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Drawings from the Left

Here’s a shout-out to my friend James “Tim” Walker. Walker is both a long-time veteran of the animation business (currently at Warner Bros. Animation) and one of the champions in preserving the golden age of animation (Pssst, you can see some of his incredible collection online, over at The Animation Guild Blog where it’s posted under the alias “The Mega-Collector“).

A few years ago, Walker was diagnosed with Lateral Parkinsons Disease on his right side. Since then, he’s re-learned to draw using his left hand and he’s just published a sketch book showing his incredible progress over the last three years. Drawings From The Left is a testament to his amazing abilities as a cartoonist and should be an inspiration to all.

The book is now on Amazon, but if you live in LA, Walker is doing a book signing on Friday March 18th at Decor Art Galleries (12149 Ventura Blvd in Studio City, CA). I highly recommend attending the book signing to meet Tim, one of the real “good guys” in this business.

  • Fantastic. Thanks for sharing this Jerry — and right on, Tim!

  • Matthew Koh

    What kind of brush he’s using?

  • One of my dear friends. And a great guy. An inspiration to us all! Keep up the great work Tim!

  • Very cool. I believe Frazetta did something similar, teaching himself to draw with his opposite hand, after a series of strokes.

  • What a fantastic comeback for Mr. Walker. I was so impressed when I saw his drawings. Tim’s come a long way since his kid days of dumpster diving at Hanna-Barbera.

    • That’s funny Floyd, that’s why I love you…

  • Truly inspirational.

  • We are there! Tim’s drawings are amazing. If you’re a fan of Fred Moore or the old Hanna Barbera stuff, you’ll love this book.

  • That’s pretty inspiring. Hey, I wonder if that works if you just suck at drawing with your right? Hrm…

  • The Gee

    Good for him. And, since it sounds like he is a good person then great for him.

    Obviously, good things should happen for good people. So, continued best for him.

    May he keep drawing and creating!

  • Bob McKnight

    Tim. The book is wonderful,very inspiring.
    Plus all the fantastic vintage art you’ve shared
    with us at work. Thanks.

    Hope to see more left-handed art work on our next
    cartoon show!