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David Levy’s Animation Development

I’ve just read David Levy’s new book Animation Development: From Pitch to Production and it’s a must-read for anyone who plans to create a show for television. I am a huge fan of David’s first book, Your Career In Animation: How To Survive and Thrive and I particularly love Levy’s down-to-Earth, easy-to-digest writing style, peppered with humor and loaded with truth. This time Levy focuses in on what you should expect, how you should proceed and lots of sound advice on the animation development process – using his own experiences and choice quotes from all those who have been there – development execs, creators, artists and writers. It’s illustrated with examples of actual pitch bibles and development art, and he takes you through every step in the process – from securing legal services, through pitch meetings to producing a pilot.

I’ve been there myself, on both sides of the table, as both a development exec and as a creator and producer – so I can assure you that David has nailed the process from soup to nuts (the “nuts” being certain network TV big-wigs). If you can’t make the panel at SVA in NYC (mentioned in the post below), order the book and learn about the process from the inside. Highly recommended.

  • My copy came in the mail today! Great timing as I’m heading into a few networks this week to pitch a few ideas! I will devour this book for sure!
    Way to go Dave!

  • Nick

    I have a copy of Your Career In Animation: How To Survive and Thrive and it was great. Read it cover to cover. A must read for anyone in the industry.

  • This looks great Jerry… I’ll be ordering one posthaste!

  • Interesting book, i’ll look into it Jerry, thanks.

    Also, i found this Gene Deitch book online recently(*it may be old) that i read quite a few intelligent snipets on the state of the industry we’re in and why most television series are in disarray.

    Worth a read also i think:


  • As is to be expected, Mr. Levy’s latest book rocks VERY hard. Here’s my review:

    “This is a massive book: both in length, and scope. It’s a chronicle of two or three decades of several families and interrelated characters in Russia. There is a main character (Count Bezhuov), but he is the main character by default, because th-

    Wait… that’s my review of War and Peace.

    Regardless… everyone interested in animation should grab this book, if only to hear all the brilliant things show creators said that i wish i had said.

    Great job, Mr. Levy!

  • Seni Oyewole

    I’m there right now!!!

  • FP

    The cover looks as it it depicts Spongebob proudly reclining in a pool of his own urine.

  • Woo hoo!!

    It is a wonderful book- anything David writes seems filled with insight! I’m a big fan of his blog, too (animondays.blogspot.com).

    We’re trying to make arrangements for David to come to Atlanta (via ASIFA-Atlanta) to expose some of the locals to this stuff, too! We’ll have him either at SCAD-Atlanta or at WonderRoot (for a day in December, which is Animation Month at WonderRoot).

    It’s great to see a plug for this book here, yay!!!