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Cartoon Brew Pick

‘Cooped’ by Mike A. Smith

“A sofa-bound dog is shocked to learn that a whole world lies outside the door–the maddening, unbreakable door.” Directed and animated by Mike A. Smith.

Direction, Story, and Animation: Mike A. Smith
Sound Design: Jason Edwards
Score: John Morgan Askew and Cory Gray
Musicians: Cory Gray, John Morgan Askew, Ji Tanzer, and Derek Trost
Foley: Lou Guidi
Voices: Jason Edwards, Brock Morse, and Leo Edwards

  • Tony

    Hilarious! The best drawn cartoon I’ve seen in ages. Great timing and design.

  • Jamie Iles

    Thats some great comedy timing!

    • Trevor Cartmill-Endow

      True that. My kind of stuff. I’ll make one my self just like this someday.

  • John

    Saw this at Taos Shortz Fest. Mike A. Smith is the man