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‘Tales of Stuff’ Episode 1 by David de Rooij


In episode 1 of Tales of Stuff, see what happens when the dragon finds a bottle of beer!

Direction and Animation by David de Rooij
Backgrounds by Jelle Brunt
Voices by Dan Gavin

  • JO-JO

    loved it

  • Pedro Nakama

    Is this done in Toon Boom or Flash?

    • David

      This is done with Toon Boom Animate Pro!

  • GW

    I really like the way the drunk dragon talks.

  • Lol…

  • Anonymous

    If they’re going to go with drug humor they should make it a little more witty like Rude Shark/Sharkey Shyster did.

    • mick


  • mick

    I really love that style

  • jhalpernkitcat

    The style is downright classic–reminds me of an old Fractured Fairy Tale. Also, that dragon’s voice is hilarious.

  • Roberto Severino

    So awesome. It’s like if Fractured Fairy Tales was brought back and targeted even more so at an adult audience complete with really good character designs as well. I’d definitely like to see this turned into a TV show.

    • That’s how I thought. This would be adequate Saturday nite-owl material.

      • David

        What’s Saturday nite-owl?

        • In American television parlance, “Nite-Owl” referred to program shown late at night. You often had stations using the term to describe their movie blocks like “Nite Owl Theatre”. The wording though might also be “night owl” as well but I went with a classier way to say it personally. Tex Avery once spoofed the term in his cartoon “T.V. of Tomorrow”.

          The “Saturday” is probably more obscure to say the least, but I was referencing the fact I use to watch Rocky & Bullwinkle on Saturday nights as a station in my town had programmed them at 11PM. Somehow that always stuck out in my head that I was a kid watching a cartoon past my bedtime, never realizing the cult status this show had for a older demographic. Often Saturday night was the perfect time to show a lot of bizarre, goofy stuff in the US such as British comedies like Benny Hill or Monty Python. Seeing something ‘animated’ even if it was being geared to an older crowd seemed like a treat when you were still nearing adolescence, though of course I’m sure Adult Swim and other such venues these days has already fit the bill too well.

        • While I suppose that sounds obscure, “nite owl” (sometimes spelled “Night Owl”) was a phrase often used to describe late TV watching, often used as the title of a movie presentation shown during the early morning hours of the night.

          I mentioned “Saturday” as a local station where I lived use to put Rocky & Bullwinkle on at 11PM, so I often associated that cartoon with staying up past my bedtime the way it was aired back then, but these days, thanks to familiar venues like “Adult Swim”, such an outlet exists for stuff like this, though in the past it was also home to such familiar fan favorites like Benny Hill, Monty Python and Doctor Who.

  • David de Rooij

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