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Cartoon Dump: Episode 1


Combine the contents of my annual Worst Cartoons Ever! screenings with the warped comic mind of Frank Conniff (“TV’s Frank” from Mystery Science Theater 3000) and you have Cartoon Dump.

The first Cartoon Brew Films original production, Cartoon Dump is a new weekly podcast that exposes the seamy underbelly of cartoon history. Join us! Sing along with Mighty Mister Titan, Compost Brite and Moodsy, the Clinically Depressed Owl. Check it out. It’s funny, it’s flipped out and it’s free!

  • Whenever I read the title “Cartoon Dump”, it always reminds me of either Mr Hankey, or something you take at a Toontown rest area.

    It’s a fun show. Keep it up!

  • I agree with Floyd. Thanks you guys for all your hard work to keep us both entertained and horrified. I’d never downloaded (let alone purchased) a podcast before this so that just proves how special y’all are. ;)

    I missed out on the whole “Worst Cartoons” panel this year, this made up for it. How often do you guys plan on releasing episodes? I should say, how many episodes can we look forward to?

  • Now this fun! I missed live Steve Allen Theatre taping but this version is perfect. Gone are the days of UHF local TV, now we have net streaming Cartoon Dump, Whoopee! More! More!

  • Christopher Cook

    Cartoon Dump is eight minutes I’ll never get back. And it’s so hilarious I don’t want those minutes back! As I said at Comic-Con the bad cartoons hurt so good.

  • Robert Igoe

    Awesome! I’m guessing we all have a whole list of cartoons we’d like to see skewered by Compost Brite and her friends, such as The Mighty Hercules and pretty much everything Trans-Lux did outside of Speed Racer, and I’m sure they’ll get to them. And when it comes to sarcastic attacks on bad media, Frank Coniff is certainly a name you can trust!

  • Norton

    Craig Clark happened onto an even better name for this project: “Streaming Dump”, which works on so many levels.

  • Adam

    I was laughing so much at that Titan cartoon-its craptastic!

  • Fun stuff….thanks Jerry!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Heh, not an RSS-type thing I could catch easily but you’ll offer it to me for free to view online are you? :-)

    That dumpster for this entry brings back a lot of memories of my high school years!

  • Bill Field

    The Good
    1. Acting is great
    2. Writing: funny(satire like MST3K)
    3. Great choice of a bad cartoon

    The Bad
    1. too short
    2. background/set needs help

    The Ugly
    1. Moodsy needs an Owl head
    2. More characters needed
    3. Show More of Dump World

    For the first episode, I think it was really good, and I’m sure it’s evolving into something that comedy central or Adult Swim would put on their schedules. More on-purpose goof ups and gags about poor production values like local kid shows were famous for, will help push this in the right direction as well. Terrific first original feature, Jerry!

  • Hi !! This show is amazing..i laughed a lot when i saw it. I’m Italian and here in my country we have never seen this cartoons…so i’ve written in my blog about this show and how you guys have done a great job! I want that, here in Italy, people know about these worst cartoons ever! So i would like to post, every week a link to the episode. Sorry for my english, i hope you like my blog even if is all in italian. See you around.

  • Hilarious! Thematically it reminded me of a failed comic strip I did about 10 years ago. I’m old and I only vaugely remember Mighty Mr Titan. My only complaint? Too short. Needed another bad cartoon.

    A flip side to this show might be a midnight-movie style cartoon show that shows good forgotten cartoons – like Linus the Lionhearted. The bootleggier, the better. Just a thought. Look forward to attending the next taping – Andy

  • TimmyElliot

    I loved the first part! It was hilarious. I’m looking forward to seeing more. The cartoon itself — lost patience after a minute.

  • James Kormann

    Very good. I thought the whole thing was highly amusing. Mighty Mr. Titan was definitely one of the most horrible cartoons I have ever seen -in fact it’s so bad I’d be willing to watch it again just to enjoy it’s uber crappiness. All in all, Cartoon Dump is a very entertaining little show and I look forward to watching future episodes. Great work Jerry and TV’s Frank!

  • Steve Gattuso

    Oh, there’s plenty more of Mr. Titan. And it’s just as bad all the time.

  • I’m as willing to try anything new as the next guy…

    But I’m glad I didn’t pay for this. I’m sorry. I know you’ve got good intentions… but this show didn’t even make me smile.

    And beware the lawyers of whoever owns Rainbow Brite.

  • That was pretty good, I’m looking forward to the next trip to the Dump!

  • Ian Copeland

    I agree with Dave. If Compost Brite and Moodsy had interacted with the cartoon — perhaps struggled to do a few Mighty Mister Titan exercises — you might have struck funny.