DreamWorks-Turbo-Movie-Poster DreamWorks-Turbo-Movie-Poster

Poster Released for DreamWorks Animation’s “Turbo”

Set for release in summer 2012, DreamWorks Animation‘s Turbo is described as “a garden snail with dreams of becoming the fast snail in the world experiences a freak accident that might just allow him to realize his goal.” Three actors have been attached to do voices: Ryan Reynolds, Marvin Duerkholz and Lil’ Mizerkk.

  • steve

    released summer 2013 not 2012

  • E. Nygma

    So finally heres dreamworks Cars ripoff. Just because its a snail doesnt decieve me!

  • Toonio

    More Car-Toons! oh well.

  • Sorta reminds me of that Bugs Bunny cartoon where he uses “modern design” with a suped-up tortoise shell to race against the turtle.