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No Encore for Monsters vs. Aliens

Jeff Katzenberg on why there won’t be a second installment of Monsters vs. Aliens:

“I’d like to tell you there’s a perfectly rational, clear and easy answer as to why not, but there isn’t. There was enough of a consensus from our distribution and marketing folks in certain parts of the world that we would be pushing a boulder up a hill.”

Who said that a concerted effort by the international community wasn’t a good way of stopping Katzenberg from making bad films? If one good thing came out of the film though, it’s this poster by Nate Wragg created for the MvA TV special, Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space, that debuts on NBC tonight:

Pumpkin Invasion

UPDATE: Nate Wragg has uploaded the other poster he created for the MvA TV special onto his blog.

  • Chuck R.

    Don’t know much about MvA or creepy color, but that’s one damn fine poster.

  • Mike!

    I was shocked when I read this. Could this mean something in the long run? But then again, Nickelodeon did pick up a pilot for a MvA show, and it’s possible it could become a series, so I’m still ambivalent.
    What an amazing poster though. Of course it makes me wish the special were done in THAT style, but still…

  • joe

    face is MVA was horrible!
    If The movie was a quarter as good as that poster I’d be sad they weren’t making a sequel, but its not so I’m HAPPY.

  • The first time in a while I gave a DreamWorks cartoon a chance (and liked it), and this happens.

    Oh well.

  • DianeM

    Nate Wragg’s poster makes me want to see … more of his work.

  • :C
    I quite liked this silly little scifi film.

  • Poster design is really awesome! As for the special, it wasn’t bad, but could’ve been better. Felt fast paced, but there were some nice chuckles along the way.

    I just wished that Jeffrey K. would understand that not everything needs a sequel, no matter how much money he could gain from it. Too bad he won’t learn that lesson any time soon…..seeing he likes to be the Land Before Time of this generation.

  • The poster is telling the truth: Horror, yes. However, horror at such a weak and boring script, such a mishmash of directionless directing, plus such unappealing characters!! I saw the TV show special tonight. What a monstrous waste of precious time. Not worth the powder to blow it up. Rewrite, as in freshman level screenwriting class. That would be a start. Then, on another channel, was the simple, charming, irresistible “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” written by the great Charles Schulz. No contest. The hopeless fad V. the timeless classic.

  • Tom D

    I liked MVA myself, and all of my friends do too (all well into adulthood, if not middle age). The movie was the second best thing DWA was ever involved in.

    Pick on Shrek, Bee Movie, Madagascar, Over the Hedge or Sharktale, Shrek 2, Shrek 3 or Madagascar 2 all you like, but leave the Missing Link and the Panda movies out of it, Amid!

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I enjoyed MvA,its sad there won’t be a sequel. I still would like to see
    a sequel to Over The Hedge.

  • Karl Wilcox

    I haven’t seen the movie but liked the TV special.

  • Nate Wragg’s artwork rocks!

  • Fred Cline

    I liked MVA – but I don’t want to see a sequel. I liked Titanic, but I don’t want to see a sequel. I liked Citizen Kane, but I don’t want to see a sequel. There are plenty of original ideas in the world – it would be great if that’s all we ever saw in theaters!

    BTW, the poster is AWESOME! Gimme…

  • MVA is not a bad film, but I feel it didn’t quite fire off. My wife, who is Korean, said that the movie is filled with jokes that just don’t play overseas. The fact that they mercilessly ridicule the president for example.
    Personally, I was saddened to hear this, as I would have loved to take a crack at working on the sequel. It’s a fun world with fun characters!

