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Cartoon Culture: Popeye Soap


In North America, more kids think of Popeye as a Fried Chicken resturant chain. In Chile, Popeye represents a bar of soap. Brew reader Diego Cumplido sent this in. “I remember doing little sculptures in school made of Popeye’s Soap when I was a kid. It reads “since 1949” and “the power of cleaning”.

If you find unusual food or product merchandising using classic cartoon characters (aka characters no longer running on American television), please share an image with us.

  • So we can find this next to the Olive Oyl of Olay?
    Popeye has one of the longest lists of licensed products worldwide for a cartoon character- Nothink to be embarrasked about, AT ALLSK!

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    You know, I find it embarrassingly disturbing that we find more ways to manufacture images of classic cartoon characters onto every other product *BUT* completist and expansive video collections!! At least in this case, perhaps, the Fleischer Estate is making good money *AND* this particular character *IS* seeing his cartoons as restored as humanly possible and reissued!

  • Lyndon Baines Moskowitz

    Don’t know if the Fleischer estate sees a dime from any of this, but King Features Syndicate probably does.

  • Charlie

    There’s PLENTY of examples where I live. It’s mostly ‘Road Runner’ (or could be ‘Lil’ Beeper’) mascoting for speedy services or anything Acme.

    Just a few days ago, I saw a truck with ‘Tom’ but, that was in my work parking lot…and unfortunately, I was working.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Being reminded of the Korean snack bag I showed here a couple years back. Didn’t think Popeye was so squeaky clean fun! :-)

  • Great. I’m so proud!.