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Cartoon Dump Episode 2

Cartoon Dump

Calling all animation haters! The second episode of our new web series Cartoon Dump is now up at CartoonBrewFilms.com. Somehow we are managing to keep up with our schedule to deliver a fresh episode once a week. This week, Compost Brite reads her fan mail!

The big news in Dumpster-ville is that we’ve arranged to perform Cartoon Dump live, one night every month, at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, California. We’ll be there every fourth Tuesday of each month starting August 28th. (Mark your calender for Sept. 25th, Oct. 23rd and Nov. 27th in 2007). If you are in town, or planning a trip to L.A., please come by and meet the cast and crew in person. We will be introducing new cartoons, new characters, and guest “famous name” comedians each month.

  • Nic Kramer

    Great episode, Jerry! By the way, was the “sponser” a reference to the hair tonic gag from “Porky’s Party” (1938)?

  • Bugsmer

    That cartoon was just as bad as the last one. YouTube should have videos like the first one with Titan so we computer nerds can get some exercise. This cartoon with Adam reminds me a bit of Tomorrowland, where they may have borrowed the idea from. You’re a great curator, Jerry.

  • Little Atom’s cold war preoccupations, while twisted and deadly, are most endearing.

  • Ziggy Zerboutski

    Its so funny how Moodsy’s face looks shiny-like he’s sweating from constantly drinking alcohol.

  • It’s like a bad accident…horrifying and I can’t stop watching.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Jerry, you are rapidly reaching James Lileks-levels of fame for knowing so much about crap cartoons. So when are you going to write that book on the topic?

  • Bill the Splut

    Will future episodes feature cartoons that weren’t made by the government? The two shown so far not only weren’t made with any intention to be commercially profitable, they were designed to be shown at schools, to kids who had no choice but to watch them. Of course they suck! It’s like watching the Prelinger Archive. Is this a copyright issue?
    I’d like to see Super President, the only cartoon that insulted my intelligence when I was seven.

  • D. Follower

    My first time posting — I just wanted to say that I’m enjoying Cartoon Dump very much. (Extra thanks that you’re encoding the paid downloads in MPEG4, which can go straight to iTunes and my Apple TV without any conversions.) As for Bill’s question: the Cartoon Dump logo prominently features Sinbad Jr, and Clutch Cargo, so I wouldn’t think it’s too long before they show up. (I’m not a diligent enough student of bad animation to know where the other characters in the logo come from — I’m calling them “Hiawatha” and “Maypo cowboys”.)

  • James Kormann

    Another good episode featuring yet another delightfully craptastic cartoon. Keep it coming!