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Christina Miller Named Cartoon Network, Adult Swim President

Cartoon Network has named Christina Miller as its new president and general manager. She will also serve the same roles for Adult Swim and Boomerang. Miller fills the leadership vacancy left by Stu Snyder, who departed the network in March.

Miller joins CN from Turner Sports Strategy/Marketing/Programming where she oversaw NBA Digital’s portfolio including the NBA TV network and Prior to that job, she was senior v-p of Cartoon Network Enterprises (CNE) and directed the network’s consumer products and home video business in the United States. At CNE she launched the merchandise line for Ben 10 and epxanded the division’s role to include third-party licensing.

In her new role, Miller will work with Turner International to “establish short and long-term priorities, as well as an overall worldwide strategic plan that will more closely align the kids business.” Miller, who will report to David Levy, president of Turner Broadcasting System, will lead a team of business and creative execs including Rob Sorcher, chief content officer for Cartoon Network, and Mike Lazzo, exec-vp/creative director of Adult Swim.

Miller’s experience with digital brands points to an area in which Cartoon Network could attempt to expand its presence. The announcement of her hiring also emphasizes the network’s pursuit of a more global approach to growing Cartoon Network and Boomerang. “These are beloved brands with a passionate following,” said Miller, “and there’s a tremendous opportunity to continue to grow them domestically and, with guidance from David and Turner International President Gerhard Zeiler, a new focus on alignment and partnership to leverage the global potential of Cartoon Network and Boomerang.”

  • Joseph Patrick

    Just as long as it doesn’t include turning CN into a clone of Nickelodeon or Disney Channel by making more live action shows, I’m optimistic!

    • Josh Moore

      Hopefully not the route by Nickelodeon with only focusing on one property excessively through people’s throats and ignoring to promote everything else.

      • Steele Carter

        I think Cartoon Network kind of does this now with Adventure Time. Sure, they promote other shows like Regular Show and on occasion, The Amazing World of Gumball, however, they mainly focus on Adventure Time. Seems like there is a commercial for this particular show every hour on the hour. :-/

        • Josh Moore

          To their credit, they are at least giving a commercial for those shows together when they premiere unlike what Nick does.

        • James VanDam

          Right It’s kind like Cartoon Network has just become all about adventure time and nothing else. Heck they even push the writers/animators to keep cranking out episodes with little in between season time to breath.

          • Steele Carter

            Yes, I’ve noticed that as well! And at the risk of being bashed on here, I’m not a big fan of Adventure Time. I personally think that The Amazing World of Gumball is Cartoon Network’s best “kiddie” cartoon. And if Young Justice were still on the air, I would call that the best action cartoon CN had/has. Hopefully, CN can push other shows more like Steven Universe and others.

  • L_Ron_Hoover

    Hopefully she knows a thing or two about animation and cares a lot about making and producing quality, original content. The industry has yet to find another golden goose like Linda Simensky.

    I want to see fun/creative marketing ideas come back. I miss animation bumpers, the random mini-shorts, CN Groovies, Nicktoons Film Festival, Oh Yeah! Cartoons, What A Cartoon, etc. Those were brilliant and showed just how inclusive and artist-friendly the studios were to a variety of animation styles.

    • Roberto Severino

      Linda Simensky was amazing at her job for sure! Now that’s the Cartoon Network I liked best.

  • Toonio

    As long Robot Chicken does something gross to her on the next season opening, I approve (figure of speech).

    • Strong Enough

      figure of speech?

    • anara

      I’m not sure I understand…?

  • Crystal

    I remember when the Aqua Teen Bomb Scare happened and the previous guy resigned, people had been complaining about CN for a while and said “Maybe this will lead to improvement now?!” but then they complained when Snyder was around as well. Here’s something I noticed though:

    Prior to Stu Snyder: My Gym Partner’s a Monkey, Camp Lazlo, Class of 3000, Squirrel Boy, Re-animated
    After Stu Snyder: Adventure Time, Regular Show, Sym-Bionic Titan, Steven Universe

    I actually got a lot more out of the 2nd set of shows than I did from the first set (although I adored Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends). I get the complaints about live-action programming, but I actually preferred more CN originals in the 10s than I did in the 2nd half of the 00s (and CB gave a lot of criticism during that era too). I have nothing against Miller joining, I’m sure she’ll do fine. Also, I think some need to remember whoever is in charge, they’re still trying to make a profit. I’m sure none of them want to make a choice that’s gonna result in a bunch of people getting laid off.

  • Roberto Severino

    I really hope she will be way better than Stuart Snyder. Even a trained monkey could do a better job than he did IMHO,

  • yay!!!!!!!

    NBA? Ben 10 Marketing? Yay! I love these awesome suits who live, love and respect cartoons!!!

    Score another one for the idea of creative suits and trickle down economics! Both viable, sound and completely non-oxymoron concepts.

    Whos cares who the woman/man making 600k a year is this year. Why is this on cartoon brew? These suits aren’t Walt. Or Bakshi. Or even Katzenberg. What “voice” are people expecting from a VP or CEO of anything.

    Just another round of HR vetting and background checks and high paying benality fostered by stock market tickers and old white men.

    Big f deal.

    • Amy Gumm

      Miller was also senor vice president for Hit entertainment, which deals with preschool programming.

      • James VanDam


  • Jean-Bob

    I want to see more Theatrical cartoons on CN again like Popeye and Looney Tunes.

  • Phil

    I wish I could smile that wide. It requires practice, I guess

  • BlueBoomPony

    Buy team Korra from Nickelodeon because Nick has no clue how to handle it. The premiere of season 3 was one of the best kept secrets on TV this month.

  • starss

    As long as she doesn’t creatively touch Toonami, I’m fine.

  • OdysseyTag

    She seems promising so looking forward to what she does with the channel. Still can’t believe Stu Snyder tried what he did on the only remaining channel which stayed true to animation!

  • Dan Milano

    WOOO MORE “GOT GAME” AWARDS! So relevant to cartoons…

  • Steven Bowser

    As long as we get CARTOONS on CARTOON Network then I think we’re in good shape.

  • Polex411

    lets hope she gets cartoon network back to what made it great. original show that are meant for both kids and adults. and plz throw out all of those Canadian shows that just aren’t funny, entertaining, hell if she just got the rights to air avengers earths mightest heroes people would love her forever.

  • Trevorton Thompson

    I hope she realizes what this network was created for and doesn’t try to change the format.

    Off topic: Cartoon Network could’ve taken over The CW’s Saturday morning lineup.

  • mordecai2015

    Please put boomerang back to the classic way it was it’s too new and it just dosent have that classic feeling anymore it use to feel magical now it dosent feel right now please put it back I’m begging of you thanks

  • starss

    ….. could she be a factor in Toonami’s block being cut into a 3.5-hour long one?? >:

  • Karolyn Rlaston

    They should put Generator Rex back on Cartoon Network