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‘ABINORMAL!’ by Joey Capps

She’s really just your average teenager living an abnormal life. She’s Abby, and yet she’s not normal… she’s Abinormal!

Read a “making-of” blog post about the film.

Created By Joey Capps
Additional Writing by Tom Soulen and Danny Hynes
Storyboarded by Richard “DICKO” Mather
Background Design by Tom Soulen and Sam Marlow
Color Design by Elliott Byrne
Animated by Joey Capps, Mike Carlo, Danny Hynes, Aaron Brewer, Yuri Fain, Tim Prendergast
Voices: Deena Beck, Aaaron Brewer, Nathalie Magri, Rachel Gitlevich,Tim Prendergast, Joey Capps

  • Martin Cohen

    That was fun. I liked it.

  • D

    That was fun. What a great concept. I particularly liked the character designs really cartoony and fun and the bold line-work really made the characters stand out. On a side note some of the animation was a little stiff but I think the art work and designs made up for that. I wouldn’t mind seeing this as a series.

  • tjarmstrong

    First “Paranorman” comment.

  • Mike carlo

    I’m glad to see Joey making cartoons again! He’s a good friend of mine, and super talented, and I’m flattered and proud to have been able to work on Abbi!

  • thisisjakea

    really awesome! though the audio mix was a little all over the place volume-wise, i missed half the dialogue. still really rad short!

  • Jack Blackstone

    I give it a 6 or 7. Love the character designs.

  • Had the chance to see this at Midsummer Night Toons. Super fun.

  • DangerMaus

    Just shows how far down the road we have gone when “The Exorcist” becomes humor material for a kid’s cartoon.