunch or Precious Pup instead of Yogi.

  • Rooniman

    Crap-alicous trailer.

    Whys Ranger Smith so boring in this?

    Whys Dan Akroyd’s voice acting for Yogi so lack-luster?

    Whys does Justin Timberland actually do a pretty solid impression of Booboo? (though thats a good thng, suprizingly…)

    And why does Yogi and Booboo look like s#!+?

    This will be a bad movie, no doubt.

  • Sam

    Wow, people, stop attacking those who actually like this… Haters gonna hate. Main thing that boils down is that these movies makes money and cost less to produce. That’s how business works..

    I think the animation is pretty good, they were trying to stay true to some of the original 2D animation acting and attribute, translating that to 3D is tough and I personally think the animators did a good job on it.



  • Steve Gattuso

    Well, I’m not a fan of the original series, so there’s no nostalgia tinting my view of the film.

    Holy moley, this looks like a dropping from a seagull with a digestive disorder. I’ve seen better character animation from the Nasonex bee. The only thing I liked was Mr. Timberlake’s voicing of Boo Boo, which sounded close to the original.

    I intend to take my two-year old nephew to his first film this Christmas. It will NOT be this one.

    • flipnap

      you should take him to watch ‘inception’ for his first film.. much better suited for a two year old, and he wont be insulted by the funny bear.

  • Let’s not forget that, as bad as this movie looks, it still provided animators with jobs. That is not a bad thing.

  • badjoojoo

    The first time I saw the lunchbox gag in this trailer I could have sworn it was Yogi peeing into the office from the roof! (Probably would have been funnier that way.)

    By the way for all those who are always complaining about people on this site judging a film by it’s trailer and saying we should be supportive of any movie just because it’s animation, you are required to see this movie.

  • badjoojoo

    This type of thing doesn’t ruin cherished childhood cartoon memories for me. But it does ruin Hollywood producers for me.

  • Hal

    Wow. A lot of people have opinions on the new Yogi Bear movie.

  • Tony C

    Well… I was never a fan of Yogi bear that much so I get no urge to burn heretics when I see this. The animation doesn’t really match the way the voices sound, mainly Yogi… but I’d change the voices if anything.

  • Norman

    With this much loot being spent Warner Bros should show a bear taking a realistic crap in the woods as their money shot in the trailer. That is what 3D is for. There is no other reason to have made this film.

  • Definitely trying to base Yogi off of Rodney Dangerfield. He’s got the voice and even some mannerisms (straightening tie). All in all..AWFUL.


  • Crap! This looks like PURE CRAP!!
    Once again, Hollywood Executives have managed to ruin a Classic cartoon.

  • Amy

    I got to say, Yogi looks quite cute in here. I’m going to go watch the movie alright, not everything has to be Pixar anyway for me to enjoy a film.

    I wonder if they would make a 2nd film with Cindy Bear or the The Hillbilly Bears some time. I like the fact despite they are done with live action, they maintained some of the classic CARTOON character traits to these, than being all that realistic character acting in 3D animated features. How to Train Your Dragon and Up was great but it always made me felt more like a live action movie done in animation. Now I wonder why Alvin and Yogi are done the opposite ways…

  • Nessor Sille

    Limited animation alone doesn’t make for a bad cartoon. The Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoons were -very- limited in animation quality, but more than made up for it with the witty scripts and vocal performances. Jokes and quips that I can recall verbatim years later.

    In contrast, I can’t remember a single funny joke from any of the Yogi Bear cartoons I watched as a kid. Just the character’s catch phrases. That’s all.

    I don’t think catch phrases provide a very good basis for a film’s appeal. Be honest, does anyone else remember anything about Yogi Beyond a few phrases and slogans?

    • I don’t remember specific jokes but I quite enjoyed one cartoon about Yogi learning to fly. I remember laughing out loud at certain points.

      In general I remember a funny chemistry between the characters, that’s not only the catch phrases. Yogi and BooBoo’s relationship was funny, one is mischiveous but not as smart as he thinks, and the other is the sensible and good natured one. Ranger Smith relation to them was also funny in his straight man position.

      It’s not the most brilliant cartoon ever, but it’s not a bad cartoon at all.

    • Scarabim

      I agree, Nessor. I’ve seen quite a few of the Yogis, Huckleberrys, Quick Draw McGraws, Hokey Wolfs, etc. and I can’t remember a single funny line from any of those. In fact, I can think of only one time a Hanna-Barbera cartoon made me laugh: It was an episode of the Hillbilly Bears, where the usual oafish father bear gets cultured. At one point his family and a neighbor family with which he’s usually feuding are watching him give various examples of his newly-cultured personality; he starts prancing around in a ballet tutu, and his daughter says:

      “Ma! Pa’s wearin’ a nightie!”

      That got a laugh out of me. Otherwise, zip.

