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‘Helium Harvey’ by Daniel Savage

Helium Harvey is a curious boy exploring his backyard. After breathing in helium to change his voice, he turns into a balloon and goes on an airborne adventure around the world.

Making-of video

Written, Directed & Animated: Daniel Savage
Title Designer: Dave Foster
Additional 2D FX: Jay Quercia
Digital Ink & Paint: Christina Lu
Audio Post services by Impossible Acoustic
Sound Designer and Re-recording Mixer: Brendan J. Hogan
Foley Artist: Jamie Hunsdale
Mixed at Clatter&Din studios
Music: Cyrille Marchesseau
Performed by Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra
Conducted by: Oleg Kontradenko
Music Mixer: Rodolphe Gervais

  • Pez

    Congratulations DAN!!! this is awesome. the bgs colors are sweeeeet

  • UsaMiKo

    Cute! And you know, this isn’t the first time I have seen this kind of rigging animation in After Affects. It looks really good, definitely better than some of the tweening I see done in Flash. Makes you wonder why more people haven’t thought of using this as an alternative.

    • Bob Harper

      A lot of us who stick with Flash, HATE the interface and the layer hierarchy system in AE. After Effects does not offer a superior tweening system.

      It does offer a much better spline and bone animation system and handles textured assets much much better. This short is very well done and would’ve been tougher to do in Flash.

  • GW

    How come his guts didn’t spill out when he got popped?

    • Aaron R.R.R. Nance

      Most toons ain’t got no guts [Least not in the literal sense].

      Fantastic work Mr. Savage and company.

  • Aaron R.R.R. Nance

    Sooo, Mr. Amidi, couldn’t help but notice your name in the credits. What’s the side scoop there?

    • Daniel Savage

      Amid suggested I just make a film instead of going to grad school, it was a big help in the decision.

  • guest

    music makes up for 80% of its beauty