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“Escape from Planet Earth” Sets Weinstein Co. Box Office Record

In its fifth weekend at the American box office, the Weinstein Company’s Escape from Planet Earth grossed an estimated $2.3 million, which was good enough for a 10th place finish. Its grand total now stands at $52.2 million, nudging it ahead of Hoodwinked as the top-grossing Weinstein animated pic. Hoodwinked earned $51.4 million when it was released in 2005.

Other VFX-heavy films in this week’s top 10 include Disney’s first-place finisher Oz The Great and Powerful, which captured $42.2M in its second weekend for a total of $145M, and Warner Bros/New Line’s $200-million mega-flop Jack the Giant Slayer, which picked up $6.2M in its 3rd weekend for a total of $53.9M.

  • Doz Hewson

    I’d forgotten that this film existed.
    And, may I add, I’ve drawn better Blue people than this film’s.

    • JeanbearTheImmasculator

      Cool story Brah.

    • Alterboy

      Doz, tisk, tisk, tisk. You are HILARIOUS!

    • Trevor

      oh cool what’s your movie called?

  • Toonio

    Go Cory Edwards!

    • Rory

      FYI, Cory Edwards had barely anything to do with this movie, he only shares a “based on a story by” credit.

    • Robertron

      Sorry, Charlie – Cory Edwards had nearly nothing to do with this film as it exists He may have even shot himself in the foot by suing the Weinsteins over the development of it. I’ll be interested to see where his career goes from here… if anywhere.

  • MaskedManAICN

    Well good for them.

  • www

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  • Nice. I like to see smaller films doing well.

  • JodyMorgan

    Adjusting for inflation would bring Hoodwinked‘s gross up to $59.8m. Still, Escape from Planet Earth has proven to be a success; congrats to the filmmakers, and I hope they reap some of the benefits of this success.

  • suze

    Iactually like this movie. The backgrounds are amazing, the colors were breath taking and the little lines like “James!Cameron! catch the alien!” That got me rollin’. I got kinda bored in the middle but the beginning and end were pretty great! I’d say its a good movie if you have time and money to spare/waste.

  • rooniman

    Honesty not sure if that’s much of and improvement.

  • Satorical

    I saw Jack the Giant Slayer this weekend with friends. I wish more people would do the same, because the movie frickin’ rocked. Excellent art, great 3D (for a change), fine acting, humor, adventure–what’s not to like? The main problem is the audience–it’s too intense for younger viewers (the first appearance of a giant was very much like the T-Rex scene from Jurassic Park), but teens would dismiss it as square without giving it a chance.

    But if you’re a big kid, go while it’s still on the big screen.

  • d. harry

    Seeing as how Hoodwinked ended up making +$300 million worldwide (theatrical/dvd/cable) this film could be on track to do the same