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Cartoon Brew Pick

‘Hoof It’ by Seth Boyden

A third-year CalArts film by Seth Boyden (blog/Tumblr):

A boy goes on a perilous quest through the mountains to rescue his family’s missing goat.

  • Alex Dudley

    I expect this to be a show soon.

  • L_Ron_Backfromthegrave

    Wow. This is my new favorite short film. So creative, imaginative, fun, and clever. A third year? He should be directing right now.

  • siemasko

    Seth is awesome!

  • Toonimated

    So many awesome films came out of CalArts yesterday, but this one is my favorite: http://vimeo.com/93052696

  • pimpgrounder

    Feels like an “accidental” pilot.

  • FM Hansen

    Wow. Fantastic. I’m officially jealous.

  • Jeremy Bernstein

    Amazing! Love everything about it! Congrats Seth!!

  • moroni

    good job Seth!

  • UsaMiKo

    The Calarts shorts are out already? Well, I know what I’ll be marathoning on Vimeo, tonight !

  • Lou

    Great story :D

  • nice