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Cartoon Brew Pick

‘Double King’ by Felix Colgrave

“In a land where every species of animal and plant answers to its own respective monarchy, one mysterious king with seemingly no subjects goes on a violent crusade to claim as many crowns as possible.”

Made by Felix Colgrave, Australia, 2017.

Selected for competition at Annecy 2017.

  • Dino

    Wonderful! I’m glad that Colgrave is making longer shorts, and glad that this one will be at Annecy. There’s amazing flavor and humor here, and a unique sense of story. Kudos!

  • Amazing !

  • A Stranger in the Alps

    The pacing on this is just perfect. Love it.

  • pat choli

    nice wish it were longer

  • ike

    This short is brilliant.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    This guy’s stuff is so amazing to watch–and wonderfully trippy.

  • Tomm


  • Tony

    Outstanding on all levels. It’s like the unholy spawn of Tex Avery, Pendelton Ward and Jim Henson.

    • wheresmyhouse

      Definitely has a Terry Gilliam vibe to it as well.

      • Mister_Munchie

        Even Prince and the Cobbler.

        • Tony

          You mean Thief and the Cobbler?

  • Harry Bastard

    Just lovely stuff.

  • Too Many Cooks

    It is rare that I see an animated short that is truly dreamlike. This is astounding.

  • Buck Brennan

    Love it!