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Box Office Report

‘Zootopia’ Is A Box Office Beast In Both US and China

Disney’s Zootopia has become the second animated feature this year to claim the #1 spot at the box office for two weekends in a row. The film grossed an estimated $50 million in its second frame, a slim drop of just 33.4% from its debut weekend.

After two weekends, Zootopia has grossed $142.6m in the United States. By comparison, Kung Fu Panda 3, the other animated film in 2016 that held the #1 spot for two straight weekends, grossed just $69.3m through its first two weekends.

Zootopia was a beast internationally, too, grossing $83.1m across the globe this weekend. Its foreign cume is $288.7m, and adding in US totals, the global cume is $431.3m. Notably, the film finally reached the #1 spot in South Korea in its fourth weekend of release. Openings major territories like UK, Japan, Brazil, and Australia are yet to come.

The film’s performance was especially surprising in China, where Zootopia’s gross actually expanded 139% from its opening weekend, pulling in a $56.5m weekend. The movie has now accrued $109m in China (a record for a Disney/Pixar movie in the People’s Republic) and could go on to surpass the $149m gross of Dreamworks’ Kung Fu Panda 3 to become the highest-grossing animated feature of all-time in China.

Should Zootopia outgross KFP3 in China, it would be a hugely embarrassing blow to Dreamworks head Jeffrey Katzenberg, who has hinged his company’s future on the Chinese market, and who has spent years building Oriental Dreamworks on the theory that he understands what kind of animation Chinese audiences want to see. Kung Fu Panda 3 was supposed to have been perfectly calibrated to Chinese tastes, yet the film could cede its box office record to Disney, which made no such attempt with Zootopia to custom-design the film for Chinese audiences.

On the bright side for KFP3, the film was the #2 film around the world last weekend, after Zootopia, thanks to a major offshore expansion. The film added $28.6m internationally, boosting its foreign total to $219.5m. Domestically, the film earned an estimated $1.7m in its seventh weekend, lifting its US total to $136.4m. Its global gross is $355.9m to date, and it will almost certainly end up underperforming compared to the first two films in the franchise.

Let’s also take a moment to make a general point about animation. The top three film releases in the United States this year so far are Deadpool ($328.1m), Zootopia ($142.6m), and Kung Fu Panda 3 ($136.4m). Not only are two of those films animated, but Deadpool was directed by an animator. Hollywood doesn’t give our art form or its practitioners much (if any) respect, but audiences have made it abundantly clear whose work they prefer.

  • Ben

    And neither Kung Fu Panda 3 or Zootopia are out in Aus yet, and people wonder why we fucking pirate shit. Jesus christ.

    • Austin Papageorge

      Hey, at least you’ll get to see Zootopia this Friday.

      • Just be thankful Australia doesn’t have to wait another month like Japan will.

    • valdemort

      Zootopia had many screenings last night. Most were sold out.

    • Bernie Bunuan

      That’s depressing. I wonder how the animation industry is doing over there.

  • Indeed.

  • Zanda

    I found Zootopia to be the one of the most, if not the most, intelligent film by Disney Animation Studios to date.

  • “which made no such attempt with Zootopia to custom-design the film for Chinese audiences.”

    The only customized thing they did was replace one of the newscasters with a panda for the Chinese market, but that’s about it.

  • Jase Wrangler

    Didn’t Fritz the Cat sort of do that first?

    • Andrew

      Sure Fritz has racism topics in the comic, in my opinion it’s not as explicit and story driving than blacksad, but Fritz deserve credits too.

      I hope viewers catches on what’s being made before, the innovative aspect of Zootopia is currently praised to an absurd level, with nothing left to the pionners.

      • Well, these things do happen, there’s always someone who had the idea first, often ahead of the curve and never discovered until it’s too late.

        • Andrew

          There’s two medias i think are worth to be added to the list, first is mouse guard, revolving around predator/prey conflict, published around 2007, and cats don’t dance, but the racism topic in this movie is too obfusced to be compared to zootopia; you can only get it once you realise they used “cats” as a slang word.

  • GabzGirl

    UK resident here. We only got KFP3 last week and have to wait another week before Zootropolis (as it’s known here) comes out! Really sucks..

  • Netko

    I love Blacksad but I sincerely doubt that’s the first story to use animals to talk about racism.