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Imagi Auction

Imagi Auction

Imagi, the LA feature animation studio that went out of business a few months ago, is auctioning all of its equipment and furniture. Michael Sporn has posted the auction catalog on his blog. Perhaps now somebody will use the equipment to create something that people actually want to watch.

  • doop

    “Perhaps now somebody will use the equipment to create something that people actually want to watch”

    Way to kick them while they’re down :(

  • Clutch

    Like Gerald McBoing Boing?

  • Caspar the friendly executive

    Oh please. Please stop it. Please be a historian or a journalist or the guy who wrote the excellent Cartoon Modern. Stop being a troll on your own website and making these nasty little comments which are really, really putting me off what was my favourite animation place. Maybe this company’s films sucked. Discuss why. Maybe DW’s trails aren’t as good as some of their movies. So review them and contrast. But stop getting off on being nasty and celebrating some of your readers losing their jobs.

  • victoria

    Maybe YOU can Amid I mean the way you’re always talking like you know everything, nows your chance to put your money where your mouth is.

    You’re tired of stupid animated movies, make one yourself, I would love to see what the perfect animated feature really looks like.

  • rakesh

    hah! people who never create a film always find it easy deciding how badly others who do it suck at their jobs.

  • I thought the Ninja Turtles film was sweet!

  • fishmorgjp

    Oh how nasty! Perish forbid that Amid or anybody else comment rudely on the failure of an CG animation company that put out garbage! Shut up shut up shut up! Moo!

  • Matthew Petersen

    It’s funny, every time I come to this site, I LOVE to read what Jerry has to say. When I read what Amid has to say I usually get irritated due to the fact that it ALWAYS seems so negative and mean (like that last line just above).

  • humming

    How To Write An Amid Post
    1.) Start with a standard news coverage introduction a few sentences.
    2.) Make a sarcastic jab by relating it to something that has nothing to do with it.

  • ZING.

  • Cole Johnson

    Hello, Amid—-Your sharp comments are most welcome. If something is awful (like Filmation) please say it! If an outfit can’t make anything good, then they go out of business. If they produce something good, they should recieve the rewards. Keep telling it like it ’tis!

  • Randy

    I look forward to your movie Amid. Oh wait, that’s right, you’ve never actually done anything creative or original in your life.

    Why does Jerry continue to be associated with such a troll?

    P.S. LOVED LOVED LOVED The Art of Robots! AMAZING BOOK!!!!!!! And by “book” I mean “turd.”

  • mick

    amid says stuff like that
    only those with a short memory or people new to the blog
    would be surprised and indignant

    a throw away remark in any other instance can still be viewed
    as such even when it is DANDAN DERRRRR ‘on the internet’

  • This site needs an Amid filter.

  • i watched astro boy as a kind of last resort. i had been put of by folk like amid and stupid harry knowles knocking it.

    it was AWESOME ! after walking out of the theatre, i immediately wanted to walk right back in ! the people who made that movie LOVED robots. you could tell – every single design was sweetness.

    i despise amid and his negative comments and im happy to hear others do too. amid – your negativity hurts this site. i for one have been coming here less and less.

  • MattSullivan

    Jeez Amid. How bitter do you have to be? Sheesh.


    Oh my god people grow the hell up. I disagree with his statement but damn. If you’re going to argue can you at least come up with something better than “Oh yeah well let’s see your film, asshole!” Am I back on the playground? is it the 80’s?

    Personally I thought TMNT was great, and I didn’t see Astroboy. I hate to see animators lose their jobs though.

    Amid we all know your biased towards the expressionist, hand made style of animation, but you could be more sensitive when you comment on people’s lively hood. Would you have said the same thing when Fox animation in Phoenix closed down? What about the Disney 2D animation unit in Florida. Even though a film may flop financially it doesn’t mean that there isn’t and army of hard working people pouring everything they’ve got into that film and praying for its success.

    There are studios that deserve this kind of treatment, but I don’t think Imagi is one of them.

  • marley

    Good luck to all the amazing Imagi artists in their future endeavors. Don’t give up.

    “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

  • Amid is entitled to his opinions and to express them how he sees fit. No one is being forced to read what he writes. You can even click “view posts by Jerry” under Mr. Beck’s name near the top of the page if you really would rather not see what Amid has written.