  • Kevan

    Regardless of the quality of script (which was quite passable, and this cast is a blast to hear go at it), it was just nice to see a TV special based on a feature animated property that held the same standard of animation and art direction as the original (Something that has baffled me in the case of CG films to tv where the assets are pre-existing!)! Animated holiday tv used to be pretty decent when it came to production values, but lately they seem to get worse budgets than the weekly Canadian imports on CN! I rather enjoyed the special, and the charisma of the characters made me interested in renting the film (which I skipped this Summer). I also felt that this particular style of Halloween story made me feel very nostalgic, much the same way Monster House did. And while this actually makes me smirk a little bit, being that it will be nice to see what appears to be a nice animated property not get sequeled into oblivion; something tells me that of all of DW’s franchises, THIS is the one that would hold up best creatively to that practice!

  • Mike Joffe

    MvA was close to a good movie. I got the feeling that if it had more time to properly boil and if it had someone stronger at the helm to reign in some of the meandering self indulgence it would have been quite good. Its a shame that the closest thing Dreamworks has had to a good movie apparently doesn’t get any love from the execs for dumb reasons (gee a send up of 50s Americana sci fi didn’t do great overseas? I am SHOCKED), since that means they’ll probably go back to their older, even-less-likely-to-make-a-good-movie habits, but its not a shame its not getting a sequel because we have way to many of those in the first place.

    A tv series with a couple of strong talents at the helm could be fun, and fit the sci fi serial tone of the movie well. It could work as a kid-friendly equivalent of Venture Bros, full of pastiche and ridiculous pun-tastic send-ups. More likely it though would just be another terrible Nickolodeon-style 3d mess without clear direction, jokes or design.

  • MVA is a film with all the elements in place to be terrific, but is mostly dull with bad storytelling throughout.
    When Insectosaurus turns into a butterfly he becomes the most horrible character design in modern film making.

    I’m looking forward to another Panda film.
    I loved the first one a great deal.

  • Ethan

    It wasn’t a bad film, but it made less money than the usual Dreamworks film (the 3 latest all made above 600M$), so the decision is quite rational to me.

    Fingers crossed for How to Train your Dragon… Obviously you can expect them to adapt all the books if the first one is financially successful, but I do have high expectations for the first one. Are we allowed to mention Chris Sanders here? It seems taboo or something, so I won’t :)

  • I thought MVA was as good or bad as any other DWKs effort. Some parts are good, other parts are bad, overall they entertain, but at the end of the day you don’t feel the urge to watch them ever again. They just lack direction, but like others had mentioned, I thought this time they had a good concept and even though they didn’t use it to its full potential I found it more entertaining than most DWKs films. I laughed at it and enjoyed the 3D, while I didn’t really find Madagascar very funny, for example.

    It’s a shame, cause sometimes you can see they get it right with some scenes or gags that do feel a little more like Looney Tunes and a little less like Disney. If they managed to be like that all the time they could be a proper alternative to Pixar.

    They really need to do another film like Kung Fu Panda.
    And I’m glad Katzenberg is not doing a sequel of everything they had done. I’m actually pretty worried about the KFP sequels though if they do them right it could work as a kung fu saga.

    I also have high hopes for How To Train Your Dragon.

  • Sorry, when I said Madagascar I meant Madagascar 2, although I didn’t find Madagascar 1 all that funny either, but I thought it was quite enjoyable in the first scenes, where the animals were still in Manhattan.

  • The film was mediocre, and I doubt the special will be much better, but I must say, that’s one fine poster.

  • The other poster is even better than this one.

  • Monsters Vs. Aliens was fine, but totally forgettable. All our kids liked it, but they like anything when they’re stuffing their faces with popcorn and candy.

  • wgan

    MvA couldn’t be worse, you know what is the most terrible thing about it, it totally wasted the B.O.B

  • Peter

    There’d be an Monsters Vs. Aliens sequel if it was financially feasible, but when you START a franchise with a $175-million (!) budget these days and there’s nowhere to go but up, you’re really MacPainting yourself into a corner.

  • FigmentJedi

    Aw man. Was hoping we’d get a sequel just for having more giant monsters in theaters again.
    Had no idea about that Halloween special until just now.

  • natashow

    sooo when is the actual monsters vs aliens going to air on nick? i must know