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Awesome One-of-a-kind Fleischer Superman statue

Check out this wonderful statue of Superman, adapted from the Max Fleischer theatrical cartoons of the 1940s. Sacramento-based sculptor David James has created sculpts based on every screen version of Superman – from Kirk Alyn to the forthcoming Henry Cavill. His Fleischer Superman is pretty incredible – makes me want to see new cartoons in this exact style. Click gallery below for some close-up images of the sculpt, unpainted and painted, from all different angles.

(Thanks, Julian DiLorenzo)

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  • I love the piece. No link to more of the sculptor’s work?

  • Brian O.

    Only two comments? Wow.
    Anyway, this is phenomenal! Imagine if this was done as stop-motion!

  • CEH3rd

    I actually like the piece even more unpainted. It’s awesome either way, however.

  • This is so awesome! I would be very excited to have a miniature version of this sculpture on my desk at the office. Very cool!

  • Mike Dobbs

    This is incredible work! I want one!

  • Jay

    WANT! That is one super sweet sculpt! Why do we get a cruddy, overpriced statue of Golden Age Supes from Dark Horse instead of this?

    Man o’ Steel, I wish some company would pick this up and license it!

  • Julian DiLorenzo

    I was pleased to help find this, Jerry! Grr! I wish they’d make action figures based on these shorts. At least one of Supes. Can you imagine how cool a 12 or 16 inch Arctic Giant dinosaur would be?

  • Nick Nerdlinger

    Would make for a great looking stop-motion animation, no?