    That said, I’m a little unclear on why someone who doesn’t hesitate to bash what he doesn’t like would go after another person for bashing Theo Ushev’s poster for Ottawa.

  • marley

    “Am I back on the playground? is it the 80’s?”

    judging by the juvenile and spiteful nature of amid’s post, yeah.

  • Dave

    Here’s your Amid filter:

  • mick


    ‘think you can report better than Amid??? where’s your cartoon news/ analysis blog??? Oh i forgot you don’t have one’

    see what I did there?

    this is just getting stupid… another day on the internet

  • ivor heath

    “Perhaps now somebody will use the equipment to create something that people actually want to watch.”

    No point in you buying any of it then Amid.

  • Thanks Dave! (fixed my bookmark)

  • amid

    Nobody likes to see animators lose their jobs, including myself. But it doesn’t hurt to question why those artists lost their jobs. When a company is in it solely for the money and demands of its artists to make emotionally and intellectually dishonest work, these will be the results. Every single time. Documenting the fall-out, as I did in this post, should be a wake-up call to other studios who are currently headed down the same path (Disney Feature, I’m looking at you).

    The number of animation artists employed is never a good measure for success (unless you’re the union). Success is better measured by how you spend your resources (whether it’s human capital, equipment, or money) to create meaningful work that affects audiences and has lasting value on the culture. Imagi was a complete failure in that respect and I’m not sorry to see them go.

  • Scarabim

    Give me a break, Amid. Astro Boy stumbled in the states because of lousy advertising and a worse release schedule. But it did pretty well elsewhere in the world and it’s selling well on DVD/Blu-Ray.

    And ANYBODY who watched that film and wasn’t at least a little moved and entertained by it needs to get in touch with his/her human side. If they still have one.

  • ivor heath

    “emotionally and intellectually dishonest work” eh Amid?

    A bit like “The Art of Robots” then.

  • de

    Hey Amid! Maybe you should buy some of their stuff. Let’s see you create something that would pass your “high” standards.

    Just a 30 second micro-short Amid. C’mon. You can do it right?

    Didn’t think so.

    For all the former Imagi animation artists out there (yeah, even the producers and execs), I pray that you will all rise up some day in some form to create new animation for all of us. GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Chas

    Amid – Have you seen “Astro”? I’d like to hear more about how it is “emotionally and intellectually dishonest.” I’m not trying to be mean or snarky – I’m just curious about what feels like a very serious critique against a movie at least some people here enjoyed.

  • tgentry

    Kind of harsh. I thought Astro Boy was moderately enjoyable fun and so did my little boy. It certainly was NOT emotionally and intellectually dishonest. A lot of it was actually well done and a lot of people worked really hard on it. Not every movie is going to be great, to say that a company deserved to go under and to dance over it’s grave when they actually put out decent (if not fantastic, Pixar-level) work seems pretty cold-blooded and unnecessary. I think it’s a shame there’s one less studio making animation, be it bad, good, or great.


    I think you’re being to harsh Amid. It’s easy to look at the final product and label it emotionally dishonest, but I can’t help but think that these films that fail to ‘have lasting value on the culture’ of animation were still good for animators. They were still learning opportunities for those who were green, opportunities for older more experienced animators to pass down their knowledge so it isn’t forgotten, an opportunities for everyone involved to learn no techniques so they could stay competitive, and for animators to network-the people you meet working on a schlock film could end up being your ticket into a 5 star production.

    And I don’t think you can just dismiss the financial side of animation-animators still need to eat, put a roof over their heads and send their kids to school, and you can’t do that by holding out and waiting for Pixar to call.

    I know that when I was an angrier young college student I would want productions to fail. If you told me Dreamworks went under after making Sharktale I probably would have laughed. But that was before I knew how hard making a living was, especially for animators. Now I wouldn’t wish ill on any animated production-I guess I value the well being of the people that worked on it more than the possible effect that work might have on animation culture in general.

  • That’s sad to see all those hopes and dreams being auctioned off.

  • amid

    Robcat2075: Thanks for bringing the comments back on topic. This post is about an auction, not about your opinions of the Brewmasters. We gave everybody a chance to vent, but further off-topic comments will be deleted.