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New “Speed Racer” Comic Series Teased

[Editor’s Note: This banner image has been floating around comics media sights. No publisherhas been announced, but I expect more details coming next month during Comic-Con International in San Diego.]

  • Robert Igoe

    I’m eager to see this, but for God’s sake, please just stick to what made the show successful. No sci-fi adventures with mutants or fantasy storylines where the Racers are decendants of a Roman chariot driver who had a specially-rigged chariot (I wish I was making this up!). The simple story of a man with a cool car who fights to win races with honor and help the defenseless with the support of his family and his girlfriend who doesn’t let herself be a helpless victim is what made the show great. Let’s not blow it again, OK?

  • As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one true SPEED RACER comic: the original 1967 tie-in manga commissioned by Tatsuo Yoshida himself (now available complete in English translation by DMP Platform)!