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Pixar Canada is Open For Business


Pixar’s new studio in Vancouver, Canada officially opened its doors earlier today. According to this article, the studio will begin production on its first film–featuring Mater from Cars–in August. The studio plans to create additional short films and specials for TV and web using existing characters from the Pixar library. Pixar Canada already has twenty employees and plans to add 55 more people within the next one-and-a-half years. To promote their new studio, Pixar produced a three-minute film, viewable on CTV-BC’s website that shows Pixar characters running around Vancouver and John Lasseter asking, “Is there a place more beautiful than Vancouver?”

  • Pedro Nakama

    Is John Lasseter in good health? He doesn’t look well in this video.

  • Matt Sullivan

    So they couldn’t open this studio in America and employ Americans WHY?

  • Ray

    It would have been awesome if they had reopened the old Disney Florida studio and set up Pixar East down there. Curse Canada’s tax breaks!!

  • They don’t have to get Visa applications for all the Canadians they already hire. Easy to get huge tax incentives for productions, and quality of life in Van is the highest in North America. Not to mention a huge talent pool.
    Plus Lasseter is probably a lefty, and agrees with Michael Moore’s glowing endorsement of Canada, or maybe a big Neil Young fan.

    free health care! no draft! same sex marriage, less guns, ketchup flavored potato chips and hockey for all.

    But I wonder how all the red state Nascar dads who kids love “cars” will feel about this.

  • NC

    Murray Bain: “But I wonder how all the red state Nascar dads who kids love “cars” will feel about this.”

    Nothing, I think the only people who know or care about this are animators. I’d bet you no one other than animation insiders know about studios’ international dealings. Speaking as someone born and raised in a small town in the Mojave Desert. No one outside of LA or any other big city cares about animation.

  • Casper the friendly executive.

    Tax breaks. Tax breaks. Tax breaks. Welcome to the world economy.

  • nw

    why do ppl assume that artists from other countries are out to get American jobs. They are hired because of their skills and talent not because of their country of origin

  • Scarabim

    Sing it with me!


    Seriously, I wouldn’t move to Canada even for work. :P

  • Attila

    This is really crass. It’s not like PIXAR needs to save money.

  • Gobo

    Wow, this’ll be a fantastic addition to the Vancouver animation scene. If I was working in the field, I’d move there in a hot second — it’s a beautiful city.

  • Murray, you forgot Vancouver’s lax attitude towards pot.

    This is great news for Vancouver’s animation community. The city really is one of the best I’ve ever visited… too bad it’s so bloody expensive to live downtown.

  • TheVok

    Why do so many assume this has anything to do with saving money? Look how high the Canuck dollar is these days … not exactly a bargain, folks.

  • @ TheVok – its not the the Loonie is low or high its that the Canadian Gov’t subsidizes films and film companies that hire Canadians (which is why its so hard for an American to get a job up North) They also offer massive tax incentives.

    Okay now that they have this bring one to NYC!! May I suggest DUMBO?

  • Paul N

    Bud Lightyear? You’d think they’d tell the politicos the character’s names before the press conference.

  • More power to them but for the folks who think its not about money educate yourself a little more about it. Without a doubt there are tons of talented animators and artists up yonder, I have worked with plenty of them but don’t deny that Disney is out to save a few bucks.

  • Tom Heres

    Canada’s bland as oatmeal animation traditions seem to be at odds with Pixar in everything but tone. We’ll see what comes out of this studio, but I am disappointed that in a country packed with crackling talent (the US) Pixar couldn’t find a spot to build a studio using a home grown staff.

  • Boris

    3 WORDS – George St Pierre!!!

  • HB


    Great news! This’ll be great for animation in Canada and Vancouver.

  • de

    Yay GSP!!!

  • hendz

    Vancouver is awesome and so are the animators.

  • Caspar the friendly executive

    “Bland as oatmeal animation traditions.” Yeah, that’s told the National Film Board Of Canada.

  • Good stuff. The city buzzes :)

  • Let’s see…healthcare that won’t bankrupt you, low crime, yummy cheese and real beer…not to mention you can snowboard in the morning and go windsurfing or play golf in the afternoon. Gotta envy all those new employees. Oh, did I mention the nightlife, the ocean vistas and the scenery of the north shore mountains. Congrats!

    Almost forgot…what’s stopping talented artists from anywhere in the world from applying for a job there? I’m sure that if you have the credentials it would be somewhat easy for the company to secure a work visa, that is, if they really want you to work for them.

  • OtherDan

    That’s great. I’m clapping…but you can’t hear me because it’s with one hand. Little by little, decisions like these are cutting off our limbs and dreams. Great. Good job…Who’s happy about this announcement- other than Canadians? I’m happy for them. But, it’s just more sad news for our country. I guess their movies aren’t profitable enough.

  • Tom Heres

    Sorry, arguing that the Film Board of Canada proves that the feature and shorts are on par with the US is a straw man argument made from crazy straws. Quality animators from Canada make all of their biggest impact working in the US.

    “Canadanimation” is flavorless, colorless, odorless and can kill a studio lickety split. It’s the carbon monoxide of entertainment.

    I wish this were not the case. I love Canada, and it’s packed with talent, but the talent is not allowed to produce to the quality that can be reached. It’s in the plumbing or something.

  • DanP

    Wow. Hearing all the hate about this decision, you’d think Pixar opened up shop in some eastern European swamp and were training seamstresses to animate for wooden coins.

    Hey, Americans! Move to Canada for once, just like every Canadian has to move to the US at some point for work. It’s a career reality we all take for granted when we get into this business. The opening of one short subject studio shouldn’t be enough to get you all outraged.

    Re: the quality of “Canadamation”, that’s not down to the individual animators, but the demands of the directors/client. A great deal of which, incidentally, are American; at least for film, tv, and commercial productions. But you knew that.

    Frankly I think Toronto would have made more sense. Much bigger/more high end talent pool, but maybe I’m just prejudiced. :)

  • TheVok

    California’s giving all sorts of tax breaks, too. Other states are providing tonnes of government-subsidized competition. Vancouver isn’t the cheapest place to set up shop and hire locals, not by a long shot. Have you seen the real estate prices?!

  • Hey NW, that’s how the world works. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • How wonderful for Vancouver and the animators of canada, who will now have an opportunity to work at one of the greatest animation studios of our time without work visas or any other such nonsense.

    WHY the studio had to open in another country is beyond me, but there’s no point in sour grapes, right? Good for them.

  • Bernard Gregory

    I worked as a story artist and layout man at the Little Beans studio in Ottawa in the eighties, producing award winning television animations such as “Sunny and Sons”, “Grandfather Wolf’s Stories”, “Soup & Sandwich” and the more-for-adults/after ten PM programme “Maple Leaves”. We had a grand time working in commercials too, producing PSAs warning of the dangers of chewing tobacco, and the need to keep your car windows clean.

    Canada has a rich tradition of animating things, and it’s unfair to say that Canada’s lifeless animation is inferior to the U. States productions. I’d put Bennett Flair’s “Digger: Story of a Mountain Cat” up against any of Pixar’s output of the eighties. You’re making a jerk of yourself to be so rude!

  • What a Joke

    Way to go Pixar, you would think they were smart enough to make more jobs for Americans. There is a ton of talent here in your own country a country that needs work. What a bunch of idiots. ” I know, lets make studio up in Canada”… ” but sir, shouldn’t we create another one here.. we could have one anywhere here in the US, there is a ton of talent here, and we could even help out with creating more jobs here.” “No, my left arm is telling me Canada for some reason.”

    The more I think about it, the more idiotic it is.