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Box Office Report

Last Weekend, “Planes” Was America’s Most Watched Animated Film; “Smurfs 2” Tops Overseas

No new animated films opened last weekend, but there was plenty of animation in the theaters. Here are the estimated earnings of animated films in US theaters:

5th: Planes / $13.1 mil WEEKEND / $45.1 mil TOTAL
9th: Smurfs 2 / $4.6 mil WEEKEND / $57 mil TOTAL
12th: Despicable Me 2 / $3.8 mil WEEKEND / $346 mil TOTAL
16th: Turbo / $1 mil WEEKEND / $77.6 mil TOTAL

Internationally, the box office played out like this:
Smurfs 2 / $20 mil WEEKEND
Despicable Me 2 / $19.5 mil WEEKEND
Planes / $7.3 mil WEEKEND
Monsters University / $6 mil WEEKEND
Turbo / $2.9 mil WEEKEND

And the overall box office totals to date (US plus international):
Despicable Me 2: $781.2 mil
Monsters University: $658.6 mil
Smurfs 2: $207 mil
Turbo: $142 mil
Planes: $52.4 mil

  • Dante

    We saw it. Lassetter should be ashamed to attach himself to that. The movie was flat as can be. Maybe if the character wasn’t afraid of heights, it might have taken us somewhere, instead of just taking us.

    • Cheese

      Well, that’s marketing boys for you.

  • Brill 93

    This is why I was always a Thomas and Friends kid.

  • George Comerci

    I’ve been meaning to see it, but I haven’t gotten the chance. Is it really worth it?

  • SarahJesness

    I heard it was pretty lousy, but then again, maybe they hope to make up the money from toys and other merchandise.

    If the student group at my college shows it on movie night, I’ll probably go see it just out of curiosity, but I’m not gonna pay to see it. (that’s not to say I intend to view it illegally, just that I won’t watch it unless I had a cost-free but still legal opportunity, like Netflix streaming or the aforementioned movie night)

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Please keep us informed as to how much Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises has grossed in Japan, Amid.

  • Ant G

    A few people (Katzenberg included) have said the market is over saturated and that’s why some animated movies like Turbo will tank…. maybe then it’s time to introduce a departure from this homogenized style that everyone notices and talks about. You can’t over saturate a movie market, unless your target audience are the same 6-14yr old boys and you make your movie look like all the rest, than yes, their parents can only pay for those expensive movie theatre trips (it adds up) for so long.

  • Brill 93

    Of course! that’s my childhood. I’m not going to deny it. I’m not saying the little kids don’t matter, but in my opinion Disney and Pixar are making these vehicles too human. I mean they act and live like they made the world around them. If you looked at Thomas, Bob the builder and so on they have that level of when to act out of being who they are and being a cartoon character.

  • John

    Well people don’t know production quality, so yeah it made money. More films will be made on the cheap in India or China wait and see!