  • Pez

    even if the move was not an terrible remake of a great classic tv cartoon I would still say it looks bad. The fur is quite blurry. the Human eyes are scary. It does not look real or like a cartoon. it is just bad animation work. I’m still waiting for the Foghorn Leghorn live action movie starring John Goodmen. I would prefer it if it was John in a suite with his face sticking out of the open beak though. Why did they cast a nobody to play ranger smith. he is the one human you actually see!! No one cares who plays the animated characters, just so long as they actually sound like the characters. which in this case … they don’t. Brew readers if you are going to make stupid comments about how JT sounds like Boo Boo please watch a quick youtube clip of the old cartoon before making yourself look like a fool.

  • Steve Stanchfield

    Fascinatingly bad. Was there anyone noticing that every shot looked terrible? When the model was posted a while back, it looked like freshmen/ Sophomore model work in arts schools- not quite ready for prime time. How do these things get the stamp of approval from the TD, let alone the studio?

    • I am equally astonished the the crap factor here…I’m sure you can move it all around on screen, and sell tickets but, its just very very uninspired looking…

  • John A

    Rorberto, congratulations, you get it. you understand what’s behind these characters, what makes them tick.

    These early Hanna Barbera cartoons were mostly written by two seasoned pros from Warner Brothers, Mike Maltese and Warren Foster. Both of these guys wrote some of the best Looney Tunes ever made. They understood that an interesting character alone was not enough to sustain a series of cartoons, it was the relationships between the characters that made them memorable. This was where a lot of other cartoon studios, some with every bit as much talent as Warners, fell flat on their face. Gags and catchphrases are not enough, there has to be a believable relationship between the characters, and this is something that can’t be simply fabricated with silly voices or a few cultural references, althogh H-B did more than their share or THOSE too.

    It all starts with a very simple premise: Park Ranger vs. Hungry Bear: yeah, it’s been done–both Disney and Lantz had Hungry Bear cartoons, but those bears were idiots- Yogi on the other hand, was clever, clever enough to know he wasn’t going to let being a dumb animal stand in his way of getting what he wanted. Boo Boo, from the very begining, plays the role of the supportive pal, but delivers his lines in the weary deadpan voice of someone who’s watched Yogi fail more often than succeed. After a few cartoons with some anonymous Ranger characters, Foster and Maltese introduced Ranger Smith into the mix. While Yogi and BooBoo are a couple of free living characters, Ranger Smith is a very straight-laced and disiplined character and Yogi’s antics can occasionally bring out the drill sargent in him. This is a distict difference from the Disney Latz cartoons where their Rangers are rather effeit,roly-poly “bird-watcher-types”. Ranger Smith on the other hand, is younger, fitter and wears his uniform like a marine. While the other rangers behave like overgrown children and treat the bears as pets, Yogi and Ranger Smith’s relationship resembles the late ’50s-early ’60s dynamic between management and labor.If the people making this movie couldn’t even pick up on that simple distinction, I don’t see how they could come up with a script that even comes close to the original characters. It’s more than just making them look and sound the same –it’s the stuff that’s under the surface that makes these characters unique.

    • Mike Luzzi

      Maybe the 1960’s dynamic is not relevant to today’s audiences. If they are doing a re-make, then some tweaks to the ranger/ yogi dynamic are called for I believe. Does the same labor/ management dynamic exists today? Not so much…

      • I think its relevant, why would they be bringing back muscle cars if it wasn’t? The only tweaks they’d have to make would be to formula as they’re putting Yogi on the big screen, not a short Saturday morning bit.

  • I wish the movie looked more like this:

    There is simply nothing like stylized 2-d animation. And one of the reasons it exists is because there are certain things thats just DONT WORK in real life, like bears with clothes. These characters were made to be portrayed as cartoon characters and only really find their appeal as such.

    I will give them props for trying to represent the original design but on the real, cartoons are cartoons for a reason. I hope we can see more ANIMATED features based on classic animated characters, it would give tribute to the creators of these characters and would give new cartoon makers a chance to tackle these established characters with new stories.

  • and John A: Great post. that IS the chemestry that makes Yogi bear so engaging!

  • Spencer Morin

    Death to Hannah Barbera remakes…. Ad infinitum.

  • Grayson Ponti

    The movie looks so bad no one has mentioned how aweful the voice acting is

    • There have been a few comments on how bad the voice acting is and I completely agree. JT really isn’t that bad as Boo Boo only due to the digital manipulation. Akroyd (though I am a fan) is atrocious as Yogi and lacks any suaveness that the original Yogi had.

      The thing I REALLY can’t stand is the stock jokes that they’re using in this piece of (*$&%. Can someone at least TRY to be witty with a film like this?!!!

  • Mckay

    #@$%! it looks like #@$%!

