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Tech Director Nathan Loofbourrow Is Elected Animation Guild President

DreamWorks technical director Nathan Loofbourrow was elected without opposition as President of the Los Angeles animation union Animation Guild, Local 839 IATSE. Prior to this, Loofbourrow was the Guild’s vice-president. The outgoing president Bob Foster will run for the executive board.

Jack Thomas, a writer for DreamWorks Television and current board member, was elected as the Guild’s new Vice-President, and longtime Guild business rep Steve Hulett was re-elected to his position. Both ran without opposition.

The Guild will announce the election winners for its Executive Board in November. There are fifteen candidates to fill eleven positions. In addition to Foster, the nominees include incumbents Bronwen Barry, John Cataldi, Nicole Dubuc, Janette Hulett, Cathy Jones, Gordon Kent and Eugene Son, plus former Board member Russell Calabrese and newcomers David Chlystek, Bill Flores, David Gemmill, Larry Smith, Robert St. Pierre and Dave Thomas.

  • Matt Norcross

    Question: Is anybody at Pixar a member of this labor union.

    • AmidAmidi

      Pixar is a non-union shop. There might be people working at Pixar though who are members of local 839 due to earlier jobs.

  • mick

    ‘Loofbourrow’ is simply a great name and it looks like it would be fun to write too

  • M

    Gemmel 2016

  • Mavis G

    Always has been. When Disney bought it they maintained the established non-union Pixar culture because Pixar wanted it that way.