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“Duck on the Run” by Nicole Stafford

This is my contribution to 48 hour films 2013! I painted the background with acrylics and then did the animation in Flash and camera moves in After Effects. The music is “Mubyo” by Shugo Tokumaru.

Made by Nicole Stafford at CalArts.

  • Rohit Iyer

    Love everything about it!

  • Jules

    That’s one speedy animator. I think Ub Iwerks would be proud. :-)

  • Janet perlman

    Love this!

  • akira

    how much was done in 48 hours? aftereffects work and everything? was there prep work? just curious. no matter how long it took it’s awesome. i’d love to see what you can make in 96 hours.

    • Nicole Stafford

      The theme for 48 hour films at CalArts is chosen at midnight on a Fridaynight/Saturdaymorning (“duck” for this year) so it’s relatively impossible to prep for these projects! It is super fun however to not sleep and go crazy and see what you can get done in the time constraint. all the work was done that weekend and turned in shortly after midnight on monday morning! :) thanks for the positive feedback!

  • Nicole Stafford

    thank you for all of the nice comments! 48 hour films is an awesome time of year I recommend checking out other 48 hour films by some talented calarts kids! there’s a collection on vimeo:

  • Bona

    So proud of my little nuggets.