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Buy the Home of a Disney Legend

Fred Joerger

The home of Disney Imagineering legend Fred Joerger is currently on the market for just under half a million dollars. It’s located in Lake View Terrace, a short drive to Burbank. Putting his Imagineering background to good use, Joerger designed and built the home himself, and hired color stylist Walt Peregoy (101 Dalmatians) to create Roman style-sculptures, and Disney artists Travis Johnson and Tyrus Wong (Bambi) to create hand-painted ceiling murals. More details and photos at this real estate website. If you buy the place, please remember to invite me over for the housewarming party.

(Thanks, Dave Thomas)

  • wow $499k thats actually really cheap… try finding something this pretty or decked out in the NYC tristate area and you would pay $1.5 mill+

  • Paul N

    Couldn’t begin to touch anything that looks this good in the Bay Area for half a mil. And it comes with art from Walt Peregoy and Ty Wong too? Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

  • Nick

    I’m in LA and I was thinking the same thing, that’s sounds awfully low for a house like that.

    Looking at the real estate site though you can see that its a short sale and the owners have to sell it or risk foreclosure so I guess that’s why.

  • killskerry

    You know why its so low? The obvious reason?

    But seriously I want this house.

  • Jimmy Palmiotti

    The price is so reasonable…wonder why? haunted…maybe. next to a funeral home or garbage dump?

  • Mike Clark

    It’s near Sylmar and hotterenhell. Otherwise a great value!

  • Gobo

    Wow, check out those ceiling murals, especially the Greek alcove ceiling. Fred must’ve had some great parties ;)

  • Bill Field

    I want this place.

  • Scarabim

    Wow, guess that stuff about Walt underpaying his employees is a crock o’ dung. Serious bucks went into THAT place. I want.

  • Celia

    It’s a two bedroom house, so buyers shouldn’t plan on having a large family. Actually, potential buyers might try to put an addition on it, or build it over from the ground up. I hope that doesn’t happen, though.

    I would update the kitchen and leave everything else alone. What a gem!

  • MichaelDair

    If it wasn’t in the worst possible part of the valley– Location, Location, Location. 2892 square feet and only 2 bedrooms and 2.75 bath with no Sewer hook up.. Yeessh!!!

    And from the look of it you’re going to need to put another $500,000 just to repair the wood siding, roof, services and up keep of the yard.

    It’s one man Taj Mahal- that’s about it.

  • Bill Turner

    I’ve been to the house when Fred lived there. It really is a masterpiece. And regardless of location (not a bad neighborhood) and potential work needed the price is a steal. Biggest cost would be upkeep of the gardens.

    When I see the alcove ceiling, I think of that scene in The Birdcage. “They boys, playing leapfrog.”

  • For a house that size, that’s a pretty good price for the L.A. area. Hopefully whoever buys it won’t gut it.

  • I’ve not seen Fred’s home, but my wife has. She says the place is awesome.

  • David

    Fantastic house! seen it in person, it needs a ton of work. The water bill alone is about $1600.00 every two months and the gardener is $700.00 each month. I almost considered it but the maintenence alone scared the hell out of me, it’s like getting a large mansion for cheap but the upkeep would eventually kill you, financially.