Eric Goldberg’s <em>Character Animation Crash Course!</em> Eric Goldberg’s <em>Character Animation Crash Course!</em>

Eric Goldberg’s Character Animation Crash Course!

Eric Goldberg

The long-awaited how-to book from master animator and director Eric Goldberg is almost here. Character Animation Crash Course! will be released next month and is currently available to pre-order on Amazon for $23. Here’s what Eric tells us about the book:

“Well, the animation book I’ve been writing for 25 years, based on my animation notes, has finally arrived! Well, almost… Character Animation Crash Course!, published by Silman-James Press, is 240 pages of cartoon goodness, all geared to getting great performances from your characters on the screen. It comes with an accompanying CD that has animation movie files of selected sequences in the book. You can watch them in real time, or frame-by-frame, and they all include X-sheets, inbetween charts, circled keys, and underlined breakdowns, so the tests can be analyzed while you read the book, revealing how the principles actually look in movement and why. Shipping date might be as early as mid-July. Also, I’ll be premiering it at the San Diego Comic-Con, signing copies at Stuart Ng Books, Friday July 25th from 2 – 4, and Saturday July 26th from 11 -12. Also, the book provides examples from classic cartoons that can be pretty easily-accessed in this DVD, YouTube, iPod age so you can see my inspirations from the Golden Age Masters. And because, frankly, I’m a big geek.”

Eric Goldberg
  • Very cool–I’m definitely buying it. I had the honor of watching Eric Goldberg draw in person, he is truly one of the giants in animation!!!

    Before I pre-order, any possibility of Eric doing a NYC book signing?

  • Wow! I cannot wait to pick up a copy!!!

    I didn’t even know Eric Goldberg was making a book….

  • JPox

    Awesome! Eric Goldberg’s style has always been an inspiration!

    Can’t wait to get a hold of this book!

  • Hot diggity daffodils!

  • greg m

    An Early Xmas!!!!! Yaayyyyyyyyyy! I look forward to his section on working to music! Eric is a cartoon genius!!!

  • Now people will have another book to copy besides Preston Blair’s classic one! :))

  • Wow! It’s time to start saving up! Hopefully I can find a copy here in Ahmedabad, and it can find a place next to my copy of The Animator’s Survival Kit.

    Can’t wait!

  • Just made the pre order! =D

    Can’t wait ’till it’s released.

    Thanks a lot for the heads up.

  • Dolph Stanley

    Wow! Eric Goldberg is still alive! And he’s written a book! He just became the Preston Blair of now.

  • Paul N

    I have copies of some of Eric’s notes that I got when working at Disney, but nowhere near 240 pages of them. Can’t wait!

  • Beautiful LIVELY drawings and a really attractive page layout! I just placed a pre-order, too. Thanks for the heads-up

  • Eric’s notes have been circulating for decades in the London studios. Can’t wait to get my hands on the printed and bound, yay!

  • ooOoooo Pre-Ordered that. Can’t wait till it ships!

  • Fantastic! I remember getting a hold of a few pages of Eric Goldberg notes way back from Animation Meat. Just a few pages and they taught me so much about animation timing.

  • This is great news ! I’ve been waiting for this book for years. (I too have the xeroxed notes from a few of Eric’s lectures given during my time at Disney, which are an inspiration, but I’m sure the book expands upon the notes and is a complete treatment of the subject. ) I’m headed over to Amazon now to place my pre-order.

  • Looks great Eric!!!!!

  • SOLD! See you at Comic-Con…

  • Gerard de Souza

    This is great! His bootlegged notes were my favorite after the Preston Blair books and I personally liked them better than Illusion of life and the Williams book….and I love those.
    Just when I thought I had all the books I need. Must have!

  • Chuck R.

    The race is on!
    Let’s see if Eric Goldberg can spawn as many elementary school animal mascots as Preston Blair!

  • “Wow! Eric Goldberg is still alive!”

    I’m holding out hope that that’s a joke. Why in the world is somebody thinking he may have died?

  • Dave

    Wow! It just seems animation information/education keeps getting better and better…I can’t wait to buy this book! One more thing to study, refer to, and geek out on… :)

  • Wow!! I really love the drawings and I remember him on the Looney Tunes DVDs- I liked his comments. I hadn’t heard of his notes before- hopefully this’ll be another classic animation book! I can’t wait to see it!

  • Now That’s Exciting! Congrats Eric, I’m picking up mine!

  • Man, I can’t wait for this book!!!

  • awd!

    I met Eric Goldberg when I was 10 at the Disneyland Hotel… He’s the one that got me wanting to get into animation in the first place, so I’ll definitely be into this book.

  • Mr. Semaj



    I look forward to this !
    I have been patiently waiting for a book from him for close to 10 years.The 5th generation xeroxed copy of his notes are wearing kind of thin.Congrats to Eric for finishing this and sharing it with us all!

  • This looks like it’s going to be great! Think of all the office toner that could have been saved had this book come out sooner :)

  • Awesome!

  • Steve Gattuso

    “Think of all the office toner that could have been saved had this book come out sooner :)”

    Yes, but who cares what the office pays? ;3

  • I had the good fortune to be Eric’s assistant for a few weeks at Pizazz Pictures about 20 years ago. I’d never seen anything like his work and haven’t since. If this book has half of what I learned doing those few scenes, it is well worth the money. I’m reaching for my credit card…….

  • Eddie Fitzgerald

    I’m going to Amazon right now!

  • EHH

    And I thought speed smears were only used in TV animation.

  • This book looks so good that I’ve already made a test animation with the preview page.

  • TheAnimator

    Man I’m geeking out I didn’t even know he was finally making a book. Now if I only had the money to preorder it D:.

  • vic

    has anyone got their book yet ?

    i pre ordered from amazon…still havent got my copy yet, whereas on the site it says it come sout july 15th…

  • Eric Goldberg

    DON’T PANIC! The book is at all the warehouses (and has been since July 14th). There are physical copies at Samuel French Bookstore (and you can web order them as well). Eventually, Amazon will get around to pressing the “ship now” button to their suppliers, and the pre-orders will be filled.

  • vic

    thats awesome !

    thanks eric…i still cant believe my eyes you just answered my question…

    big fan here… hope to meet you in person someday…

  • I m still waiting for this book….I cant…anywhere..Sold out. thats wht i get…

  • Vincent Booms

    I have this now, good book, but I think Williams’ is better for the simple reason that this is more of the direct pose to pose cartoony squashy and stretchy stuff whereas Williams delves deeper into stuff like succesive breaking of joints and the combination of straight ahead and pose to pose. This is however a very good book to begin with, it’s more accessible.

  • ed martel

    Hi Eric – Maybe you can tell me why the CD included with your book “Character Animation Crash Cours” does not want to work in my imac? Is the disc cross-platformed or for PCs only? Please let me know.
    Ed Martel