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Box Office: ‘Your Name’ Tops $600K In Its First Day Of U.S. Release

Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name is off to a strong start in the United States, where it opened yesterday.

On Friday, its first day of U.S. release, the film grossed $627,208 from 292 theaters for an impressive $2,148 per-theater average. That’s higher than the per-theater for any film in the top 10, and is the third-highest for any film that reported its box office yesterday, trailing only Gifted and Their Finest, both of which played in far fewer theaters.

Your Name is being distributed in the States by Funimation, a company with a long history of distributing anime on home video that has more recently begun expanding into theatrical. The company scored a major hit in 2015 when it launched Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F with $4 million in its first three days, finishing with a gross of $8 million.

Shinkai’s Your Name entered U.S. theaters ready to capitalize on built-up excitement after its huge run in Japan last year, where it was No. 1 for 12 weeks, not to mention nearly-perfect reviews from American film critics. After a powerful run in China, the film unseated Spirited Away as the highest-grossing anime film of all-time with over $328 million worldwide gross.

Funimation has released the film stateside both in its original Japanese language with subtitles and in an English dub (trailer below). For a theater locator, visit the Funimation web site.

  • Fredster

    Still the worst academy snub this year, so glad to see it doing well in the states!

    • ea

      I don’t know if they’ve changed the rules since, but Your Name could still be submitted to the Oscars next year and be nominated for something (although likely not BAF), like what happened with City of God.

      • troyjay

        No it can’t, Your Name was already submitted to the Oscars last year so it can’t be nominated for anything. A film can be under consideration only once (obviously), and do you seriously think Your Name has a chance to be nominated in any categories other than Best Animated film? In the case of City of God, that film had its first oscar qualifying limited release in January 2003 in the US, so it was able to get nominated in 2004. Your Name was first released in 2016, so its only qualifying year was 2017. Even if the wide release was April 2017, it cannot be under consideration again.

        • ea

          “A film can be under consideration only once”

          City of God was submitted for Best Foreign Language Film of 2002 but didn’t get nominated, yet got other nominations in 2004.

          • troyjay

            “Unlike other Academy Awards, the Foreign Language Film Award does not require films to be released in the United States in order to be eligible for competition” –

            Rules are different for foreign language films, that’s why City of God was able to be under consideration twice. In 2002 without a US theatrical release, City of God was still eligible for foreign language nomination but only in that category at the time. After failing to get a foreign film nomination, it got a limited release in 2003 and was nominated for a bunch of awards. Your Name can’t do that because it was already released in America to get a full consideration in every category.

    • Danielle Morrison

      No awards ARE YOU SERIOUS OMG

  • Memorian

    That’s wonderful. I hope anime releases hear can some day break into the top 10 or even 5.

    • Ryan Cullen

      Well, if you want to get technical, back in 1999, Pokemon: The First Movie opened at #1 in the box office the weekend of November 12th. I think a couple of the first few Pokemon movies opened in the top 10 back in the day, also. That’s the only example I can think of, though.

      • Memorian

        Yea, I guess I’m more so speaking of the things that get past the stuff like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Sailor Moon and DBZ. That was AWESOME for Pokemon though, I want to see that again for many other anime films.

    • Doconnor

      Looks like it came in 13th, despite be being in fewer theaters then anything ahead of it. It has the 3rd best the average boxoffice per theater among movies not in limited release.

  • ValjeanLafitte

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting to hear any encouraging news regarding Your Name. My dream scenario would be for it to gross so much at the box office that the Academy would have to question why they ignored it at the Oscars.

    • ea

      Maybe they’ll allow the movie to compete again next year, at least for other categories.

      • Ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi

        They should just rename the Animation Oscars category the Disney-Pixar award, since it only goes to these guys it seems.

        And yes, I’m quite aware other studios have won in the past, yada, yada, yada…

  • Jake Stueber

    This is fantastic news to wake up to! I hope it does even better, it might just lead to more awesome 2D films in theaters again ^_^

  • Cam Jirrey

    If their grossing is this good, than I hope Funimation considers giving it a second run. I REALLY want to go see it, but short on money atm… :(

  • Danielle Morrison

    It was breath taking each still hand drawn. I know zero about animate. My son begged me. I sat in awe. I wanna go back.

  • Steven Bowser

    I liked the film because it was gushy and sentimental but also managed to have closure and retain its structure throughout the whole film. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed that many anime films I watch feel like they start our strong and then seem to lose focus in the later acts. The Boy and the Beast is an example- where it’s great at first but by the end it felt to me like the writers just started winging it. But maybe it’s just me. With Your Name it felt to me like it had been planned out better. I’d consider buying this to see it again.