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Cartoon Brew Parody…Again

Cartoon Brew parody

Bob “BobServo” Mackey, who parodied Cartoon Brew three years ago, is at it again. His latest comical stab at the Brew includes post titles like “50 Years of Turkmenistanimation” and “Cartoon Network? More Like FARToon NOTwork.” He sounds like a good candidate if we ever need a third Brewer! Check out Bob’s new Cartoon Brew parody at

(Thanks, Connor Sims)

  • Mark

    That is HILARIOUS! Wonder if this person has made a parody of that animation nation site. Probably not, since it’s a parody of itself.

  • Roberto Severino

    Wow. Three years went by fast. I still remember the other Cartoon Brew parody, and I thought that was funny, but this takes the cake. I just could not stop laughing. Brilliant parody indeed.

  • Thomas Hatch

    Flip “Flop” Gunderson…. :P lolz!

  • The older one was a lot funnier and is still just as biting and hilarious. This is just the same material with a facelift.

  • Kyle B

    The comment counts for the articles are perfect!!

  • Andy

    Oh, those wags at SA! Pretty funny!

  • Kyle B

    Just reread the old one, and I’m kind of amazed that the John K parody might as well have been written yesterday.
    Also I love how Terp only gets 3 comments about his death, but Flip gets 97

  • Phil

    Hahahaha! Delightful!

  • ‘legendary brush washer flip ‘flop’ gunderson dies 102′


  • The Flea

    The saddest part of all is that it’s all true. :[

  • Nice… I think the first and the second-last are my favourites. I also like the 500-fold difference in comments between the “FARToon NOTwork” post and “Turkmenistanimation”.

    Upon reading this, I got a little curious about what was actually made in Turkmenistan, because I’ve been browsing Soviet animation for years and have never seen a single cartoon from there.

    It turns out: very, very little. There’s a list on that is mostly complete:

    I’ve found only three Turkmen cartoons online. This one from 1979:
    this one from 1991:
    and this one from 2007 (their first attempt at computer animation):

    The 1979 film seems to be the best of those…

    It seems that Turkmenistan, unlike its neighbour Uzbekistan which made some amazing films, did not create a strong animation tradition, and what little was created disappeared in the 1990s.

  • That is some quality parody, there.

  • Alberto

    Fartoon Notwork, i probably laughed for a good minute there.

  • erlab


    Aaah, self deprecating humor.

  • Sat

    Ha! How cool is that? Actual links to real Turkmenistan animation. Thanks, Niffiwan.

    The parody is quite good, I must say.

  • Jorge Garrido

    That site still exists?

    This is the only funny thing SomethingAwful has done since 2003. They’re as relevant as they are reverent.

  • somebody

    the only thing that would have made it better would have been to parody the comments too. but at least it had the number of comments listed on each post.

  • Yeah, somebody, I was thinking the same thing: it would’ve been hilarious to see the comments as well.

  • NightmareIsNear

    Awesome. I just wish he made fun of Stuart Snyder, Rob Sorcher, The stupid cast of the Othersiders, the idiotic cast of Unnatural History, Bobb’e Says, The idiots from Dude, What would Happen?, Brainrush and Blake Micheal.

  • Max Million

    If JibJab could do parody this well, they’d make real money.

  • pheslaki

    They forgot the one where everyone tears their hair over 3-D cgi remakes of old shows rape their childhood.

  • Sam Sleiman

    This has to be one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

  • haha, I also noticed the detail of the comment counts. well done!

  • The Seth MacFarlane swipes are the best.

  • Craig D

    I really miss the Toon-ing In blog. It has been dormant for a few years, now, but it was fun while it lasted!

  • “Rest in peace, Flip. Here’s hoping Ward Kimball’s stabbing you with a compass up in heaven.”

    Funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Bravo.