Call For Submissions: Shorts on Walls from Animation Forum West Midlands

Shorts on Walls from Animation Forum West Midlands is now open for submission.

Shorts on Walls gives local animators the chance to screen their latest animated films to their peers in a relaxed, bar atmosphere.

This year Shorts on Walls will see ad breaks between shorts, as commercial animation studios from around the Midlands are invited to supply their best complete animated commercial work (i.e. adverts, VFX work, stings, TV titles, virals, etc), to complement the usual selection of animated short films.

All submissions to Shorts on Walls will also be considered for the Animation Forum WM presents screening programme on the BBC Big Screens in Birmingham and Coventry.

To submit an animated short or a piece of commercial animation to Shorts on Walls, send your films to  [email protected]. Deadline for submission is 31st August 2011.

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