thingsanimationgirlssay thingsanimationgirlssay
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“Things Animation Girls Say” by Rebecca Parham

Girls in the animation business say a lot of strange things.

Animated and voiced by Rebecca Parham

  • sashatemp

    I have said many of these things so props~

  • Rob McDougall

    Not just girls, for most of those, I must say

    • Strong Enough

      I know. i can never find a big enough purse! gosh!

  • Brianne V

    Yup, this seems spot on.

  • Brittany

    Yikes. Attitude issues. :( Not everyone’s like that but I can see how many are.

  • Kyle_Maloney

    Most of those don’t seem too gender specific to me. Still funny though.

    • Megan

      Well it is called ‘ Things animation girls say ‘ and not ‘ Things ONLY animation girls say’ . They don’t have to be specially related to being a female in order for females to say them.

    • jonhanson

      There might be a lesson in that fact.

    • anon

      that might be the point

  • Kristina

    pretty funny.

  • George Comerci

    This is me!!!!! 100%!!!!

  • Rhu

    cute, but too 3D. 3D is gross haha

    ♥ 2D snob.

    • toonimated

      What is 3D about this? It’s animated in Flash.

      • mick

        What is 3D about this?

        the BGs

      • Funkybat

        The references made, not the visuals.

        I find the 3D-specific references jarring as well, being a 2D guy, but let’s be realistic. Most actual “animating” being done in this country today is 3D. 2D artists are mostly working their sketch magicks in the realms of storyboarding, viz dev and illustration. 2D animation itself seems to be limited to web toons and TV, with something like 95% of the actual animation for TV being done overseas.

        So…..yeah. It sucks that 2D isn’t the first thing people think of for “animator” anymore, but who knows what the future holds.

  • Strong Enough

    who is speaking for me>!>!!!??

  • Strong Enough

    no it’s a MAN PURSE. GOSH!

  • HalSolo

    Ha! That was great.

  • Pat Hough

    “GIFF, JIFF, WHATEVER!” My whole family says this ALL THE TIME at my house! We have factions in each camp, and some who don’t care!

  • marti386

    It’s funny because it’s true. :-)

  • AnimationGuy

    “I’m not watching it, I’m just listening to it while I work.”

    Hahaha! Totally the animation student’s catch phrase.

    • Funkybat

      It can actually work IF you’ve seen the episode you’re listening to a hundred times. I actually get more work done with some Trek reruns in a window on my second monitor while I’m working. Classic Simpsons *can* work, but often are so entertaining I forget to work. Better to stick with talky sci-fi…