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‘The Casebook of Nips & Porkington’ by Melody Wang


A cat and pig are members of the constabulary who go on a quest to return a stolen egg to its distraught parents. A graduation film made by Melody Wang at Sheridan with Toon Boom Harmony and Photoshop. See the film production blog.

  • Gerry

    That was awesome.

  • applemeh

    Graduation film?!!! Apple-tea-for-two, that’s amazing!

  • Metlow Rovenstein

    This was a pretty good short. I give this short a full price.

  • halbur

    Love it! Completely charming, reminds me of the great original Winnie the Pooh in the use of books and text.

  • Tomm


  • Captain Genius


  • FM Hansen

    I really love the animation and interacting with the newspaper. Want to see more, MORE!

  • Hankenshift

    Really fun. Simple, clever idea well executed! Congratulations! I hope it makes the festival circuit–it should be worth a few awards!

  • Uli Meyer

    Wonderful graduation film. Congratulations!

  • I remember my student film… didn’t look anything that good… well done! This all looks wonderful!

  • William Stilwell

    Delightful! I’m really impressed with the atmosphere achieved in such a short piece. Excellent work!

  • I saw this a couple months back and thought of how cool it would be if Mrs. Wang could expand on this idea further if she wanted to do something else with the characters seen here. Perhaps a graphic novel or even a half-hour film. There’s a lot of potential in this.

  • We’ll never forget!