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C.O.R.E. Digital Shut Down This Afternoon

CORE Digital

C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, the Toronto-based CG/sfx house that produced Disney’s The Wild, shut down this afternoon. The studio has also provided animation for the features Valiant and Ant Bully, Chris Landreth’s short The Spine, and dozens of TV shows and features. Canadian Animation Resources has been following the story and reported that at 3pm this afternoon employees were called into a boardroom and told that the studio was closing. They were asked to pack their personal belongings and hit the road. As many as one hundred and fifty people may have lost their jobs, and many of them have not received their paychecks for their last few weeks of work. There is concern amongst employees about whether they will be paid. The studio was founded by Bob Munroe, John Mariella, Kyle Menzies and William Shatner (yes, that William Shatner).

UPDATE: The Tuesday edition of the Hollywood Reporter has a brief story about the shutdown of C.O.R.E. Digital.

  • Tim Hodge

    That’s gotta stink. I hope all those artists & production staff can find work soon without having to move too far.

  • CMB

    It’s a risky business, but I’ll take my chances out there and hope for the best! G/L to the newly unemployed staff, hopefully they can find some work!

  • Mitch Kennedy

    There’s nothing worse than sitting around waiting for a paycheque that never comes. I hope some good opportunities are now found by my Toronto pals.

  • doop

    Here’s hoping they make it through :/

  • Ouch. I know that feeling all too well.

    Hard times. Good luck C.O.R.E. folks. Hang in there.

    (and the people who are losing their jobs at Bob Z’s Image Movers. )


  • Pedro Nakama

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t there Disney money involved with CORE Digital?

  • Even for 3d animation :(

  • The world is an unsure place right now monetarily. Good luck and best wishes to all the C.O.R.E. folks and anyone else out there struggling.

    Keep doing work you love doing. Keep doing what’s whorthwhile…don’t let the money-men get you down.

  • The west coast of Canada may have some opportunities fairly soon for 3D artists.

  • Marc Levy

    Oh man…. I was about to apply there for a job…..

    Guess not.

  • my friend works over there and i spoke to them today. it seems like this story is correct in the way youre reporting it, amid. theyre not getting their paychecks OR their footage. the bank now owns the whole studio. its up to omation, who now owns it. they will either take it to india or scrap all the projects. wonderful [email protected]#$ing news.

  • Joe

    OMG! Another one gone :( It’s really ugly news, I hope that things get better for you guys and that maybe Pixar Canada has some employment. That they not get their paychecks is more than unfair, inhuman I would say. Things can’t go on like that!

  • Its such a shame to hear about things like this. My heart goes out to all the workers involved. We went through a similar situation here in Australia with Ettamogah Entertainment, a studio of about 120 people. Most of those people (myself included) are still owed money and benifits. I hope C.O.R.E.’s situation is resolved more quickly.

  • Ken

    Wow! I am in shock. I can’t beleive it. My heart goes out to all of my friends there and i wish them all the best.

  • Ariel

    This is horrible news. Though it was some time now that this studio was on the brink.

    Are both Digital Pictures AND Toons gone then?

    Best of luck to everyone. And is UBISoft opening up?(or is that on the west coast?)

  • w

    If you’re someone caught in that mess,
    I’d keep an eye on

    They’re putting out emails inviting potential employers to post notices at the site. One studio’s loss can be another’s gain, after all.

  • humming

    Well that would certainly explain his role in the film! O . O

    I thought they had closed immediately after The Wild!

  • @humming

    Actually, C.O.R.E. was doing special effects for SUCK and Splice.

    Splice was recently picked up by Warner Bros. for a June 2010 wide release. If Splice catches on, that’ll be an extra twist of the knife for the company, since Vincenzo Natali used C.O.R.E. for his 1997 film Cube.