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“El Macho” by Daniela Negrin Ochoa

Carlos yearns for order and calm amidst the chaos of his loud family of women. The arrival of Alfonso, an energetic poodle puppy, shatters any dreams he had of peace and quiet. Soon it’s even too much for the women. Something has to be done…

Directed and Animated by Daniela Negrin Ochoa
Written by Francesca Gardiner
Story by Daniela Negrin Ochoa and Francesca Gardiner
Director of Photography: Caroline Bridges
Production Designer: Chloe Kletsa
Editor: Adelina Bichis
Soudn design and re-recording mix: Tom Drew and George Lingford
Composer: Jon Wygens
Produced at the National Film & Television School, UK

  • GW

    I liked it for the atmosphere but didn’t think it had much of a point.

  • Rick Baumhauer

    I thought the ending made its point pretty clearly – after the dog is neutered, Carlos feels a sad kinship with him. In the same way that the young woman looks through Carlos, her little dog no longer takes any notice of Alfonso after he is ‘fixed’.

    • GW

      Rats. I did it again. I keep missing those visual hints. I knew the dog went to the vet for something but I didn’t know what it was. I mistook the tomatoes for a dramatic change of scene instead of a visual analogy.

      • Rick Baumhauer

        Sorry, I was maybe too snarky in my reply – it was only a ‘half-reply’ to you, and was me just thinking out loud and looking to see if anyone else saw it the same way. It’s tricky when you’re dealing with a mix of languages, and maybe some cultural signifiers that everyone won’t pick up on.

        • GW

          No, you were fine. It makes perfect sense with the two tomatoes chopped at once. I’ve overlooked deeper meanings in other videos on here before.

  • Henry Cohn

    so first it was franglais and now I guess it’s englanyol

  • Y-man-Y

    Lovely story and lovely film!