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Myron Waldman’s Eve

Eve by Myron Waldman

Here’s a rare treat for Fleischer Studio fans – or anyone interested in clever, cartoon story-telling: the latest issue of The Comics Journal #299 (August 2009) features a complete reprint of Myron Waldman’s 1943 “graphic novel”, Eve.

Click on thumbnails below to see a few larger images of the cover, title page and an interior gag (the title graphic and interior page here are from my own battered copy of the original publication). This long-out-of-print classic tells the story of a big city working girl who seeks her true love while on vacation in Miami, Florida. It’s cute, funny and surprisingly heartfelt. The drawings are great and the book makes you wish Waldman had continued doing more stories like these, as opposed to the simplistic Casper animated cartoons he’d become synonymous with.

The Comic Journal has posted the entire novel online for subscriber’s only. The hard-copy magazine, which features an introduction by cartoonist Mark Newgarden, is on sale now. This is highly recommended!

  • cliffclaven

    I remember my parents had this tucked away in a closet — evidently the cover nudity was a bit much in those days. As a kid I enjoyed it, and found myself wondering if there were whole shelves of books like this, if you only knew where to look. Maybe the same imaginary shop that stocked all the Castle 8mm films.

    The single “off” detail: Eve sleeps with a photo labeled “Movie Star” on her pillow. That unrealistic labeling bugged me, since everything else (aside from natural signage) was so purely visual — even the use of the photo itself.

  • Wes

    I thought it was a R. Crumb rip-off at first! Wonder if he had a copy of this?

  • Thnaks to everybody who is involved in this wonderful blog. It’s just amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dock Miles

    >I thought it was a R. Crumb rip-off at first!

    Amen! Sure looks like a prime inspiration for at least The Big Yum Yum Book.

  • Great tip! Thanks! This has been on my wish list, but I believe it is otherwise out of print and hard to come by.

  • Sir Fly

    I have an original (1943 I think), signed copy. I wonder what it is worth?