Brentwood Studios Picks Up North American Distribution For “Kong,” “Highlander,” “Zorro: Generation Z” and Other Animated Series

Cyprus based, Emba Media Management International Ltd (EMMI) has appointed Brentwood Studios as its distributor for North America. Brentwood will be looking to exploit the entire library that includes popular properties such as Kong: The Animated Series, Highlander, Zorro: Generation Z, along with 28 additional series or animated films.

“We are thrilled about this partnership with EMMI and bringing this popular library back to the marketplace,” says Bob Starnes, General Manager and Co-Founder of Brentwood Studios. “There is great opportunity, given their deep catalogue of high quality children’s programming and our strengths with retail, licensing, publishing, and digital partners, to reach fans, of all ages, and deliver some exceptional offerings of these major brands in North America.”

“Brentwood Studios is led by a dynamic and experienced team that makes them the ideal partner to manage the library,” says Chris Demetriou, EMMI Executive Director and Shareholder. “Their strong industry relationships in North America will enable us to bring these popular titles to fans across the continent.”

Brentwood Studios will be releasing new rights to titles from EMMI’s 864 episode library and working with current right holders to grow the properties throughout North America. Library titles also include popular series such as Dork Hunters, Kong, Legend of the Dragon, Pocket Dragons, and 65-episodes of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, among others.

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