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A tongue-in-cheek documentary about the racist origins of the WB cartoon characters, Cartoon Innovators is a short by Hammerkatz, a sketch group out of NYU. Worth a few chuckles.

  • I love animation history.
    Wow… you can learn something new everyday!
    who knew ?

  • Billy Batz

    Too bad Mel Blanc wasn’t a cartoonist. get your parody right!

  • Clay

    Why did I have to see a blurred out dick? WHY?

  • FP

    Half-assed suckery.

  • Niki

    wow, the fake country accent isn’t even amusing

  • Wow, talk about putting writing and research in the wrong order. Looks like they took the finished script then just wrote in some names from opening credits.

  • Gary

    Hmmm. The idea had potential, and guess still does, because for me this missed the mark. It wasn’t very funny-It went for unoriginal instead. Ho-Hum

  • Yeah, I remember seeing this on YouTube some time ago. My geekiness and knowledge of animation history got in the way of enjoying it.

    I mean, all they would have had to change is to have Friz talk about Speedy instead of Tex, and a couple other things. It would have been the same video.

    Some people would tell me historical accuracy ruins comedy, but I disagree. If they had Mel Blanc talk about his experiences imitating minority voices, it might have actually made the video funnier. See, if they had gotten certain facts right, they would have even had more material.

    If you’re familiar with the history of Porky, and you say, “That’s not how Porky was created,” then you’d be getting in the way of the comedy, but it really doesn’t take much work to look up who created what character on Wikipedia…

    Also, they use MGM cartoon music at one point. Technically the wrong studio, but whatever.

    Incidentally, some of these guys are in another comedy group called “Derricks Comedy,” and they’re pretty freaking funny, I must say.

  • Wax

    In my opinion, there wasn’t much to laugh at here. It feels thrown together – which is a surefire way to destroy parody. Maybe if they’d started with correct details, there would have been more to work with. In the end, this could have been about anything – cartoons, comics, movies, etc.

  • Nate

    Warners is doing a sketch comedy show now using improv paired with LT characters. Hope it turns out better than this.

  • Sorry guys, but I don’t think this clip was funny. In fact, I thought it sucked boulders.

  • I don’t agree that historical accuracy in a documentary spoof enhances the comedy. But, at the same time, it doesn’t entirely ruin it either. However, there are also times when inaccuracies add to the comedy. Heck, I made a blogpost about Daffy Duck one time chock full of historical inaccuracies. Of course, in that case those were a part of the joke.

    The big rule of thumb with any spoof is that you have to love what you are parodying. I see no love for Looney Tunes in this. I think that’s the main problem. It’s also what’s making the lame writing and even lamer acting seem even more unwatchable.

  • Nothankyou


    … the highest order of trash imaginable.

    Mel Blanc… cartoonist? The absolute stupidity of that dooms this garbage into the realm of complete and total failure within the first 10 seconds of its wretched existence.

    The idiots who made this deserve nothing less than a slap to the face for this garbage. Each and every one of the morons responsible.

    To even call this garbage is an insult to the quality of filth in general.