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“Overboard: At the Helm of An Animation Crew” by Ariel Chao and Paul Zeke

How an animation studio runs portrayed through a ship analogy. We follow producers Jim and Jane as they navigate their way through the wonderfully chaotic world of animation.

Creator/Producer: Ariel Chao
Director/Writer: Paul Zeke
Shipbuilder: Alex Garcia, Miang Tassniyom
Ship designer: Julieta Colas, Rosie Ly
Animators: Alex Garcia, Alvaro Munoz Ruiz, Carolina Gonzales, Derek Anderson, Rosie Ly, Taylor Ramos
Lead character & background designer: Darcy Dee
Lead Builder: Sebastian Zegers R.
Character builder: Darcy Dee, Rosie Ly
Lead effects animator: Gideon Funk
Motion designer/Graphic designer: Jorge A. Martinez Teran
Narration: James R. Baylis
Music: Juan Camilo Arboleda
Made at Vancouver Film School, 2013.

  • Seaseme

    Absolutely loved it. Hilarious in style, and hilarious in the way that it is completely accurate. Paul Zeke’s cynicism and comedic style of writing / directing / delivering is convincing. He’s going to be a big star in the animation industry very shortly.

  • TStevens

    Jim looks oddly like Moose Pagan…

  • George Comerci

    Nice short!