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CARTOON WTF? “Hello Kitty/KISS” Toilet Paper

Finally, something appropriate to wipe yourself with…

This unusual toilet paper is part of a whole collection of collaborative merchandise between Sanrio and Gene Simmons, tying Hello Kitty and KISS. Other products include Hello Kitty/KISS dolls, T-shirts, tissues, and posters. These items are primarily being sold at KISS concerts worldwide.

(Thanks Ed Austin via Trend Hunter)

  • The Gee

    Ah, so the question is with the Synergy this TP represents Disposable or Collectable?

    (no one answer that, please)

    Somewhere in heaven is a movie trailer announcer saying,
    “In a world gone mad…”

  • Mapache

    I do not know if people is giving enough credit to hello kitty. Sanrio and their products are some sort of a graphic design milestone and I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to associate with such a prestigious brand. So judos for Gene Simmons.

    In the other hand, do not get the toilet paper part.

  • Is it just me or have kiss always been rubbish and is gene simmons really as big a dick as his television show would suggest?

  • I’d be more interested in a Hello Kitty item that plays back Paul Stanley’s between-song concert banter. That’s pretty much the only thing about a Kiss show that’s worth it. There’s even a bootleg album out there with nothing but his between-song banter! (and it’s hilarious)

  • Kevin Martinez

    Kitty with Gene’s toungue is just plain wrong.

    • Especially since, as everyone knows, Hello Kitty has no mouth!

    • Mapache

      Kitty with Peter Cris’s cat makeup is kinda pleonastic.

  • Julian

    You know, there are some things that ruin your perception of something, there are things that just shouldn’t exist, and then there are things that shouldn’t be thought of in the human mind or any other mind for this matter. This kind of hits the last one, even if it is just for “collection”. Thanks for ruining my Sunday.

  • Manu R

    Lets face it guys, it’s still not as crazy as the Hello Kitty vibrator.

  • George

    Gene Simmons once had a whole home addition filled with sample merchandise representing every Kiss piece of merch made up to that time. He left no stone unturned in that department and he still doesn’t want it to ever end.

    Jean Simmons, the late actress who co-starred with Sinatra and Brando in the 1955 “Guys and Dolls” movie, never had a single plastic effigy made of herself for commercial gain, as far as I know. Yet Jean wound up a dead alcoholic and Gene turned out to be the consummate capitalist, with the added plus of a foot long lizard tongue.

  • Just be happy it’s just KISS, and not Cradle of Filth.

  • The perfect thing to wipe myself with before I am buried in the OFFICIAL KISS COFFIN


  • TJR

    Gene: You don’t have to say YES to EVERYTHING!

  • Jow

    “Now I’ve Seen Everything!”

    *Shoots Himself*