  • Adam

    i think this would have had a better chance if it was fully animated, cuz live action/animation crossovers never seem to be that great

  • Ashley May

    original Ranger Smith = hard-ass
    live-action Ranger Smith = push-over?

    I’m confused.

  • Gene DeSantis

    I think little of Bill and Joe’s hackwork but I fondly remember “Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear” from my childhood, thanks to the Colpix soundtrack album and its catchy Doug Goodwin-Ray Gilbert songs — “Like I Like You” is surprisingly and agreeably adult, if you can imagine such a thing.

    Judging from that boxcar-and-fence business I see where Jeff Bewkes and Barry Meyer get their inspiration.

    I haven’t seen a move in a theater since “New York, New York” so it doesn’t bother me.

  • The Hollywood Reporter detects a trend in bad CGI animal flicks. Wonders if Yogi Bear is in trouble:

    • badjoojoo

      Typical that the execs would extract the wrong message from this. “it’s the fact that they’re furry animals that these movies fail! No more furry animal movies!”

      Has nothing to do with the quality of the movies, just the subject matter, apparently.

      *Sigh, Grumble*

  • “Its a few months to a bad movie, we’ve got full tank of gas, half a pack of cynicsm, its day, and I’m voicing a badly designed bear”

  • Van

    It’s always fun to see the way Hollywood repurposes cartoons. And without the use of an emoticon, I would like to explain that I use the word “fun” in a purely sardonic way.

  • I doubt if I’ve EVER seen a comment board on this website so full of bullshit. Guess what, cynical cartoon boys? This movie isn’t made for YOU. IT’s made for my five-year-old granddaughter, and she can’t WAIT to see it. And from that, she’ll get classic Yogi toys and DVDs. So grow up. She’s more mature than some of YOU are. “Oh, boo-hoo, they’re spoiling my childhood!” Yikes.

    • I’m certain most 5 year olds are familiar with Dan Aykroyd.

  • Why do I write a comment after other 200 and twenty something others, if I know nobody will read it?

  • NintenEthan


  • Cindy Bear’s being voiced by Christine Taylor (Marcia Brady, Ben Stiller’s wife) so I’m wondering how that will sound.

  • A.J.

    Wow……just, wow.
    I am appalled at how Akroyd sounds as Yogi….I initially thought his voice was gonna be great for the part… leats Timberlake does a fine BooBoo.
    They are still fugly chracter designs though…like REALLY ugly.

  • Tagz the bunny

    Im a Furry fan and I think this looks like sh#t. Hope its funny but I dont know if that well even help.

  • dbenson

    I recall a peculiar scene in Muppets Take Manhattan: Fozzie Bear tries to return to the wild and hibernate with a bunch of “real” bears. It was typically clever and the “real” bears were giant Muppets just slightly more realistic than Fozzie. Still, putting Fozzie anywhere near his natural counterparts just didn’t feel right. That’s what I felt watching these creepily furried 50’s abstractions bumping around in a real movie.

  • required

    Get something new, Hollywood.

  • required

    I am going to do my masters on this.

  • a 13 year old

    im sorry i must be confused..i thought this was a movie for kids… im wondering why ther r a bunch of 40 yr olds complaining about a movie they shouldn’t even want to see… because they aren’t eight…is anyone on here actually below the age of 10…..get over it…it’s for children… unless 40 is the new 10!

  • me

    You people are horrible! Does anyone actually remember giving a movie a chance first, going to see it, then commenting on it???? ANYONE??? I grew up with Yogi and alot of other cartoon’s, so I am going to go see this movie! Why? Because it really does not look that bad, and I am going to give it a chance! And as far as ” a 13 year old say’s ” I grew up with this cartoon, you did not! So what gives you the right to say that the “40 somethings” who actually have fond memories of this show should not even be going to this movie anyway! It is bad enough that some of my favorite charecters have been DUMBED down for kids so they can watch a live action version. Examples: SPAWN, THE MASK, LEAGUE OF EXRTAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. Read the originals people, and you will see what I mean! The only one that was not dumbed down for kids was “Watchmen” So you little snot noses do not know it all! AND GIVE MOVIES A CHANCE PEOPLE! If you do not like it, fine that is your opinion, but at least see it first than trash it!

    • Who said we were critisizing the film? I’m not, just the trailer.

  • Adam

    what you see before you die.

  • “horrifying”? dunno about that. just looks relentlessly stupid.

  • Jim

    I know you guys think this movie isn’t your cup of tea but what if the movie becomes a bona-fide hit like Scooby-Doo one and two? We might expect new Yogi Bear material (new spinoff shows, new DTV films, new TV films and much more).

  • Artie

    Ugh! I need a bromo!

  • Stuart McInnes

    …Is it just me or does this look as if it’s just a background at bits?
    I mean jeezo, we were supposed to have moved on from that years ago.

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