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“Cars 2” Co-Director Brad Lewis Jumps to Digital Domain

Port St. Lucie, FL – June 29, 2011 – Digital Domain Media Group, Inc. (DDMG) announced today that director Brad Lewis has joined DDMG’s Tradition Studios to direct original animated feature films.

Mr. Lewis joins Tradition Studios fresh from co-directing Cars 2 with John Lasseter, which opened in theatres June 24. A 10-year Pixar veteran, Lewis was the producer on the Academy Award-winning animated feature Ratatouille.

“Brad is truly one of the nicest and most talented people we¹ve met in the film industry,” said DDMG Chairman and CEO, John Textor. “We are honored that he has chosen to join us, having come from an environment that we believe represents the finest traditions of storytelling.”

Prior to Pixar, Lewis was a producer on Antz and executive-produced TV movies for PDI/Dreamworks where he worked for more than 11 years, also serving as executive producer/vice president of production for Pacific Data Images. His feature film character and visual effects credits include The Arrival, The Peacemaker and Broken Arrow. His television credits include Hanna-Barbera’s The Last Halloween, for which he received an Emmy Award and the first 3D episode of The Simpsons, which earned him an Emmy nomination. Lewis received an Emmy for graphic design for ABC’s Monday Night Football and his commercial production work garnered him two Clio awards. Lewis also served as Mayor of the city of San Carlos, California.

Mr. Lewis said, “I am excited to join a company with Digital Domain’s talent and expertise and to have an opportunity to be a part of its team in creating family-friendly stories and adventures. It’s going to be a fun ride.”

  • Mike

    11 years at Dreamworks??….no wonder Cars 2 was a clunker.

    • Ju-osh

      C’mon now – let’s give credit (ahem, BLAME) where credit (ahem, BLAME) is due:
      John “At Pixar, it’s the STORY that matters (c)” Lasseter.

      • elephantmarch

        OR conversely, the film was a complete train wreck Under Lewis’s directing, and Lasseter did everything he could to improve it in time for release until is was merely decent.

      • Mike

        What I’ve read and heard is more consistent with this explanation. From the sound of it, Cars 2 was (somehow) in far worse shape when John came in to salvage it. Granted, there’s still nothing that justifies Cars 2’s existence, and I think THAT can be blamed squarely on Lasseter/Disney.

      • elephantmarch

        yeahhhh, we really didn’t need Cars 2: BUT the fact that, while it still sufferred for similar reasons, it was in it’s basic plot a big change from the original: from a quiet coming of age to a big whirlwind international spy espionage. So mayyyybe it was an attempt to vindicate the franchise. either way, I still stand by my conclusion that, while I won’t make allowances for Pixar doing a film that’s beneath them, I still believe it would’ve been received far more favorably if another studio had made it to the level it was at.

  • Toonio

    Jumped from the ship to the shark’s jaws. Oh well.

  • John

    “we had about 10 weeks to animate half the film, but we were able to do it because a) Pixar animators rock and b) let’s face it, animating cars is a lot easier than animating humans!”

    Could of this been a last ditch effort to save the film? Were their problems with Brad Lewis on the film and ten weeks before the films deadline Lasseter came on to try to fix the film and redid half of it? If this is true, damn!

  • What “TV movies” did PDI/Dreamworks do?

  • mito

    Brad was a Producer at PDI/Dreamworks, went to Pixar as a Producer, and somehow became a Director there. He’s a very smart guy… was even the Mayor of a small town, and charity race car driver. Don’t underestimate him! From what I heard Lassiter was planning to ship that turd long before Brad got involved.