shitshowreelssay shitshowreelssay
Cartoon Brew Pick

‘Shit Showreels Say’ by Peter Quinn

Directed by Peter Quinn who writes:

“I usually sit and watch a few things on Animade or with my first coffee, every morning when I get into work. I’ve pulled out a few ‘showreel tropes’ that hopefully some of you will agree with—and I bet there are plenty I’ve forgotten about… would love to have you input as to commonalities in reels. It’s been an interesting study coming up with this shortlist.”

  • anima2014

    I think is just you. Here is fine.

  • Fried

    Isn’t all of this stuff showcasing your skills in After Effects or graphic design and what not? Like, what else WOULD you show? It’s like pointing out that every animation reel involves something with lip-sync.

    I mean, I get it. I don’t know if it’s humorous just to point out the obvious though.

  • Bill

    But you have to have to include a robot, robots are a must.

  • GS

    Its good to know you’re easy to please.

  • heymcdermott

    It’s from the soundtrack of “Belleville Triplets.” But it sounds like the early Django-type cafe jazz every filmmaker loves since Woody Allen kept using it over and over.